Find, Fix, Flank, Finish

by Ryu

There is a method to gunfights. From now on, when you see a movie or a news story, try to visualize what’s happening. See the strategy.

Find the other guy. Use the report of his gun to find him. Or, just see him.

Then fix him in place with your own fire. Military doctrine puts a number on this, a shot every 3 seconds. They call “superior firepower” when they can put more bullets in the air. When you shoot, he has to stay down.

Flank means to go on either side of the shooter. No one can shoot in two directions at once. The idea is to pin the other guy down, then move while you’re shooting, manuver to the side.

Finish is simple enough. Make sure he’s dead. Man does not die easy unless there’s been a direct injury to the brain, heart or spine. A one shot kill, like a one hit knockout, is difficult. This is where the movies go wrong. And when the body dies, it lets go of all the piss and shit in it.

Listen to this video and “see” what’s going on, with your ears. Different guns, rates of fire, the number of people shooting. Focus, and you’ll be able to…… tell. You will hear each step, especially the fixing step.

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