Defeating the Use of Force Spectrum

by Ryu

I’m fascinated by the use of force (UOF) concept. The point of the UOF is for officers to gain and maintain control of the subject and situation.

I don’t bring this to your attention for entertainment, or to create submissive reactive WNs. YOU must dominate and control the environment. Even if sometimes, you allow the appearnace of lack of control.

Levels of Resistance:

1 Cooperative
2 Passive Resistance
3 Active Reistance
4 Assaultive with the threat of bodily harm
5 Assaultive with the threat of death


1 Verbal Commands
2 Contact Controls
3 Compliance Techniques
4 Defensive Techniques (taser/baton)
5 Deadly Force (gun)

Do you see any ways to defeat this system? Do you see anything really interesting?

Officers D’Quann & Lezlie Ready To Protect & Serve

I sure do. It says to me that if you’ve ……got a cop holding a baton, the only way to back him down is to have your own baton. Talking is a level 1 response. If he has a gun, you need a gun to be equal. Defensive techniques and compliance holds are lower level techinques. Why hasn’t the public realized this? You don’t talk to a man with a gun. Let’s steal what they’ve learned and use it for our people.

Never let anyone know what you’re thinking. I know I’m breaking opsec here. This situation is a bit different as I’m the writer and this is my article. If you’re going to act, don’t say anything, don’t telegraph. Stay in the shadows, explode, then go hide again.

Let me as you – do you have the tools on you all the time to follow the correct responses? Do you know verbal judo? Do you know compliance techniques? Have a baton or slapper on you? How about deadly force and a gun?


It’s important to remember one thing: the police work for the regime in power. They will never place you above their paychecks. It’s then obvious that since WNs are the greatest enemies of the current regime, that we will be most enthusiastically controlled.

However, you don’t say that to anyone’s face. Never let anyone know what you’re thinking. It ruins the element of surprise and lowers your control level.

The number one reason why amateurs fail to beat professionals is WILL. Amateurs lack the will to train as hard as the pros. Most pros had a drill instructor or a boss to scream at them if they did not prepare. Success in training and preparation, as Brevik did, leads to victory. Failure to prepare leads to loss, like Dorner. It’s not about money or equipment. The Afghanis and Iraqis have shown what is possible. One has to have the will and desire not just to read articles, but to get away from the computer and train. Every battle is decided before its fought.

11 Comments to “Defeating the Use of Force Spectrum”

  1. The cop bases his behavior on that he believes it to be right, but more on that all the people in his environment believe it to be right. Using force against him only reinforces this belief. Cops accept that most people don’t like them, and they stay in their cop bubble to cope with this. The fact they have excellent pay and benefits and most of all, large pensions at an early age makes them pretty invulnerable.

    It is very important to a cop to maintain his belief in the righteousness of his cause. The people who run the cops know this which is why they help maintain the cop bubble. What really helps the cop though is the support of the community. Most white people still think the cops are their friends. Getting whites, particularly lower class whites not benefitting from the system to realize this, would make for a big change.

    The cops aren’t effective in the ghetto because the people in the ghetto don’t want them to be.

    • You would HAVE to be in a bubble to think that you had as a cop made that situation better. Left alone, those people would have got tired after a while and went home but THE COPS escalated the situation. So probably next time there will be MORE people at the protest and maybe some of them will have guns,

      I guess the other lesson is that you gave to have better weapons than your enemy, thus the saying “don’t bring a knife to a gunfight”.

    • Your wn seems to be changing, Thrashy. Interesting how people see different things.

      Cops are paid to enFORCE law and order. The order and the laws of their employer, the USG. If it was a cop union, he would have acted far differently. Cops are like the house niggers of the white race. They think because they follow ole massa’s rules, they’ll get a nice place to sleep.

  2. The guy with the knife was over emotional and tipped his hand. If he really wanted to “do something” he would have waited to pull the knife until he was up close and ready to strike..

    Hypthetically speaking of course.

  3. RYU,

    Big Doug/Dog here

    i suggest you look at this pdf

    I would be interested in your thoughts

    • this is where my wn has taken me. i believe it is the next step.

    • More and more, I come across Ernst Junger. I will have to look at his philosophies in more depth. Many are coming across him.

      It sounds good. I don’t see why a true white supremacist would follow anyone’s rules but his own, except if the other man is superior. “One should not spoil the game for the man gambling his life; he is to be taken seriously.” One’s life is the greatest stake one can lay; but few wns can sit at such a table.

      Follow your interests Big Doug, wherever they may lead. Be afraid of and ashamed of nothing. WN does not grow as a unit, but by the individual. Whenever a superior wns arises, be it Pierce Rockwell or anyone else, the entire movement progresses.

  4. The war of force can and is won by people with IQs of 70 and AK-47s. The mental war is waged, but not entirely won, by people a lot smarter, but not in truth as smart as us and evil and corrupt. We are smarter and more moral so we can and should win the mental war, whether we will depends on how we fight.

    • Hey, can you write about those rich people you see more, at your site? Like a profile – race, gender, attitudes, wealth, strengths, weaknesses, insights you have about them.

      I don’t know what morality is anymore. WN is about survival. Good and evil are in the past for us.

  5. I personally dont understand why more people wont resist when the cops steal their property. In China desperate people sometimes fight back with knives.

  6. There’s rich people and there’s rich people.

    Middle-class gonna middle-class whether they’ve got $350,000 or 10 millions in the bank.

    Uppah class is a different story.

    I’d be interested in comparing takes on the subject with Thrasymachus

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