Loud and Clear

by Ryu

There’s a message floating through the air that only a few can hear. The most significant news stories and articles today receive the least attention.

The most successful attacks are mounted by the smallest groups. One is best, two is acceptable. Larger groups tend to crack in America, either by the weakness of their own members or by system infil.

There is a reason why revolutionaries commit suicide. The American just-us system is so draconian, so completely under system control that death is ……preferable. Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

“We need to hear from our citizens. They’re the best eyes and ears that we have out there.”

Read it and understand. Most Americans are pro-system. No witnesses, no forensic evidence, no motive – a ghost. That’s the ideal. Witness statements make up a full third of the case. It’s public help that solves the case, not purloin police work.


System muscle can die. While it seems clear, many act as if that was impossible. Those two pigs were more concerned with their pizza than who was walking in the door. A good survivalist has far more situational awareness than that.

This group deserves a 6/10. They completed the mission but did not get away clear. True greatness is getting out, staying alive and anonymous. A shadow.

3 Comments to “Loud and Clear”

  1. btw. here is the 2014 Privacy is dead talk on YouTube
    This is fresh from the Hackers on Planet Earth conference which was just a week ago…

    A private investigator is talking about what’s what regarding privacy for hours, must see!

    • Ha ha ha, how American. A PI, who is paid to eliminate privacy and anonymity, gives a talk about the death of privacy. Like a soldier or cop bitching about Murkan police state.

      Fuck that guy. It’s like trying to learn revolution from an American soldier. I will learn the secret from a Muzz, Vietnamese, Stani, or the cartels. I’m not buying the fear that he sells.

  2. Successful operations are muzz operations: Cell leaders acting with brave volunteers dedicated to The Cause.

    Murka shows how powerlessly inept it is to a 911-style challenge. Muzz figured out how to crack the arrogant, imperious puzzle.

    In Saddam’s Iraq, using CentralGOV power of threats, violence, prison and patronage cash for loyalists negated opposition terrorists.

    When his system fell apart, terrorists with TNT T-shirts suddenly materialized everywhere.
    It shall be the same for all BIGov systems.

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