Miggers are UN-American

by Firepower

Miggers are UN-American: They are parasites displacing Americans.

Las Rooseveltuos

As Seen on The Nooz every day, Our Historic Black President™ rapidly imports more,  padding miggers’ growing lead of outbreeding and outvoting Americans toward their ultimate goal of eradicating Whites.  As I wrote long ago, Liberal nazism must replenish its MMM with new votes because the rainbow~diverse combo of colored inmates are ineligible to vote.  Most blacks are in prison. Lots are there for killing miggers over gang disputes – as are the miggers. When you have the black killing miggers, and the miggers killing the black, the FFOL sees  the non-voting dead and their incarcerated killers as a lose/lose for their scheme.

A perfect example – due to its irrefutability – is a picture you will spread.

Los Angeles Roosevelt High class of 2007 shows not only are there no more Roosevelts there – but 31 Pérêzès instead.  The eponymous Roosevelt means nothing to miggers. Thus the concepts and values of we who made America great will pass away, just as the malt-drinking, Ozzie & Harriet students of Roosevelt High Class of 1957 vanished.  The decay from…… White to migger will spread from one school to a county – to a state – to an entire nation.

It’s what makes them incapable of assimilating.  Miggers don’t care about Teddy Roosevelt – or Ben Franklin or Jefferson – and July 4th.  They hate our history because they have their own.

However, the swelling Recoñqúista of Peoñe~Pêrêzistãs are beneficial for rich tower-dwelling jews like NBA owner Donald Stirling who say, with pride of purchase, that “She kills me, all she wants to do is suck my cock three hours a day!”

If You Guessed Veronica Perez Is teh famuss V. Stiviano – You Get To Suck That Guy’s Cock for FOUR Hours!



27 Responses to “Miggers are UN-American”

  1. Yep, I see the spread of miggers, even here in New England.

  2. Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  3. Don’t worry — they’re all natural Republicans. Yes, you still hear that. Talk about low information.

    • Republicans are not on our side regarding Miggers.
      Their rich cronies like that cheap-chinaman style labor
      The vile DC R-puppets jizz to the fantastical notion of Miggers voting them back into their walnut-panelled offices.

      Note they’ve also avoided substantive action on the latest DREAMigger Infestation.
      Speaker Boner acts as if he’s also as powerless as one of his kneejerk flyover voters.
      What’s he there for anyway – if he has less impact than a…blogger

      All miggers must be eradicated – just like they did their Injuns

      • As with the Moslems, the 99% who just want to make a better life for themselves and their families are the sea their soldiers swim in. Of course, collective responsibility only applies to whites.

      • The most vile of all coloreds is the black. It is the worst.

        I admire Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Deneen Borelli and Stacy Dash I’d fuck hell out of.
        These good blacks represent the decent, American 0.08% of their race: But that glaring, HUGE disparity will never excuse the destructive filth of one MLK or “Reverend” Al Sharpton who are the 99.2% majority.

        Miggers also have La Raza; with coloreds – race is always thicker than water.

        Most MINOs need eradicating. The measly 2% can be sorted out later, but first, that 98% needs eradication.

        In the end, the victors must decide if such a salvage ratio is worth the time and publicity to a stupid audience. I’m not sure I’d even bother sorting tomatoes – or spilled milk – to save if it’s only 2%.

      • Ah, so that’s who that picture girl was.

      • Miggers and blacks are not the true enemy. You could kill them all dumbass and the real enemies would just import more of them. There’s an endless supply. You are either ignorant or a shill promoting a race war.

      • You’re an obvious dribbledick: You didn’t read other articles here condemning all members of the FFOL – particularly white liberals.

        So, you get your dumb mouth in gear before you know wtf you’re yapping about. You are the kind of stupid lout we avoid at Eradica. Go back to AmRen and hubbub on about Obama’s Birf Certif-ee-kit for another 8 years.

        You best improve your game or prepare for a pepper shoved up your ass.

        btw stupid, wtf is wrong with race war? You like the way all Murka’s cities browned?

    • YOU are low information if you are still relying on “Republicans” to save you. Are you paying attention? LIUFY.

  4. All these fresh young faces full of hope, the future truly belongs to them and the Koch Brothers

  5. There’s not going to be any respite.

    I’ve been to LA, which is Murka’s future. In a crowd of 600 people, I was one of maybe 12 unmixed white men. There is now every variation of minos, from nearly white beans to the rather ugly black-spic combination. And they surely don’t look like Antonio Bandares or Salma Hayek. Most are short, squat indian types.

    The more the minos take, the more they want to take. They aren’t going to hold back to try to be sneaky. They’re making it very obvious, because they instinctively know what you have learned – whites either don’t care, or won’t act.

    People lie to themselves. There’s really only one solution. Once one reaches that point, he either train to prepare for it, or just be content to watch. Then one gains a true admiration for what the direct action people had to go through.

    • Ryu: Old comment, buy anyway, NYC is what you’ve described in LA. MINOs are everywhere, and wheaties are just 3Fers. The only time when wheaties in NYC stopped partying was 9-11. You could shoot up a bar in NYC then clean up the mess, and in minutes, wheaties will come back and have a drink, as if nothing has happened.

