LEOs on Twitter!

by Firepower

Did you know?

On Twitter, you can find and locate our helpful Law Enforcement Officers who did so much for Murka by baking Branch Davidians and shooting Mrs. Randy Weaver and her little boy to keep us safe to import MIGGERS!

They even keep us safe from Bundy Ranchers with Land Management SWAT teams outfitted exactly as Military soldiers.

Here’s one of my favorite FEDS!

He’s even a Schwartz!

7 Comments to “LEOs on Twitter!”

  1. Here’s an idea outside of the box: Why don’t you go and do a Paul Atreides on the Chechens?

  2. Good find, FP. I see he’s a conservative, Israel first type. Kind of like an SP with a badge. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a true, revolutionary, wn cop.

    • The upper-crusty Hahvahd types with access to Ruling Class career tracks who suck israel’s cock are understandable; they get paid big money by the jews for support.

      The sp hicks
      who keep flocking to enlist to grease muzz 20,000 miles away
      while ignoring coloreds of both hue buttfucking their cities and border 20 miles away amaze me; they really, truly are that stupid.

      • The scary thing is that the SP is a step above conservatism and libertarianism It’s a step leading to wn that one can get stuck in. Many good whites go there, and stay forever.

        The gold of their teaching is the military tactics and self sufficiency. But the bad is the contradictions. They want to both admire, and destroy, the US military at the same time. They don’t realize the US military enables the USG to do what it does.

        They’ve never advance without discrediting the US military.

      • SPooHeads are children believing in a magical fairy Godd N’ G-Ziss who’ll kiss the handsome prince~frog-pumpkin, save them, slay The Dragon and turn them into angel-y heroes…without their having to shed a drop of blood.

        “He Will Save US – And USA!!!!!”

        They will still be thumbing through some NRA-approved Gun Catalog in their Old Folks Home For SPoopers when President Chelsea O’Bama The Third sends the Space-Laser HoverMRAPs up their withered bungholes.

        Such children always like toys. SPooheads have AR15’s and thousands of lil’ doo-dads to accessorize them with until the end of the Union.

        When you note:

        They want to both admire, and destroy, the US military at the same time. They don’t realize the US military enables the USG to do what it does.

        …this illustrates as evidence the dichotomous beliefs children hold.

        NeoCONS, Libtards an SPoopers are a vastly divergent group of political belief, but share the commonality of Being Murkan: Murkans can still afford to buy the illusion of perpetual childhood.

  3. “Survival” is to “hawkish” “whites” what the “hustle” is to nefarious negroes… A psychological rationalization to advance one’s radical autonomy. The words and their truly equal connotation assert the “right” to act by any means necessary. Both memes are largely delusions of grandeur, whereas, the “hawkish” “white” is not actually in a life or death situation and usually being quite materially comfortable while the nefarious negroe is never actually hard at work let alone in need of true hustle.

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