by Ryu

I have long noted that PUAs consist mainly of young white men. It comes as no surprise that the most marginalized group in the whole world should be attracted to a philosophy which promotes piggishness, pleasure and glorification of the self. If Western society is going to the dogs, why not enjoy ourselves a bit? Roissy has championed this POV and many have imitated him. The sentiment finds another manifestation with the PUT or PU + travel crowd who imitate Roosh, another PUA who has made his life’s work the laying of women.

Some WNs have noted how unambitious the lower classes of our race are. They are happy to put in a 9-5, watch TV and leave the direction of the nation to others. I have felt this urge myself, a wild desire to move to some rural white town, take up a meaningless easy job, find a wife and to live out the rest of my life anonymously.

I “sympathize” with disaffected whites, especially white men. Sympathy is a mighty thin gruel, like drinking a gallon of water for dinner- filling, but not sustaining. Our time can be a very depressing time in which to live for any thinking white man. There are superficial pleasures to be found, but the foundation is rotten. What does it mean to be a white man in 2011? To be a villain, a monster, the visible representation of everything the USG, and thus, the world hates.

The MRAs and PUAs want to screw the women. The feminists want to…… screw the men. As a WN, I want both men and women to be invested in society in a meaningful way. While the PUAs and the MRM have much to offer, there is a strong anti-woman sentiment. The white race consists of both men and women; to succeed we need the consent of both. PU has revealed to the masses all the vices of woman. The vices of men are also well known and just as bad. My point is that to make society work, to be a part of a team, certain truths must be worked around.

We must insist that WN be a paying proposition. The coinage of the realm doesn’t need to be money. No one should take a loss for being loyal to their race. With USG it is all give and no return; their most loyal subjects, soldiers, are slowly discovering this. It’s not just a matter of a man’s duty and responsibility, the nation has a duty to its citizens as well.

This is why building white communities is so important. People need hope for the future, a reason to exist. The most popular reasons for being are not satisfying. This is where the tremendous power of the USG media comes into view. It is the most awesome weapon in all of history and it’s why the mindwar is so critical.

The architects of white communities, which is us, must take great care in our calculations to assure that they are fully consistent, that they are needed by all whites, and that everyone has a compelling reason to participate fully. The suggestion has been put forth that in the long term, you are either a WN or you’re on the way to death by the cannibals. I hope this article has stimulated some ideas; we need a new economic model, a new moral basis, building a new society from the ground up. Very few others are exploring this and it is a rich area for mining.

44 Comments to “Rooshy”

  1. It is horrible that the most successful and certainly wealthiest such communities are currently peopled by the most diabolical and self-serving hypocrites.

  2. It has struck me lately that PUA does tend to poison the water between the sexes. They throw around “alpha” like so many wads of confetti, yet I wonder how many of them actually had women chasing them, and buying them drinks. A small number, I guarantee. They’re still chasing the poosy, which is amateur hour at its worst. Nice strategies, good tactics, but they’re still losing the war. There’s some good stuff to be learned, but much of it is incidental.

    Aside from the basics of water, food, clothing, and shelter, a white community should be a place where ideas are exchanged, and yes, even argued. There’s no real debate in this country. Just a bunch of bumper-sticker slogans parroted like so many PUA lines. I used to listen to sports talk radio as a placebo when I was in the process of watching less sports. It was fascinating that callers tended to be well-versed in historical contexts and trivial subtleties about contests which, in the end, had no real significance to their lives, unless they lost a lot of money at the betting table. Political talk radio has none of that. There’s no need to understand individual facets of how an issue might affect someone, only that they are all in for one team or another in the two-party delusion, and the host rewards or punishes them accordingly. How dull. You’re a great American if you agree with Sean Hannity, but soemhow if you think that sending money to Israel is a bad idea, you’re a leftist guerilla in training. And yet sending money to Israel, in the very least, takes away from money that could be used for something useful, like not expanding the national debt even further… It’s not money used for America’s interest… which is why you end up with Murka.

    I’ve been researching the Free State Project going on in NH. They have a good premise, one which wns could easily adapt for the sake of creating white spaces that the whitopians always fantasize about. Not every male can be alpha, not every wn can pull off super elite ops.

