Disguising & Erasing DNA Traces

by Firepower

As technology grows to increasingly nourish The Police State, it grows more grasping and evil because they presume they have tech cornered, for they are its best customers – paying lucrative free tax funds looted from mooing citizens.

If you think The Murkan Police State is bad today imagine it in 40 years when Tomorrow’sJordan!™ surrenders all his guns because

Martin Lutha Keeng dint need no guns and stuff and shit…

Most of the cowering bendovers to receive the BIGov Buttfucking come because Moocitizen lives in abject fear of “high tech” – as if every case warrants a CSI closure…from bureaucrats who can’t maintain your local interstate/

There is a new product – a privacy spray that promises to remove all traces of DNA from surfaces – but could it be used to commit ……crimes without getting caught? Some sprays erase DNA, others replace it with somebody else’s DNA…

Seeing this, Loompanix-ites are filling their ghost shorts with fresh curds of chunky DNA! Be encouraged that more such tidbits will come to market as the last (and only) free country in the history of mankind descends into third world filth ruled by the FFOL’s Mino Masters.

Here’s a hard link for those who still like to chew their cud:



13 Comments to “Disguising & Erasing DNA Traces”

  1. The fedgov spreads myths of inviciblity. That you can’t get away with it – don’t even try.

    But it’s wrong. The homicide clearance rate in the US is only 60%. That’s WITH public cooperation, with confessions. I’m amazed it’s that high.

    I don’t think a smart perp would trust that the bottle’s label. But the principle is not bad. The Earth Liberation Front had procedures for eliminating DNA evidence beforehand. Real life isn’t like CSI. Often physical evidence is lacking.

  2. If the purchase of this product doesn’t suggest desire for radical autonomy (either of nefarious natand self-annihilation (erasing all traces of one’s DNA is the underlying marketing)

  3. ^^^ Erase that… Unfinished thought…

  4. To purchase this product is to signal to all who care to know that one desires radical autonomy and is dabbling in self-annihilation. This product portends to allow one to act with impunity BY erasing his DNA. If one wants to be invisible, the System will certainly help “you” be invisible starting from barely to completely. This product is like gateway “technology” brought to “you” by the revenge of a nerd. The data point that is “your” purchase will be catalogued in short order and utilized to round out a personal profile that seeks to predict “your” variant of radical autonomy. And another nerd laughs all the way to the bank. Next will be the “technology” that scrubs “your” brain clean.

    Radical autonomy –> Self-annihilation

    That is the “demand” satisfied by this product.

    • You see radical autonomy
      In the white of a page
      And Self-Annihilation
      In the words written
      Upon it

      • Lol… I see desire to do whatever one pleases until one can do nothing at all.

        Race, class, sex, religion, ethnicity, etc…

        All convenient cloaks used for various effect and efficiency.

  5. The only product a white nationalist can actually sell is genuine white Supremacy. The only product a white nationalist can actually invest in is genuine white Supremacy. EVERYTHING else is material vanity. Luckily, the mass of white nationalists only need worry about purchasing as much goodness as they can while minimizing the consumption of that which promotes self-annihilation.

  6. I read that Clorox does it

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