“A Selfish and Lawless Act…”

by Ryu

I’m through selling fear. All it does is give people an excuse not to act. There’s a whole lot that you CAN do. And it happens every single day.

7 Comments to ““A Selfish and Lawless Act…””

  1. But fear and AWE of Big Momma is a staple of the WN basement crew subculture. IMO WNs are the Fredos from the “Godfather” scene where Fredo describes Moe Green to Michael and Michael wants to kill Fredo.

    But its good to hear that you will not be going Full Fucking Fredo. For decades I have listened to right wing tards describe the omnipotence of the LEFT, but then I looked at the left and here is my take, god they suck on the individual level.

    • It’s a weird thing, in trying to educate and inform, WN has inadvertently brainwashed those that are informed to look on our enemies as invincible gods. They THINK they are awake but they are. still being demoralized on a daily basis by news and jews and WILLINGLY.

      • We don’t NEED to watch the “news” everyday, that’s for sure, especially when you consider that much of it is utter bullcrap. It’s a very unhealthy addiction. There are better ways to entertain oneself.

    • That was because Fredo was indulging in fear, trying to make Michael afraid and in awe of Moe. Fredo was in effect, working as one of those spreading the Moe Green myth.

      This is like WNs spreading their fear of the USG, NSA and FBI. I don’t like what they are doing, and I don’t agree with it.

  2. Most WNs would do better by reading no news. We keep looking for signs of life from the American masses. They really aren’t there. Best to give up the hope and focus on ourselves.

    I just read headlines now, even at Amren. The details are always the same. An accident, we have to do something. An American death, a tragedy. An enemy death, he was a monster.

    • Agree. Reading the news, commenting on the news, blogging about the news leads to…stats.

      I still have friends who think if everyone “bravely” “speaks up” that things will get better. Didn’t work in 1957 (school integration, Little Rock), can’t see why it will work now. Too many are invested in the anti-White agenda.

      Still, I speak up once in a while…maybe some day we will get to the next level.

  3. Most of the crap on sites (and esp. Twitter) is bitching about USG.

    It’s simple, one screeches at who one fears most. Inmates complain about guards, employees complain about asshole bosses, children complain about parents: wns complain about Niggerspickikes.

    Complaint is the tool of the powerless. It gives the comfort of venting in the safety of non-action.

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