  6. At least the African problem will solve itself in a real SHTF or reset scenario, there will be starvation within days after the Electronic Benefit Transfer cards stop working, or if roads are blocked or anything like that. If government services ceased half the black population would vanish within months. I don’t think people realize that 30% of them work government quota jobs, 30% are in prison and 30% are on welfare! That’s a whopping 90% rate of direct dependency!

    • The 30% Breakdown example is invaluable – if you showed your inner circle proof (a link to a chart) and credited a strong, undeniable source.

      Then, spread this type of undeniable propaganda on social media; it cuts to the heart of even a Hippie Liberal and ConserviTard brainwashed to follow the “I LUV Diversity!” mantra they believe absolves them of racism.

      I’ve heard it before: It is potent ammunition.
      Locate the source and post it here.

      • Aclu says only 1 in 15 black males is incarcerated. https://www.aclu.org/combating-mass-incarceration-facts-0

        [ed note: ah, si! we all trust the ACLU’s info! care to ask them how many are on parole? i guess THAT slipped their mind, it being Shabat and all]

      • It seems to me if the ACLU were going to lie, the would say MORE than 1 in 15 Blacks are incarcerated. Who would you consider a good source of information for this sort of thing anyway?

      • It must be verifiable.
        It could be a typo on their paper document transferred to a website or maybe you made a mistake transcribing the data in the long chain down the line. Perhaps they just lie: After all, they are lawyers…

        There’s an old, great book called How To Lie With Statistics written to instruct the Enlightened side on thorough research and citation. It is the size of a road map folded in half.

        But, the Dark side also took it to use for their nefarious purpose.

        For instance, the ACLU would not reveal that X% of colored minors under 18 are convicted – but given juvenile probation. Nor would they admit that an additional x% are on six probations as convicted minors.

        Maybe the ACLU only counted full-blooded blacks and did not count Hispanic-Black-Hyphenated Murkans and so on, just as Our Historic Black President’s white half somehow gets habitually “forgotten”.

        You see this trick done by our evil BIGFed census statisticians to count wetbacks as white when they need to reduce a bad indicator – but add beaners to the colored pile when they need whites sullied.

  7. The instant that schools were integrated meant the death of American history, no other non-white cares about it either. The new history that will have to take its place is the Martin Luther King/Civil Rights/empowerment canon that is implicitly or explicitly anti-white and implicitly genocidal by its nature. I pity the white minority students who will have to sit through 12 years of school listening to a teacher incite violence and genocide against them. Putting children through that is a war crime. We need to start demanding our own schools as part of, dare I say it, reparations for the American Holocaust.

  8. It becomes more and more obvious that maintaining self-government, which is the core of the American political tradition, requires either white separatism or white supremacy — white supremacy meaning that white culture, including the cultural foundations of self-government, must be supreme wherever there are white communities, regardless of the presence of others.

    [ednote: I want to expand this concept in a separate post, but suffice it to say, The Founding Fathers made mistakes. the 2nd greatest was ignoring the black and its contaminating harm and expecting whites to maintain their honor – and nation]

  9. Remember when people with the surname “Roosevelt” used to be white? Me neither.

    The disappearance of black Roosevelts could be in part due to no married females to pass on the legacy of the Roosevelt name after the kids’ father. I wouldn’t care if I didn’t have to pay a percentage of my income to pay for these wretched spawn, but I do… and so does everyone else with taxable income. No wonder alternative means of income look so redeeming.

  10. Miggers are UN-American: They are parasites displacing Americans.

    Jews are the consummate miggas, where they also hedge coloreds against witey. They are only group who profited in Murka using both sides of the coin.

    Donald Trump will not change witey murka for the better, if he even says he will. His more powerful jew in laws will ensure Manhattan will be the center of influence. They control the real estate for Wall St titans. At best, Trump only manages casinos for proles.

    • Donald Trump will not change witey murka for the better

      Do not be so naive to expect Great Things.
      Like all Murkans, you must learn to settle. Whites, as the biggest losers, must suffer the most it seems. What exactly do you think a race that surrenders all its treasure to Coloreds for half a century deserves? Continuance?

      Trump is the least likely to be beholden to Elites; that’s all. Only expect from Trump what St. Reagan The Lord did: Slow the death spiral enough for you to party, leave or make your final peace.

      Trump is the only one who can delay the impending disaster and is thus, marginally qualified to deserve your vote. Or else, speed the doom faster and vote Hillary.

      One or the other.

      • Trump’s in laws are Jews, who bribe heavily to the LN cause, and they control much of the NYC real estate, so Manhattan’s GenBrandons can feast & fuck. The same kind of Goldman Jews on the other side of the coin, who give money to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, where they exploit and the play the feelings of the lesser cuckservative wites.

        [ed note: you think Donald Dump listens – to his in laws?!?]

      • Scores of GenBrandons in Manhattan were watching the niggaball last night!

  11. Donald Trump is probably indebted to his Jewish in laws. A guy who own casinos for proles is not on the same level of importance/influence than Jews who own Manhattan.


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