Guts: The Limiting Factor

by Ryu

Guts is the limiting factor in wn. Nothing else even comes close. Risk tolerance is another word for it.

The further you go in wn, the more guts constrains you. As you learn more, new worlds and opportunities present themselves. Without the risk tolerance, you cannot take advantage of them.

Forget what the “experts” are saying. “The pucker factor” will stop you every time if you are in over your head. If you cannot handle it, your skill level does not matter.

Guts is what has to be trained day in, day out. Crawl, walk, run. It’s a linear process where no step can be skipped. Push a little further each time. The impossible must become…… the routine.

The first time is always the hardest – at anything. You have to pay the first time, for every other time to be easy.

I’ve included a video from the 1960s. Thought it is old, the basics do not change. In the same way, a chemistry or physicstextbook from the 60s would be just as valid today.

7 Comments to “Guts: The Limiting Factor”

  1. I think we can radicalize the ROK readers, FP. They just need a good example. When I lead them, they do alright. I actually got first comment.

    • Being able to evaluate the dynamics of power between the sexes is one step away from evaluation of the dynamics of power between ethnic groups, races etc. Dominating a woman is easy, the latter task is going to take some balls. Not many have it in them in order to be conquerors again.

  2. I know FP doesn’t like Nazi-comparisons, but Hitler’s Table Talk is a really good book. He talks about how he worked to keep the middle-classes out of the Party in the early days, and instead recruit toughs and fighters from the lower-class.

    I wrote an article on ROK awhile back to test the waters.. It wasn’t well received. Too many libertarians. and young men adopt libertarianism as a political philosophy of convenience.
    They are middle-class, it’s a waste of time to try to reach them.

    I worked on some horses with some young kids breaking working cow-horses today. They are tough, they can top a colt until it stops bucking, not just for 8 seconds like in the rodeos.
    often as not they’ve got bloody noses before its over.

    you don’t see many young white kids like that anymore who aren’t Amish. The Amish are another story entirely.

    I pretty much decided that there aren’t enough young white kids to have a revolution. If you filter down the numbers to white kids under 20 who were raised hard and are actually tough enough to make good combatants . I’d guess the numbers are minuscule.

    • I place a high value on “street smarts”. Most middle class men never really get any. I actively seek out individuals who have accumulated knowledge outside the system. These type”s generally have a better grasp on reality than most of the people I went to school with. One of my mentors never graduated from high school, but he has a wealth of knowledge that most “by the book” types will never have.

  3. Start by putting a banner over a freeway like the Bugsters do. I did one a few months ago with two friends although it didn’t make the newspapers. It’s not as scary as you’d think. It was in broad daylight and you think someone is going to yell “hey what are you doing?” but no one does.

    • Small, seemingly harmless micro-aggressions are a good start. Plan your next action so that you get away with it again… and again… and again. When it hits the papers, you know you’ve struck a nerve.

  4. Who needs Hitler — we have Abraham Lincoln. Willing to tolerate any amount of corruption, tyranny, and brutality to open the West to free white labor.

    Declare independence today!

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