    • What would you do if it looks good, BTR? Move to NH?

      I’m not super confident in the program. We have PLEs in Montana and Tennessee. Most of the WNs in this country are in the SW and Detroit. Probably the best place for a PLE would be SoCal.

      • I don’t necessarily believe in FSP- they endorse big-L Libertarianism, whose open borders policy is a dealbreaker for me- but the premise is on-target: concentrate a number of like-minded individuals in order to skew the political environment in their favor, if only on the local level. But at the local level, a group could influence the discussion on a cultural level, and with enough effort gain in-roads into the media that disseminates “information”.

        I think setting up a WN stronghold in the liberal NE would be an awesome piece of trolling. The lulz factor alone would make it worthwhile, and let’s face it, most minos would never choose to live there if not for the fat gubmint checks provided. Too damn cold in the winter .Cut that off and they’ll move out on their own.

      • What do you think about Simon Rierdon, BTR?

        Man, that guy wastes his potential. He’s the perfect example of someone who made his cash, now he’s just sitting on his ass getting drunk. He’s capable of much more. One would think a man so close to his peak, seeing the future, would take more risk.

    • It is not your job to be the messiah diplomat between the sexes so whatever their relationship, you play zero part in it.

      Do you think your views matter in the battle between Democrat & Republican? So why presume such things. It exists whether you accept it or not, independent of your opinion.

      It is The Alpha Concept that poisons wells: Every male harboring the least suspicion he is not Alpha attempts to poison that well – the proven concept money & power do buy the best pussy. To pretend it’s false does not prove nonexistence of Alpha but merely that one could not attain even the illusion of Alpha.

      Being Alpha is a performance and portrayal. If you have a Lambo to back it up, you are simply more successful than one without. If you are a colored named Denzel with an Oscar for portraying St. Malcolm X your portrayal is simply more notable than the greatest actor who ever lived playing Shakespeare in community theater in Bugstump, Iowa. It does not make it better – or truer – just more obvious to accept.
      To all Fly Farmerz setting up Whiteopias: What do you do when the first ballsy colored house full of darkies plans to join with the SPLC, move on in and Blockbust your street?

      • It always comes down to the same thing then. The wall we always run into: action.

      • It’s why I wrote posts that did more than TDOutrage!© it – but explained it – then interpreted the vastly more important “what comes next???” step.

        The wizened older generation of Men pass away unheeded by the inferior GENBrandon! who continually degenerate from the progressively more stupid, apathetic males into a true lumpenprole.

        Until the massive fertility rate of coloreds washes over everything in a tsunami of the Shit Brown Sea

        Visigoths and El Nortenos… shitting in the Coliseum / AstroDome

        The knowledge I disseminated falls mainly on dulled ears; a philosopher speaking to glowing eyes in the darkened ruins of the AstroDome, the audience hearing only spells and incantations.

        Reading Plato to Pygmies…

      • You make them feel unwelcome, that’s what. You just have to be smart about it.

    • Re: Simon.

      From what I’ve read, he’s still bought into one crucial lie of the Murkan Dream: That once you make you money, the hard work is over. It’s like most rock stars who hit it big, then they start putting out mediocre albums, but the fans keep buying it up because they’ve always bought it up, even if the stuff they bought up in the past was patently better. In a way, not hitting it big can be good for a band, because it keeps them hungry and thus demands they keep trying evolutionary steps in their music. Metallica hasn’t put a good album out since the Black Album, and even that had its share of weaksauce. But in 2014, they still sell out arenas and stadia based on the name brand. On the other hand, Dream Theater never hit it big, aand they kept trying new things, not for the sake of hitting it big, but to appease an artistic vision. They have a smaller fanbase than Metallica by a large margin, but they still sell out arenas and are a favorite on the festival circuit, because they’ve consistently tried cool concepts, even if only for the sake of trying a cool concept. For a band that’s been around since ’88, I’d rank some of their recent efforts as their best stuff ever.

