Losing the Fear

by Ryu

Want to lose all fear of the NSA and FBI? Neutralize the threat?

Get rid of your cell phone. Get rid of your laptop. Don’t use computers or landlines. And always work alone.

It’s simple. It’s also a small cost to sidestep the fear which holds back many wns.

Life has not changed dramatically since 1900. They make it sound as if everything has changed – it hasn’t. Get up, go to work, come home, eat, sleep, do it again. TV, radio, computers and internet are just entertainment for that 3 hour window after work. You still spend 75% of your life at work and sleeping.

There is a real world out there. TV, radio and computers create a virtual reality which seems as real as this one. Tweeting and blogging are not revolution. I’d even say the virtual world had to be created as…… important technologies like marriage and family were destroyed.

Advanced wns tend to fall for three issues: “the collapse”, belief in mass awakening and unreasonable fear of the FBI/NSA. They hit the roadblock and can’t progress.

Those who make it past, find only one path. There’s only one conclusion, when one realizes that the system won’t collapse by itself, and that the masses will not awaken.

13 Comments to “Losing the Fear”

  1. Or just stop using your name in connection with your devices and trade out your equipment once in a while. Destroy the old hard drives.

  2. my phone is part of my trade. if my calls are monitored it takes their resources. meanwhile, I only do face-to face meetings in open areas.

  3. Well put.

    Have you ever put any thoughts into White’s co-opting Islam.

    • I think Islam works pretty well on its own. Brandon talked about this. Euros import Muzz, who get rid of jews. It’s jew-jitsu. The Arabs can be a weapon for us.

      • Georg Haider met with and received money from Gaddafii and Saddam. Jeremiah Wright and Obama had links to Gaddafii, too.

      • I’ve heard a rumor that at one time, Qaddafi invited wns to train in Libya. That would have been awesome.

      • Hitler thought that if the Muslims had conquered Europe the superior Aryans would have eventually taken control of the Muslim Empire (due to to racial superiority and the climatic harshness of Europe). He considered Islam a superior religion due to the fact it has jihad inbuilt in it as a doctrine. Especially superior compared to Christianity which he considered weak.

        I think Whites joining Islam and advancing to positions of leadership, thereby co-opting the ideology towards WN ends, is something we should be considering.

      • That’s a good idea, Cammie. I have a lot of admiration for the Muzz. They are really the only ones today who can oppose the USG with success.

        My only concern with converting to Islam is that they now get a lot of attention. I don’t know what measures they take to control infiltration.

      • They make you kill an enemy in front of witnesses. If you don’t, you both get the bullet.

      • That’s the way to do it. All the way in, or all the way out. It’s hard to get in, but harder to get out. Gangs too, do initiations in that manner.

        Iraq and the Stan could fit inside the US. Many areas of this country are just like them. It teaches one a certain distain for technology and progress.

      • The French thinker Guenon of course converted to Islam and has had extensive influence on traditionalist thought.

        After the fall of The Third Reich many former National Socialist fled to Arabia, particularly Egypt, and adopted Islam as their ideology. I once saw a talk by Jonathan Bowden (RIP) and he suggested that only Islam could fill the hole in the lives of these men that the utter destruction of National Socialism left. Both totalitarian ideologies I guess.

        btw, I was sad to hear of Brandon’s passing. I know you were close to him Ryu. He was truly an original thinker.

  4. Loopholes exist for each side. Odd laws that made total sense for protecting the once sacred right to privacy are adrift with current technology. The NSA spies on all cloud talkers, yet a land line requires a court order for wiretapping. Opening actual snail mail has more restrictions.

    These are what used to limit BIGov: Restrictions. They have few limits today. Bushi pressed his careless WowrOnTerra! as a fairy tale solution to sloppy investigation.

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