The Coming Murkan Terror

by Firepower

You do not know what The Reign of Terror was. I suggest you learn.

There is a reckoning coming. Do not presume it means “Your~Side!™” automatically wins because you cannot foresee bloodshed and bad things happening to your pretty HDTV World.  People are so foolish as to deny they, themselves, will ever die.

You occasionally see a wise rich man; what wisdom rich men once possessed is corrupted by the axiom that power corrupts. Money…corrupts even faster; more totally.

Everything I say – and especially write – is validated. If you choose not to believe so because it disturbs your prejudicial and restricted Happy Sappy ClownView that All Is Well!…you are sentenced to ignorant slow death and so… I do not care.

You are a VRW fool if you do not even glance at articles such as,

Civil Unrest Is Rising Everywhere: “This Won’t End Pretty”

If we don’t do something to fix the glaring inequities in this economy, the pitchforks are going to come for us. No society can sustain this kind of rising inequality. In fact, there is no example in human history where wealth accumulated like this and the pitchforks did not eventually come out. You show me a highly unequal society, and I will show you a police state. Or an uprising. There are no counterexamples. None. It’s not if, it’s when.”

Ahh – The Mountain of Guns lolling lazily today, drifting aimlessly on The Ocean of Blood.

The Pitchforks ARE Coming

 One day, somebody sets himself on fire, then thousands of people are in the streets, and before you know it, the country is burning. And then there’s no time for us to get to the airport and jump on our Gulfstream Vs and fly to New Zealand.

So, when you see a rich guy still has his brains, it pays to listen to this rare bird. I’m sure our RedNeck N’ REICH Readers won’t grasp a single fucking thing he says. If you do – welcome. If not, continue fucking the hell off and take your ShouldaVRW Fantasy of non-confrontational non-activity-activism diaper with you.

52 Comments to “The Coming Murkan Terror”

  1. This is a funny line:

    Ahh – The Mountain of Guns lolling lazily today, drifting aimlessly on The Ocean of Blood.

    I’m going to let other people do the violence, while I pop some popcorn and watch from the sidelines. That’s the benefit of seeing this coming from a long way off — you are psychologically prepared and materially prepped. But others who aren’t expecting this, are going to go friggin’ nuts! All at once.

    When it does pop off, the diabetics will die off, and those who drink surface water and get cholera or a river amoeba. Immigrants will flee back to their home countries.

    Any social upheaval creates excellent opportunities for those who are in a position to take advantage of them. The big question is — am I in such a position? We’ll see. My goal is to become a banker to the warlords/rump governments that arise as the collapse matures and some semblance of civilization returns. That way, no matter what happens to teh warlords and/or rump governments, I will always be able to dictate to them. The government banker suffers no elections or overthrows.

    Also, there will be no public schools. Right wing, racist, fascist, and nationalist ideas and folkways are organic to all people, and will return to us immediately in the absence of public schools and Paychex Liberalz.

    The thing to do will be to set up our own infrastructure that does everything possible to ensure a White sovereign ethnostate. We’ll need our own army and our own intelligence agency and our own Deep State. I have a pretty good idea about how to do all of this, and there will be others around who know the rest.

    • Yes, some are suited for violence.
      Some excel in engineering weapons and others, using them – while still others best strategize to plan their massed force. Others have aptitude for business or banking.

      So long as we share a combined goal and contribute, progress can advance.

      Government is artificial order.
      A corrupt, decadent government warped by the FFOL into a MINO Master Machine as a weapon to destroy Whites and make way for the Colored SuperMan

      Is the enemy

  2. at a wedding recently talking to old friends. they are clueless. soft. knowing these guys I thought they might even be the types to pick up on what I’m trying to tell them, but they don’t buy it. they can’t afford to believe it, their poolside lives depend on it

    • Revolutionaries have a look. You must learn to find it.

      Look for men, who are jocks or train physically, they should have some anger, some hate, some air of violence. White, male, usually between 16 and 40 yo. You will know almost immediately.

      Don’t waste your time on the rich or women. They don’t “feel it.”

  3. The problem with that article is two-fold. One, “should” doesn’t mean anyone will pickup a pitchfork. Two, his solutions are masturbation. He’s just riffing, dreaming about what maybe they could do. His only action is that thinking.

    He’s pretty calm for a dude who knows death is coming….perhaps he knows it is not. I don’t feel the urgency or fear from him. Like its a joke. Maybe we’ll take mercy upon him because he has half a brain. His wealth has made him comfortable.