      This of course applies to individuals as well. At some level, I think he wants to be helpful to the next generation, but his means allow him to not have to get too personally involved. For me, to help the next generation, I would get personally involved because I still many ways to reap rewards from it… being hungry, so to speak, keeps me motivated. At this point, it isn’t just about me, and the best ways of making money involve making it off other people anyway… so there you go. The local music scene has been swelling, and I can weed out the elite from the posers within 10 minutes… it’s a matter of keeping myself useful to the elite bands and growing them into an act where people, lpts of people, will pay to see them play on a regualr basis. Getting 15% would be cool, but I’m mostly into the idea for the fringe benefits. you can meet a lot of people on the road, some of them more interesting than others, and get a good feel for what’s really going on.

      • Good stuff. So you want to hook up with a good band and go on the road?

        The degradation that happens in the US must affect the music as well. I hear it in all the modern remakes that happen. No one can replicate the white rock music of the 70s and 80s.

        I don’t have the ability, but I imagine someone could use music to “top-down” instill the right values in white kids. The blacks used to have revolutionary music 20 years ago. I still remember Public Enemy’s cop in the sights. Rap used to scare the shit out of the pigs. If the USG doesn’t want to ban it, it’s not radical enough.

        [ed note: Establishment Elites seek to oppress colored city burners equally as nra okc murrah levelers]

      • RE: Rap. It’s not rap anymore, it’s hip-hop. At some point the transition was made thanks to the industry, who of course are run by Jews looking to increase the bottom line.

        Compare the life cycle of a rap album to a rock album. A rock album will take 3 months to a year to write, record, mix, and release, and then there’s the requisite tour, which will be another 6-18 months. Assuming 1 M copies (most do FAR less without the full backing of the industry, it’s a minmum 9 month cycle and maybe closer to a year and a half. A hip-hop album can literally be shit out in two weeks, and touring tends to be less intensive because it’s mostly a Murkan audience, so maybe 3-6 months cycle. Assuming 1 million again, and these get more support from the industry, a hip-hopper can put out 3 times as much (or more) PRODUCT on behalf of the record company .The rockers make their money on the road, and mostly selling t-shirts and other merch, which the industry gets a much smaller cut on, so they’re less interested.

        Simple economics.

        I always thought PE were a credit to their race, both artistically and philosophically. They understand the problems facing Murka through the prism of the black experience, how it’s destroying families, culture, our minds, etc. If you were to replace the black keywords with white keywords, it would still ring true, maybe truer. And the Chuck D-Flava Flav tag team of the comically serious and seriously comical guy… brilliant. As I said, at some point, the industry pushed rap into becoming hip-hop, and any revolutionary streak was gone in the interest of providing circus for the asses (<- not a typo). Rap was about pushing ideas. Hip hop is about a lifestyle… of making hip hop records. Derp.

        As far as getting out on the road and pushing ideas, it's a better proposition than being a keyboard jockey. I can poop out posts and replies all day long. Maybe people read them, maybe they don't. Maybe they get the message, maybe they don't. In meatspace, people either listen or they don't, but you can gauge their interest and comprehension soon thereafter. TPTB have it all wrong. Racism isn't learned, it's inherent; anti-racism is learned, although AR is typical TPTB double-speak to begin with. A few little nuggets of truth here and there can invest people into the idea. I also have a "presence" that works in meatspace, but doesn't translate well through electronic walls. I know this because I got hired for a telemarketing gig because of my presence. Actually, I think the chick was thinking with her pussy, and yes, I obliged on many occasions. The telemarketing gig… it was a cute experience that lasted all of 3 months. About the typical lifespan of a hip-hop album.

      • The music worship phase of youth has changed from our generations. White teens once despised Niggerap, but now they worship it instead of Motley Crue due to successful political indoctrination at the Re-Education Camp: US Government Public Skool. It’s changed.

        Led Zep, Crue, Nirvana and even Blink 182 require musicianship skills, albeit the steadily eroding standards of that list. White Teenz do not develop such skill playing CoD or Guitar Hero. They only developed cutesy panhandling skills to mooch off their family.

        Here’s an important concept many mistake due to a literary, fictional bias: There is actually no difference between BlogWorld and RealWorld.

        There is between movies, TV and music because it is fiction presented in a wishful, idealized and glorified way to its conclusion; it is art. Political writing and performance is not art.

