America’s Revolutionaries

by Ryu

I know where they are. They’re working, at jobs given to them directly or indirectly by the USG. The people who should be leading the revolution are now employed by the enemy.

The problems of the 1960s were not solved. They festered as the economy dropped off. Kent State should have radicalized the students into realizing who the military really works for: the government, not people. You’re going to draft me to join the military and protect the system? Who guards the elite and their property?

The establishment had a problem. These kids had too much free time on their hands. They had to bring them into line, so they tried using money as a carrot.

Most hippies sold out and joined the ……system. They were offered the “appearance” of rebellion without the substance of it. The threat was neutralized.

I do not agree with GL Piggy on much, but I understand his choice. He had to take a job as a waiter to devote his mind to blogging. There is a blogger named Doc Illusion. He’s midlevel on all red pill things: MRM, PUA, SP and WN. His racism is the simple Southern type. Because he has a $120,000 job as an electrician, his level has stagnated. And it will stay there.

Every nationalist, to a man, who has a very good job, is only a moderate wn. It takes too much time to do both revolution and work.

I understand the wn 2.0 program but do no think it will work as intended. . Whites today want to become the news jews. Work white collar, high paying jobs. Be respectable. Become selfish, money crazed pigs.

12 Comments to “America’s Revolutionaries”

  1. AND it is highly doubtful that many of them contribute much money to the revolution either! If they don’t then it’s obvious that they are only riding on the coattails of the REAL revolutionaries, hoping for monetary gain out of it.

    Personally, I am trying to strike a balance. Your article from about a year ago “Without Money You Are Useless” has stuck with me. Revolutions cost money so it stands to reason that WIns who have what it takes SHOULD make money. Here’s the article:

    Also I know a WN with some money and HE knows WIns with money. What he shared with me is that many of them don’t feel there is much worth contributing to at this point. It’s a bit of a conundrum.

    *[ed note: umm..THAT’S what I (and your beloved Ryu) have told you for years…]

    I recommend that any WN with any business sense start their own business. You have a lot more control of your environment, your income and your future this way.

    • I have advanced since that article, Maureen.

      Everything in America has a value attached. Every blade of grass, the hair on my head, the water I drink, all has a price. Liquidate the value of any 1 mile diameter in the USA, and you’re a millionaire.

      Money is all around us. Murka is still the richest country in the world. What is lacking is will and balls. For most of what wn needs to do, money is just the icing on the cake, the extra 10%. You cannot buy knowledge and have it placed into your head. You cannot buy guts either.

      • I am truly proud you write for Eradica. no bs

      • Thanks! You are part of it. I could not do what I do without Eradica.

      • Yah…even our organs are coveted. My cousin had his kidney stolen in a Florida “hospital” .

        Great article. Much to think about.

        Ps. I’m not sure what the money guys are looking for as far as contributing. Ideas? We still DO need money and it’s a good way for the older crowd to contribute.

      • What does anyone investing look for?

        To maximize profit and minimize risk. Superficially, always to get the most for the least. The biggest bang for the buck. To see that their money is growing. The money guys are looking for a group that get things done, is secure, well trained, etc. A group that doesn’t exist. If there was such a group, it wouldn’t need investors. They’d know where the money is and how to get at it.

        It’s not the same as making an “investment” in a stock. For us, it’s more like a Mob loan. The guy wants results and if he doesn’t get them, there’s hell to pay. Not the same as Wall Street and taking a loss.

        Money isn’t the limiting factor. Guts is. I don’t look at investing my money in people. I work and train with them side by side, not master and slave, or stockholder and board. The investment is your time and attention in other wns’ ability. The best thing for the rich to do is invest in themselves.

        Think of a really good long range rifle. Maybe it costs 10K. But to use it properly, takes a lot of training and study. If you have to whip someone to get them to study, they don’t have what’s needed.