    The elites, like him, have set things up in such a way, that for us to win we have to go all in and risk our lives. There is no political or legal method.

    Does he really believe that I’m going to gamble my life, but let him gamble with less? All I have, for all he has. That’s the stakes, and that’s why we can win.

    • Aha, now I see your meaning fully.

      His strange “calmness” arises from his indoctrination by the Education falange of the FFOL: The PC BIG Government School curriculum.

      His fat & fugly feminist teachas (and MINOFem colored Principals) successfully indoctrinated him to be cattle – to meekly surrender to the mob of Colored Ubermensch when the time comes. Mzz. Teacha led him down the primrose path to believe All Is Well if he bares his throat; the Mbuku Black Panther Brigade from the Eric Holder Wiking Div. will see him as no threat and spare him to join in combating Whites and Nationalists.

      After all, he tried to “help them” with his article – and shit! He even likes Jay-Z!

      From his own loving description, what are whites for?
      Answer: Why, to help coloreds stop murdering!

      I know you frequent Rooshi’s to keep tabs. You see again the value in operating discretely: You could have took a shot, made a lethal point – like I did, by making one of the InHouse Bitch Boy Liberals angry.

      Note their complete, utter incapability in arguing like a Man – a White Man (caps)

      I am honestly amazed that is the sum of roosh’s efforts. All that publicity and time for what? A foaming bunch of idiots. I discourages me regarding Eradica.

    • Yeah man, that rich dude is clueless. He’s got a piece but it’s just enterainment to him, something to discuss in the smoking room.

      Have you seen this FP? Whoa! There is absolutely no question the USA is a police state today. Cops, the rich, and the journalists are all gaining from this system. They’re all enemies.

      • I recognized the first inkling of darkness in The Murkan Fascist State during RR, Waco, and McVeigh’s trial.

        A degenerate, warped pervert doing Oval Office Cumshots and his twisted female lez AG murdering at RR and Waco. The perps were Liberals in various combos. Schumer the jew + ny jew. Feminist + lez Attorney Gen. Colored loving + jew loving + lez loving President.

        The people they targeted for murder were (and are) ALL Whites.

        Today it is expanded by a Royal Flush multiple box-check Diversity Fest Combo of a colored prez, his colored black panther AG and their African Jeh head of “homeland security”.

        It is their colored homeland they envision. And, they are close to achieving it in total.

      • I do admire the cunning of the system.

        They do their killing in the shadows and in the daytime, swear up and down how free we all are. They rely upon human denial to cause inaction. Almost as if, you give a person a chance to lie to themselves, they’ll take it. However, you can’t use that against a mino, because they don’t have enough brain.

        WN connects us to the machination of history. Most of humanity are not awake, only interested in their day to day concerns. Even whites, we are not better now. Maybe we were once.

        You shouldn’t think of other people so much. WN is about you and your own abilities. Brevik, McVeigh and Kaz all won their fight. The war is over for them. The moment they decided to fight back, they won and their lives had peaked, because they were no longer afraid. It’s seeing that under the uniform, all soldiers and cops are human. They can be beaten. Not when it’s 500:1 like RR, but one on one it’s possible.

        One has to hold the two videos in one’s head, at the same time. The cop shooting, and the drunk stops being tied down.

      • Oh boy, do I HAVE a post coming up.

        I had a true, searing revelation last night from a guest on The Me-Gyny Show.
        Bill Ayers appeared and revealed the final concept of how modern leadership is done – in all his Alinskyite majesty.

  4. We at Eradica knew all this years ago.
    We progress while others lie in comas.

    We then also knew they must eventually, appear to awaken.
    We are now three years further advanced while they slept.

    I am always an advanced state of comprehension; a spatial existence where I move so swifter than others who cannot see me pass, while they simultaneously appear standing still to me.

    We know you appreciate your stay in roissyville with murray rot, admiring as your comments are mixed with the spittle of 400 daily outragers.

  5. Jay. I have been wanting to contact you again.

    One has to drill it into his head over and over and over and over again: Start with going clear, then work forward to the action. The action is nothing. Getting away with it is everything.

    I will say this in your favor – you’ve got balls. One has to have both brains and balls. The passion has to be tempered by a rational mind; and I know that’s hard. Roissy is a waste of your ability.