        The inhabitants of BlogWorld, RealWorld and the world of your work, street and nightlife are composed of the very same people and they are doing nothing, just Fun N’ Games…

        Your comment was excellent; it showed a different perspective.

        bringthereality wrote:
        If you were to replace the black keywords with white keywords, it would still ring true, maybe truer.

        Already Done:

  3. It seems to me that a WN who doesn’t want to waste his or her life must get “selfish” for a while. And “greedy”. Who accomplishes more, the ones who CARE SO MUCH theyare reading News and Jews half the day or those who don’t seeem to care, who are willing to get out of their comfort zone and make some real money that can be used for….well, whatever we need in the future to win? I used to harshly judge people who didn’t leave their home to meet other wns but unless some effective action is taking place or some HEALTHY not whiney or boozy interactions are taking place, it’s worse than pointless to do it.

    Someone mentioned to me the other day that the original meaning of the word soldier is one who works in the army for pay. Truly there are a rare few that will work for free for the love of his people but love doesn’t pay the bills.

    I’m not a wn anymore. I’m a moneymaker. It doesn’t matter much how I earn it, just that I do.

    • Either money or action is the path. Both have dangers.

      The danger with chasing money is getting addicted to it. In America, it can buy everything. Even a semblance of freedom. It’s rare to find a rich wn who is interested, and can perform, direct action.

  4. You MAY be mistaken about that Brother. There are indeed wealthy men who think like we do. They just have to be quiet so they can keep making money. The didn’t get wealthy by shooting their mouths off.

    I watched a television show last night called Shark Pool. It is where entrepenuers and inventors pitch their ideas to venture capitalists in the hopes of raising capital to expand their business.

    The businessmen on the show and in real life don’t invest in ideas because they sound good or because they think the biz will make the world a better place. They want to make money, not throw it away. So they look for a track record of success.

    If we want wealthy Whites to invest in this movement we’ve got to be able to show them some sort of track record of success. They will invest in people who can get stuff done and lead others to do things.JT Ready was making some headway which is why USG had to off him and make it look like a suicide so we couldn’t make a martyr of him. JT’s biggest mistake was being to out in the open (like Heimbach and Cobb) WE KNOW BETTER NOW.

    Like MW says we need to direct the anger toward action. Secret PLEs, businesses, scholarships for our brightest children, etc. We are only limited by our imaginations. Our thoughts will make us or break us.

    • I live in the USA. I’m awash in money. Surrounded by it. I can put out my hand at any second and touch something worth thousands.

      To be frank, I don’t need money – I need partners with balls. All the money in the world is out there, free for the taking. I value the right human characteristics more than a pile of money.

      Use the past to predict the future. All direct action guys, to the man, have been middle class or poor.

      Ha! “Investment.” In WN, you “invest” your ass. Hey man, what return you want, what’s your ROI? It’s bull. This is your life, not some Wall Street scheme.

  5. No he’s not wrong. Rich whites are middle-class. Middle class whites are enemies of their race and against action.

    It’s that simple. If you’re invested in the system you are apart of it.

    • You must be a trust fund baby huh Jaeger? Me I’m just a mere mortal. I have to work to survive.

      • I doubt you’re working class. and chances are your job is superfluous even if you count on it to pay the bills

    • Anyone making large sums of money in the USA must have the USG’s approval. Everything here is regulated, guarded and legalized. No one pulls in a lot of cash without the IRS knowing about it.

  6. Lol it’s funny what people think they know about people.

    Oh and music dude, you proved that it IS easier once you have pulled in the big money. Metallica makes money in it’s sleep.

    Guts AND money are needed for our cause. The old guys and the cowards should give money.

    • I know this much about women in the movement. They’re useless in a strategic planning, and the the good women are too busy engaged in tactical operations to proffer their two cents in discussions like this.

      [ednote: yep. they’re so busy i haven’t even noticed a single thing they do. now that’s some truly Superduper Top Secret SpecOP. isis is a movement > stocking a bunker with Hormel Chili is NOT]

      • As are the good men eh Jaeger? Anyway, I’m more of a networker than a self proclaimed tactical advisor. And anyway’ nothing I’ve proferred here is very different than what has been proferred by men here.

