Feelings of Invincibility

by Ryu

Fear and greed. Most wns know the fear well. Because of a lack of guts, they’ll never know the greed.

It’s always the same: the first time is hardest. If one proceeds as has been mentioned, by beginning with going clear, one has an excellent chance of success.

Crawl, walk, run. The progression is the same in all areas. From little jobs to big jobs, easy to hard. How long that takes doesn’t matter; only one’s patience, discipline and control matter. Never exceed your personal speed limit or lose control.

A funny thing happens. One becomes disappointed that one wasn’t caught. This is the invincible system! The FBI! NSA! The police. They see all and catch all…don’t they? How can it be this easy?

One becomes deeply pessimistic about the ……system and it’s citizens. It wouldn’t take much to bring the US down from the inside. The fact that there is only one Anders Brevik in a country of 10 million Norwegians speaks as to how rare the ability actually is. If only the people would resist! But they don’t.

In LEO circles, it’s well known that criminals becomes cocky after many successes. The perp feels that he can’t be caught and that the cops are stupid. The tendency is to start lowering one’s security precautions down to the threshold. The book of human moves says people always want to do things the easy way. Actually, as time progresses, one “should” grow more careful and cautious.

This overconfidence is a great danger. It’s not that the system does such great police work; they just wait for the perp to make mistakes. The criminal loses, rather than the system protectively winning. Don’t hand them their victory.

It’s always the things you don’t account for that really fuck you. Kaz operated for over 20 years. Perfect in every way, but one. It was his little bro who turned him in. That must have hurt. Teddy’s brother had more loyalty to the system than to him – most people are like that. Believe it. Unless someone has a real beef with the system and has scalps on the wall, they will narc.

Serial killers are caught because they stick with one MO only. Set the pattern, then break it. Experiment and probe new methods with small investments. Just as American business is always concerned with constant growth, a good agent is always developing new skills.

9 Responses to “Feelings of Invincibility”

  1. I read about how the North Korean government spent months moving heaven and earth to figure out who tossed anti-Kim brochures from a moving train. All passengers and printer owners were relentlessly interrogated as if it was the end of the world. The perps may have done more damage wasting regime resources than by spreading the message. Perhaps under an insane regime there are times to act insane.


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