  6. I suppose it s no coincidence that Roissy’s is down.

    [ed note: He ignored us for too long and needed a warning.]

  7. Reblogged this on Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar and commented:
    In many films you see a forest clearing of animals and going silent before danger appears, they can sense it coming.
    “It’s quiet. Too quiet.”
    For the first time, I’m hearing the words “civil war” in common parlance, in pubs and private houses. Yet, there is a chasm of action. If you sense it, save yourself.

  8. I’ve met Mark Rudd, one of the other co-founders of the Weather Underground when some college students were rebooting SDS on a certain college campus. Even hung out with him and discussed radical politics at the cool kidz after party.

    Before that meeting, Mark had been giving talks at the FBI Academy. I was the only person at the meeting aware of that info besides Rudd and I filled everybody in on his trips to Quantico. Rudd mentioned that explaining US Imperialism to a bunch of flag-waving Feds was an uncomfortable experience. They really didn’t buy his side of the story.


      I wrote about that from what I could recollect from several years ago. It appears it was one trip.

      1. I didn’t know what exact position Rudd held in the hierarchy, but Rudd describes himself as a co-founder of the group.

      2. I was very young at that point, but what I was trying to say was that I was aware of who and what he was doing at that time, more so than leftwing college students attending that meeting.

      In the article he explains the atmosphere of the talk.

      -What I have said is true-

      Thanks for reviewing my writing nigga. I need to become a stronger writer. I also appreciate any information that you can give me on how shit works in biggov.

    • If you want, I could privately send you the exact location of the meeting, date, and time? I could also fill you in on what I was doing in the area and where I was residing at the time.

      • No no no no. Never offer that to someone you don’t know. You have only just met Jay. Just because I like him doesn’t mean you should trust him.

        That’s a big mistake. In the field, all it takes is one. Always be patient and follow the discipline.

      • Thnx. I just wanted to make clear that I wasn’t lying.

      • A clever trick is taking the high ground. Making the other guy prove something to you. The PUAs call this “qualification.” Like you proving something to Jay.

        You cannot “make” someone believe you. Police use this in the interrogation room all day long. Then the suspect sits there, giving up all this information for nothing.

        You don’t have anything to prove to anyone. You’re the prize. This is why we urge wns to learn the old PUA material. Now you won’t fall for the trick again.

    • Taking the high ground is similar to the moral superiority that Neanderthals claim. When interviewing wn they immediately attack, asking about Hitler etc. so our guy spends all his time defending himself rather than putting out a message other Whites can relate to. That is the tailgating Rob Roy has talked about. We have to resist defending and go on the offensive. THEY are the ones that have explaining. They are the ones that don’t want us talking about White Genocide.

  9. Asset and liability go together, Jay.

    The higher the risk, the more reward. It’s fools who believe in the free lunch, the riskless profit. When we minize risk, we also minimize profit.

    Moreover, the longer I am a wn, the more dangerous I am to my friends. Because I know more, and could spill more. The stakes are always going up for advanced wns. They have to devote MORE the longer they are in. More training, more discipline, more risk.

  10. I don’t mean to pick on you Jay but I think it is important to mention that looking up up addresses, at least thru googled sources, does not always reveal the true location of the commenter. I’m guessing it only shows the location of the server or something.

    [ed note: wrong. do you think an excuse like that works with BIGFed? if you think an ip addy includes errbody in a 4mi radius… then you wouldn’t mind yours publicized? ha]

    • POST IT.

    • POST IT Firepower.

      [ed note: It should* suffice I declared (and Ryu verified) Hipster Racist & his puppet account deliberately exposed and posted Laguna Beach Fogey’s IP addy & real name. That HR then also simultaneously abruptly fled Eradica should* be proof enough without belaboring the now obvious. You are now fully warned of his dangerous, unstable behavior.]

      *note proper usage of word “should” – in two instances, even!

      • It should, but we can do more. Erin runs the wn underworld, FP. She’s important to convince.

        Add her as a writer, whatever our lowest rank is. Then she’ll look in the comments, look up “blad the impaler” and HR and compare the ips. She can see for herself.

        I don’t feel that posting it publicly is the best course. Just because one guy does it, doesn’t mean we should. We don’t break discipline or out people here. That’s a huge wn taboo. We can imagine more creative punishments and we will take our time.

    • Very true.

