by Ryu

Why would a man who could do absolutely anything choose to be a revolutionary?

The first person who pops into my mind when asking that question is Ted Kaczynski. A child prodigy with supreme genetic ability. Graduated Harvard by 20, lecturer with a doctorate in Mathematics by 25.

For 17 years, from 1978 to 1995, Kaz maintained a bombing campaign. The FBI had a dedicated 150 man task force to catch him. That was 20 years ago. Naturally, today the FBI has more minos and affirmative action culture, making them even less efficient.

I’m a great admirer of Kaz. So few men with first class minds are men of action. The men of action like most cops and soldiers tend to be ……roider adrenaline junkies. Kaz could have done anything in this life; he might have stayed at the university and made 100K per year, gaining fame across the world. He could have started a family.

“He claims that scientific research is a surrogate activity for scientists, and that for this reason “science marches on blindly, without regard to the real welfare of the human race or to any other standard, obedient only to the psychological needs of the scientists and of the government officials and corporation executives who provide the funds for research.”

Translated, STEM has no real value for humanity. It is a sort of welfare for the gifted. The really high IQ revolutionaries have been bought off for a 60K/year job. Men who should have been leading the revolution are studying trivial issues which appeal to their intellectual vanity.

How was Kaz caught? Not the 150 man task force that had been about for a decade. His own brother ratted on him. His little brother valued a distant “society” over his own blood.

Remember that when you decide to talk to your family about WN. Always remember.

WN is about people. It’s literally all we do. Science will not save us. Only the quality of our men will determine if we win. Human nature has not changed in thousands of years. Do not be fooled by trinkets and wizardry.

And finally the obvious objection. There’s never been anything wrong with killing. Nothing whatsoever. If a soldier kills Osama bin Laden, he’s a hero, a champion of justice. If an Iraqi kills an American, he’s a monster, a cold-blooded killer. The only thing that matters is who you get your orders from. Winners write history.

12 Comments to “Genius”

  1. What stands out are his principles. Not much of that going around in Murka, and it’s only been getting worse every year.

    I can understand a bit of his thought process here: I didn’t study science all this time to rubber stamp political policy decisions. Had he taken the “safe” route, he’d be part of the global warming “consensus” designed to suck away more of our money for the latest flight of fancy. So yes, he should be admired for having principles; everything else is just the icing on the cake.

  2. GREAT article.

  3. STEM’s sole purpose now is designing expensive gadgets in Frisco & Silicone Valley to manufacture in China. These companies make exorbitant stock profit by selling Murkans faddish junk.

    Manhattan investors and allied elite finance scammerss in our nationwide Feudal Enclaves reap the gross profit margin made in the difference between production costs and final storeshelf price.

    The secondary means of Obscene Wealth of Elites is paying lesser Stemmies to design “infrastructure” of roads and bridges paid with extracted tax dollars where the purpose is distributing by truck those GookGoodies…

    • That is one of the few truly investigative reports I’ve seen recently.
      It’s a subject Ryu must comment/write upon.

      I’ve long thought HEROCops!® & HEROFiremen!!™ were into this shit.
      It’s why you must keep a record of names and addresses of “law enforcement” type neighbors and bigmouth acquaintances.

    • that just happened to be a case a friend of mine was involved in. I don’t really believe any of the news unless I have personal corroboration from someone I trust.

  4. I sometimes talk to young people who are bona fide geniuses and they are either absorbed into the system or fall into the first thing that comes along.

    Can the FBI launch major operations that halfway competent like they used to? yes and no. Yes the FBI taskforces are become bigger jokes all the time, but that’s not the end of the story.

    For every government agency that becomes overwhelmed with AA employees, there’s another lily-white elite one being created in secret to take its place

    • Genius doesn’t matter if all the tech is shared with the world. Survival is the thing now. Lots of quality children worth high investment parenting. Raise up an army of LOYAL super geniuses.

      • Um, in case you didn’t notice – with your head buried in your PeterPanzer Super Adolph Comix! –

        The only “quality children” you see in any army are dumb white Gomers enlisting to be SUPERSeal Extreems!™

        To obey whatever puppet President plops his Elite Ass in the restored $63,307 “Coolidge Chair” in the Oval Office.

        Ain’t no combat being done against the liberal nazi BIGov Agency Army – except brandishing at Bundy Ranch.

    • I have seen this too, Jaeger. I’ve been to the engineering and physics department of this country.

      Engineers and scientists are not revolutionaries. They just want to build shit, for…whoever pays. They don’t care who they work for. They really like those smart badges. Most “smart” whites are working for the system, directly or indirectly.

      They’re smart, but not smart enough to hold the money and be their own masters. They have to sell their ideas to get the cash.

      Brains can be trained easier than balls. That’s why I think wns have to focus on the guts. Anyone can read a book and study. Applying ideas in an uncertain world is much harder. Gotta up the stakes and see if they have the confidence to follow.

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