Arrested Development

by Ryu

The greatest stumbling block for advanced wns is the belief that “the collapse” is coming.

Survivalism has some gold in it. It is essentially police and military training – what if scenarios, firearms training, tactics, how to move, and self reliance. SPers know who the enemy is and how to fight it.

A good survivalist can beat any cop or soldier, one on one. Modern cops do not have the ability to act on their own, which is why they call backup for everything.
las vegas

This guy is a hero because he did things right – never caught. A survivalist should be able to outwit the pigs on his ground. When studying this case, observe how the police sentiment changes from “we’ll get him godammit” to “it’s up to the public now.”

The big issue with SPers is when they will act. They are all waiting….waiting….still waiting….for the collapse. A collapse that never comes. My impression is that the USG has just as much control over the financial system as it does over the MSM. They’ll never let it fail.

At some point, one has to admit that…… all this waiting is purposeful. People don’t really have confidence in their training or their ideas, and they never truly intended on acting.

If you want something in this life, you must step towards it. Waiting is not a strategy. Patience can turn into inaction. The collapse happens when you make it happen.

Give up belief in the collapse and watch your level increase overnight. It is a crutch, a false hope, and advanced wns do not need it.

20 Comments to “Arrested Development”

  1. If you think the USG can keep the status quo going indefinitely you are delusional. I don’t know how it’s going to shake out, but I know one thing — we aren’t going to keep doing things the way we’ve been doing them.

    You like posting about people with guns, and fantasizing about people shooting each other. Things could come to that. I hope not, and I will try to sidestep it. When you get shot, unglamorous and uncool things happen like infection, organ failure, and death. They don’t show that part in movies, except very sanitized death. Bang, and someone goes to sleep. You don’t see the splatter patterns on the wall behind them, or hear their dying groans.

    The people who really know what’s going on are not the muscled up, gunned up, rolling heavy tough guys. The people who get it are nerds versed in statistics. Someone like Richard Heinberg is what you should be listening to:

    Heinberg will warn you about what most people don’t see coming. LIke Pacino’s devil said:

    I’m a surprise, Kevin. They don’t see me coming.

    • You like to fantasize Nerdism is The New Patriot. A magick elixir of “new wisdom” discovering how to circumvent history’s reliance on warriors. This New NerdyMan somehow substitutes arms with wormfarming – coincidentally at just the moment you discovered it.

      That USG BIGov that oppresses you – how does it do it, again? With guns, not with The Poor Man’s James Bond or “1002 Uses For Wild Nettles!”

      How does that ISIS do it? Not…with Nerds…

      This Underground Farmurr you actually, ironically champion is not the Future Viking but the Future Monk, cloistered in the modern equivalent of a home-monastery with his books and knowledge…

      …awaiting the Vikings that came to raid, pillage and kill the monks.

      Like the monks and their golden Communion Goblets, illuminated books and cellars of Dom Perignon, you too stock your spread with all the things Future Colored SuperMan wants: gold, guns and fresh young white pussy.

      • No. My monks will be producing drugs and food and tobacco and booze and using the proceeds to procure weapons from corrupt military officials. Breaking Bad meets Genghis Khan.

      • I’m sure Ubermensch SuperMan BlackVikings will also enjoy some of your pot and cigs both before and after they’re sticking it to your daughters.

        Our Historic BLACK President, his Black Holder and black Jeh Johnson are well into establishing their Operation Overlord beachhead by paratrooping their own version of the 82nd Airborne in behind Normandy’s enemy lines.

        Today’s migger Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) death squads fresh from Obama’s latest Border Amnesty are deliberately headed for Murka’s Small Town USA where all the little white farmers live:

        There’s even 3.5 MILLION google hits for “Miggers IN Michigan!”

        Even the Repubie GOVERNOR of White Bread Nebraska stands at attention with his thumb up his ass when Black Obama dumps miggers like Antrhax petrie dishes in his state to infect his whites. Why, he sounds just as helpless as any Blogga! Whatever is a powerless elected official evah to do!

        You’re telling me your Clodhopper Commandos are a deterrent?

        It saddens me they will be no more a preventative than a San Francisco liberal.
        Even Sir Eric The BLACK says it’s RACIST to Resist:

      • White Americans are pretty well armed amnd there’s a lot of veterans among us. I think we’ll do OK.

        [glad you “think” so. we all know that’s proof – instead of seeing your communities now browning from the Minority Master Machine now openly dropping niggers & miggers in your little red rural schoolhouses ~ guess you didn’t read those LINKS I provided….

      • They’ve got the guns but not the guts.

        It’s FAR different to pull that trigger when the USG doesn’t clean up the job afterward. I will never listen to an SPer guru again. If I had a badge and uniform, there is nothing I couldn’t do.

        It takes million of veterans and decades of time to produce one Lee Oswald. They don’t have what it takes, and are not the true elite. The gun is not enough. And you cannot “buy” guts.

