A Man Only Has So Much Fight In Him…

by Ryu

This will be a strange, cryptic post. No one can be 100%

all the time, giving his best in everything. No man can be

the best husband to his wife, best father to his kids, best

employee for his boss, best son to his parents, the hardest

trainer at the gym, the greatest studyer at school, the best

lover in bed at the same time. He has to pick and choose

his battles.

Usually a man can do 3-4 things in his life well. The

remainder of things he does will be average to normal.

Human will is a finite resourse. Only sleep and rest can

cause a man’s will to recover. Sometimes an extended effort

can take months or even years to recover from.

In a similar way, a man only has so much fight in him over a

lifetime. He has room enough for about 3 great struggles.

After that, he is cooked. He will have to restrict himself

to safe, riskless activities, essentially cruising for the

remainder of his life.

Most of the people reading this as WNs. The most difficult

part of WN as a whole are the first, hopeless steps when no

one would listen. We all spend alot of time on WN. Some in

the WN-o-sphere are the very best in the world at what they

do. But it is not free, because WN becomes one of the three

areas that they can excel at.

You will note that even “men that can do anything” such as

Navy SEALs are reputed to be, do not go on to PhDs in

Physics or Math afterwards. Their training sapped too much

of their will. They learned that anything was possible, but

they spend the rest of their lives pulling triggers in some


Tyler Durden, the famous PUA, was said that anything was

possible for him. Maybe it was at one time, but he used up

all of his lives. He used to love philosophy and wanted to

max out by getting a doctorate. When I met him in real

life, I saw that this was not possible. He was burned out.

The effort needed to become a PUA, then to set up a globe-

trotting PUA business took too much out of him. He would be

a lifer in PU and would never leave it.

A similar effect is found in pro athletes. They put so much

into their sport that if they succeed and get in, they have

to spend the rest of their lives in that area. Usually they

coach after they retire from their own career. They just

don’t have the ken to do something else.

The point is – choose carefully. None of us can do

everything. We all pay for the things we want and one day,

our account will be empty.

12 Responses to “A Man Only Has So Much Fight In Him…”

  1. Well said. Life is sacrifice. If I may add: make sure YOU pick those three or four things. Otherwise they will be picked for you, and then whose life will you have lived? Maybe we could say that people can do 3-4 things well, and the 3-4 things are usually chosen for them. How many people are stubborn enough to choose even one of their own?

  2. good post and very true.

    • That’s what happened to Mike Brown, Jaeger. He exhausted himself and now, he has nothing left.

      • What do you think he could of done differently?

      • I have analyzed his life. Around 1974, he tried to dynamite the UN building in NYC. It didn’t say so, but he must have gotten busted buying the material, or in transit. Then he went to jail for 5 years, if I remember right.

        When he got out, he went straight, totally broke with his old life. His bbing ideas are above average but unexceptional. Around 1980, personal trainers could make good money, as there were none then. So from 1980 to 20-14, he pushes Jesus and supplements.

        I do not know if he could have done it differently. He has a certain amount of spirit, like everyone else. I feel he burned it out early with too much useless action.

        A big thing in life is sustaining mental motivation. Physical exhaustion can be treated with rest. Mental fatigue is much more dangerous. You have to stay hungry. To want to train, to want to study. When this desire goes away, it rarely comes back.

        We used to learn this from Rocky 3. Rocky got civilized. It seems far from the year 2014, but it’s the best example I can think of.

  3. “You love playing with that. You love playing with all your stuffed animals. You love your mommy, your daddy. You love your pajamas. You love everything, don’t ya? Yea. But you know what, buddy? As you get older, some of the things you love might not seem so special anymore. Like your jack-in-a-box. Maybe you’ll realize it’s just a piece of tin and a stuffed animal. And then you forget the few things you really love. And by the time you get to my age, maybe it’s only one or two things. With me, I think it’s one.”

    • That’s a good movie, PB. I remember it very well. So true. That’s why people really like to soldier. You can’t get that much rush anywhere else.

  4. I like where you were going with the pro athlete metaphor, til you mentioned most of them going into coaching. Successful coaches tend to come from the ranks of the bench-warmers, where they get to spend time seeing a real coach in action. 143-161-24 That is the professional coaching record of one Wayne Gretzky. You might have heard of him. Truly successful players tend to transition to coaching poorly… totally different skillset. It’s why I usually laugh when I see the fad-of-the-month guitar player releasing an instructional video. Most of them aren’t good enough to be worth learning from to begin with, but then they make it worse by having no teaching skills or personality.

    One factor is finding the right people to work with. If you surround yourself with complacent people, complacency you will have. Surround yourself with negative people, and you’ll be so unable to do anything that you never get started.If, on the other hand, you surround yourself with people who really want to try something different, you will find yourself pushing your known limits on a regular basis.

    • It’s a different skillset. One focused on strategy, one on tactics. It’s also why I write at a group blog, not on my own. Others can cover my deficiencies.

  5. Something to think about.

    It also confirms to me that I need to FOCUS. I just can’t study everything I’m interested in or accomplish everything I would like.

  6. That may be why women are more attracted to expressionless, taciturn, seemingly emotionless men.
    It is indirect evidence they have reserved a larger portion of their brain for competent action.
    Of course they also have to be strong.

    The most effusive, emotionally expressive males are the least likely to be action-skilled, unless the skill involves social drama .


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