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I know it was many years ago, but it was not meant to be forgotten.  Remember the Alamo!  Would they have given their lives if they knew what would be happening today?  Probably not!   Our ancestors would have expected us to defend the cause they fought.   That doesn’t apply just for Texas.

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7 Comments to “REMEMBER THE ALAMO?”

  1. And another one bites the dust:

    Anthony Cumia, host of Opie and Anthony fired by SiriusXM for racist Twitter rant
    Anthony Cumia From SiriusXM’s ‘Opie and Anthony’ Show Fired for Controversial Twitter Rant

    That’s especially interesting because of the vile nature of the radio show itself, the tweets are nothing in comparison.

  2. To succeed, wn is gonna have to be about something more than money. The Americans value cash above anything else in this world. Revolution can cut into the profits. The economic product of the white ethnostate is superior men.

    Is this Arlin Report something you read regularly, FP?

    • White men excel at weaponry…in fact with survivalism being so prevalent I imagine gun manufacturers and the surrounding industries must be doing quite well.

      Make money AND help people.

      There a are also a lot of other devices one could get involved with. Stun guns, pepper spray etc. We are only limited by our imaginations.

    • Arlin is a recent follower to Eradica. His work presents interest.

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