  2. A true WN cannot driven PRIMARILY by money because he’s driven MORALLY by a loyalty to that which is worthy and “loyalty” to money is a sure tell sign that one is a radical autonomist and therefore, BY DEFINTION, loyal to nothing and no one.


    That does not preclude said WN from pursuing wealth for the sole purpose of strengthening his loyalty to that which is worthy of true loyalty. The pursuit of wealth in this manner will foster a flourishing of one’s free will. A true win/win. But the question for which MOST WNs will be concerned is not one of creating mass wealth in order to fund the ressurection of a by-gone order of things, i.e., one that rejects the self-annihilating desire for radical autonomy, but rather, a simple day-to-day, hour-to-hour, minute-to-minute rejection of the nihilistic urge for radical autonomy (true equality). In other words, a relentless REJECTION OF self-eradication at the most minute psychological level WILL BE THE order of business for the mass of WNs. Exponential growth is cancer. “Breaking Bad” is self-annihilating propaganda. Breaking even is perpetuation. Most WNs should desire a “break even” economic paradigm versus “exponential growth” or “Breaking Bad.”

    The Deadliest Widget is a “break even” paradigm change.

  3. Most “elites” invest in those companies that show the most capability in maximizing their company’s radical autonomy i.e., show the ability to act financial reckless without economic repercussion or act with predictable economic outcomes. This is what the “elite” look for because ultimately “success” means CONTROL and and ideological victory and a massive redistribution of “wealth” under political force. All along this economic destruction — NFL–> anti-NFL, JCPENNY–>anti-JCPENNY, Christian–> Liberal “Christian” — GOOGLE–> eN S A sidekick — are the “elites” investing in MAXIMIZING their radical autonomy via the corporate mechanism.

    Breaking Even = investment in perpetuation…

    The “elites” are self-annihilators. That’s a fact.

    The System has a mind of its own.

  4. The number one product AND service in the West is Self- Annihilation. And the big economic dogs are the ones that build, manage, protect and facilitate the economic medium that allows this most profitable commodity to flow FRICTIONLESS through space-time. The velocity of money = viscosity of self-annihilation. Only when you are starving can you be truly hungry. MANY WNs must starve themselves so as to make it necessary to feel truly hungry for the first time in their conscious life.

    Break even paradigms will see bouts with hunger. Mandated starvation is better than cancer or corruption. Personal WN can be bought for nothing and cost you everything. How does one train for that potential?

    • Many WNs must starve themselves… feel truly hungry for the first time. Wow! THAT statement really grabbed me. It is basically what I did for two years-“starved myself”, breaking away from the system in many ways and with no plan in mind for the future. What happened though is that my White-European nature came out and I got hungry for more…more personal power, more challenge, a higher level of competence etc. White people stuff.

      A lot of people have the “starvation” forced on them and the answer for many of them is to numb out with tv, drugs etc. I guess they (and their children, if they even have any) just aren’t meant to make it through this evolutionary challenge. Tis a pity.

  5. There is no materially-based “cheating,” but a WN cannot abide to any amoral systems including an economic one. ONLY in a break even economic paradigm are true and consequential economic choices made. Those who operate by “exponential growth” are cancerous and thus their true financial acumen is totally unpredictable (the desire for cancer is a desire for self-annihilation) and those “Breaking Bad” perpetuate the Strengthening of the System whereas corruption freely flow Up–>Down and from Down–>Up.

  6. Those who sell “exponential growth” are trying to kill you. Things die rapidly whom suffer of “exponential growth.” Things die morally and spiritually when entertained by “Breaking Bad.”

    Even in the bloodiest wars (all steeped in economic concerns), the very few kills the many. WNs should see it no differently. The very few WNs will be the necessary killers of the many if that day ever comes. Most WNs only need learn a worthy retort to the predictable slander. What shall it be? We currently operate in the economics of self-annihilation. What’s so different about the economics of killing? Eradication can be passive and aggressive.

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