      • The typical SPer is a bible-thumping rural hick.
        Many wns are also.

        The secret to understanding them and thus predicting their actions is to fully realize G-Ziss Kissers believe “their god” will come down and save them; The Ultimate White Knight.

        They are fantasists who resist action because “somebody else” with no fear of loss – or death – is “supposed” to rescue them.

        I’m sure many Japs dying from the Nagasaki Nip Roast thought “their god” would come down, heal them, then kick Yankee ass.

    • They keep it going by keeping the profits themselves and passing the cost on to 330 million Murkans. It can, and will, continue indefinitely. Nothing will happen but a very slow, very gradual decline. So slow only the few, like us, will notice.

      I’ve got you down for 2018, MW. After that, you have to give up on the collapse.

  2. The collapse isn’t coming, the collapse has already happened. The genius of the system is its patience- it doesn’t impose things suddenly, it just patiently pushes, pushes, pushes slowly enough that the typical person can’t see it happening, and the intelligent person can see but doesn’t know how to resist it.

    It took them 50 years to normalize homosexuality. They could have tried to do it overnight, but people would have fought back, because every normal person 50 years ago knew homosexuals were sick, evil and disgusting. So they started with reducing the criminal penalties, then eliminating them, then normalizing their presence, providing they were discreet, then normalizing their non-discreet presence- they boil their frogs very slowly. Same thing with blacks.

  3. If “the collapse” actually is neccessary, and if the roles were reversed, then the jews would *make* the collapse happen. The serious far-left Whites of yesteryear too. WNs come from conservatism – they’re a very different type of person. The WN has qualities leftists lack (hence why he was able to break his indoctrination) but none of these are conducive to revolution.

    It’s galling but it looks to me as if the traits we most despise in leftists – fanaticism and breathtaking self righteousness – are absolutely neccessary if you want to seriously get anything done politically. We know the full horror of the situation and so naturally we want these fuckers punished (we’re human) but, really, if we want to win I think we have to, somehow (and God only knows *how*), recapture this White type from jewish mindcontrol and unleash them on the targets they should have been fighting all along – if that is achieved then I think the battle is as good as won. What WNs have to psych themselves up to do – White leftists have a *compulsion* to do. They enjoy it even. This is the type who would, against all adivce, go out to convert red indians to christianity knowing their colleagues had often been skinned alive or worse.They’re automata but they’re incredibly strong. In fact I think the true believing White leftist type is by far the strongest force in the world. Jews second (capturing the mind of the former is probably the greatest political victory in history & the reason why they’ve been on the winning side ever since). It’s all very galling, yes, but I think that may be the reality of the situation.

    • EDIT

      (capturing the mind of the former is probably the greatest political victory in history & the reason why jews have been winning ever since).

    • They are needed! Very much so. You have to become fanatical and you must develop an almost arrogant view of yourself. When ISIS takes back Iraq, that’s what they feel.

      True wn is neither left nor right. There’s a very distinct difference between a wn versed in leftist techniques.

      • The cultured thug?

      • Yes, a criminal with a brain. Enough risk tolerance to work ops, but enough impulse control to avoid detection and capture.

      • We’re probably watching infra-racial evolution develop between “whites” and a resurgent atavistic breed of new Aryans. We’re shedding our skin and I can’t wait to see what the future will bring, as freaky as that might seem, or as terrifying as everything developing may be. – Titus Amalek

  4. Spers can’t win. Like WNs they have the “Southern” mentality i.e. they can’t compete with the self righteousness, viciousness, totalitarianism and intellection of the enemy.

    Like Alex Linder says in his Ride with the Devil review: the boys are stouthearted, but naive. No matter how heroic, and how “morally right” they are, their side will lose. Because might makes right, and the numbers and *aggressive mentality* are on the side of the North, no matter what the Constitution says or what the people want.

    • There is much validity in your statements.

      Diagnosing rebel yell types “as stouthearted, but naive” is no… diagnostic revelation.
      Whites – such as those that exist currently – simply do not deserve to survive.

      This type is so fucked-up – they “think” Future Devontae Rodriguez will “let” them live in peace.
      You have to be totally white to be that stupid.

      Perhaps the seedcorn of those fifteen I deem worthy as titular werewolves shall be enough when they finally emerge to fight!..
      in 2150.

  5. Whatever you think of Blaine Cooper, and I’m not particularly impressed with him, his idea of crowdfunding his militia group on the border is sheer genius


    ..”Colonel Strelkov arrived up north in April. He had with him 20 or so men. That’s all. Not all were armed and some of the armed ones had bolt action rifles from the second war. This was the nucleus of what Strelkov built. In the first early weeks several hundreds of men rallied to the new colors and volunteered for service with Strelkov. It was with these men that Strelkov held off the first tentative attempts by the Ukes to enter Slavyansk.”

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