        If I suck just ignore me dumbass.

      • Haven’t noticed anything any of YOU have done either. Seems to me you are trying to bait people to tell you what they’ve done here on your very public forum.

      • We are men engaged in civil discussions of practical applications
        Then you come around to show exactly why females should be prevented from voting.

        Your “bait” comment makes BigMouth Cunt Defcon1 status by attempting to cast suspicion and slander reputations.

        irl, fwiw, i’d grab you by the hair and put a boot up your ass on your way to being kicked out my door

      • isis is a movement > stocking a bunker with Hormel Chili is NOT


    • And what great albums have they put out in the last 20 years? Beethoven’s 9th Symphony is considered a true classic. It was his last symphony, and he was deaf at the time. His various personal and financial issues kept him hungry and motivated to continue improving his discipline. Still rings true centuries later.

      Making money in your sleep makes you lazy. Making money for simply NOT DYING makes you lazy. Just look at the welfare state, or better yet, look at all the big lottery winners who are filing for bankruptcy five years later. Making money is 10% of the battle. Keeping it and doing useful things with it is the hard part.

  7. Easy Firepower you berate and antagonize others a lot but welcomed a doofus like Hipster Racist.

    Being a politician is a vastly different skill set than say a general hence why the latter fail politically.

    • Coming from one popping in once a fortnight, it’s easy to miss my using hr for mere comic relief.

      As for the politician/general statement – does it look like we need more politicians?

  8. Interesting, I keep tabs on manosphere, MRM & PUA material (which are all different shades of similar ideas) and it seems they’re beginning to catch on to the likes of Human Biodiversity, that people are different and the cogs are turning as to the social implications. On the bright side, they’re largely sleeping with foreign women or the lowest scum of the locals, who wouldn’t be fit mothers, so I think of them as a useful infertile distraction for dead-end gene pools.

    • You make a good point, but if they’re only beginning to catch on now, by the time they come to enlightenment, they’ll be sitting in the ruins of the Coliseum, shitting in their Depends donated by the MINO Revolutionary Guard.

    • There’s not alot to do once you’ve learned the basics in the MRM and PUA. They have to move to new ground. Since most of them are whites, they have to come to us. All roads lead to wn.

  9. “White teens once despised Niggerap, but now they worship it instead of Motley Crue…”

    I appreciate the musical talent of the bands you listed, but compared to the rap groups that attracted me in my youth, they lack strength, bravado, and the threat of violence. Skinny, drug-addled rockers didn’t inspire me one bit when I was younger. I liked fighting, guns, and threatening provocation. 50 cent, DMX these guys look like they could genuinely kick your ass. Phil Anselmo of Pantera is the only white metal artist that I can think of that is actually skilled at boxing/fighting. However, he’s practically a broke-dick these days that can’t do much due to his earlier lifestyle. It all boils down to strength for me and I don’t like to see a bunch of skinny rockers fronting that they’re strong when you can plainly see they’re not.

    • Good points.

      The white mentality favors a culture of fiction: It’s why you see zero great nigger/Migger fiction writers or novelists. You don’t even see mediocre ones. Hell… there are none.

      Whites revel in fantasy, Star Trek, Big Power Anthems, toughguyTalk and killing Terrorist Alien Robot Space Invaders to the point of corruption.

      I wrote about it before, better and with more depth:

      • Great articles. You probably don’t realize fp that I have been mining the hell out of this blog for the last 6 months. If I have one virtue, it’s probably persistence and I have persisted in reading the archives of this blog. I’m pretty sure that there hasn’t been a post that you have directed me to that I haven’t read already. Eradica has helped me avoid some major pitfalls that I believe I was headed towards, especially VRW. I’ve also picked up some new vocabulary from your lexicon. “Button mashing faggots”, I use that frequently to describe a lot of my friends and some family members. So in short, I just want to say that I appreciate the blog, thanks.

      • Thank you, also.

        Good readers who grasp the finer points are truly appreciated.

      • Persistance is enough. Just don’t get caught up in mass awakening, VRW or the collapse.

        You might like this, PA. It’s an ebook from the leader of the WPP in the 80s.

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