      When you live approx. 10 miles from every fucking alphabet agency HQ in the country…

      …the KGB, ISIS and Chinese People’s Revolutionary Army spies
      Would give a left nut
      To blend in so well…

    • I don’t understand this comment, Jay. It makes me dizzy. Use little words.

      I don’t consider people I meet on the internet a liability. That’s monsters under the bed. The believe everyone is a spy. Not every raise means aces.

      Will you write for us, Jay? Tell us about DC. I will probably never go there, certainly not for the amount of time you’ve been there. There’s got to be alot of plainclothes security and cops there. Can you pick them out?

    • Damn. I’m so misunderstood. I was telling FP to go ahead and publish MY IP address.

      It”s pretty easy folks. You pre pay for a phone or other devise with CASH and don’t connect it with your name.

    • You don’t have to use your phone as a hotspot…use public wi_fi .

      I also don’t see how an unregistered phone can be tracked back to you unless the bad guys are going to do it in real time or something. But seems to me that as far as record keeping goes they won’t be able to know your name or where you live. And I’m sure when muzzle terrorists (who are known to have used unregistered pre pay phones) want to ditch the police etc.they ditch their phones, sending them off for a trip on a subway or something

    • The higher the risk, the higher the reward. You’re already in. You just have to decide if you’re in all the way, or not.

      You live right in the belly of the beast. But there are many places in the USA that are not controlled and will never be. You cannot see them from DC.

  11. So just get another phone Jay. Why is this so difficult?

  12. Let’s be clear on what Murkans do and don’t fear. A criminal record will drop you out of the middle class or prevent your entry into it. That’s far more terrifying than machine gun wielding goon squads. Karl Marx was absolutely correct that class and almost nothing else drives people. Even race matters less than class that’s why you always hear “I have a black friend” aka the bourgeois negro. Being “racist” only became bad when it was associated with the working class.

    People can’t comprehend that class antagonisms go beyond bosses and workers on some factory floor. The 21st century class battles consist of some coastal snob obsessed with organic living deriding his social inferiors for thought crime. These same vermin are aligned with the lumpenprole (criminals, degenerates, unemployables, and druggies) to attack the working class. It doesn’t matter if they also attack SWPLs as well – their hatred of proles is greater than anything else.

    As in the 20th century, communist revolutions [ours] will come from those with little to no chance of entering the middle class. They need an ideology informing them that class hatred is normal and that the proletarian should seize power and eradicate their class enemies. This super Aryan fascist drivel simply isn’t working and has no record whatsoever of success.

    • This sounds good, E. The best wns come from poor and middle class families. Most wns will be sliding down the scale.

      Poor people with brains and guts. Rare in that class, but that’s what’s needed. And they have to be “smart” enough to work outside of the system, not just getting a job working for the rich.

    • As in the 20th century, communist revolutions [ours] will come from those with little to no chance of entering the middle class.

      Then you might as well imagine 2114 Murka looking like 18th Century Mexico because the Proletariat will be all coloreds.

      If thus, then why fight for a colored Murka’s future?

      • You can’t fix Murka that’s a lost cause. Almost like a debtor drowning in overdue bills accruing late fees bankruptcy is required to start anew. The Soviet Union and People’s Republic of China were new nations forged through revoultion, major civil wars, and blood. Murka must be conquered first and destroyed like the communists did in Russia/China.

        Communism isn’t about equality but overthrowing the ruling classes and establishing a dictatorship of the proletariat. Coloreds aren’t working class but lumpenprole hence enemies of the people. Mao Zedong exterminated forty five million class enemies in the massive famine genocide dubbed the Great Leap Forward. That’s like killing off more than the entire population of California in five years. A man of vision like Mao is needed again. Your own book recommendations include Che Guevara and Ho Chi Minh yet you almost seem unaware of their violent politics/ideology.

      • Asians are a species that thrive on heavy pruning.
        China is historically prone to periodically eradicate great swaths of its population. Most Asian nations are.
        Western ones are not.

        I’ve discussed Che Guevara and Ho Chi Minh in the past.
        We can say “we need a Cultural Revolution” to save us, but if the possibility of its happening is 50 years or a hundred years in the future, it means nothing unless we have 135 year lifespans.

        Murkans can’t even stop this 247th ratwave of miggers. They can’t even find a McJob for their Baby Brandon.

      • Mao got his ideas from the Soviet Union actually. Khrushchev begged him not to emulate the horrors of the USSR but he didn’t listen. Western countries aren’t going to be “western” anymore within a few decades and drastic measures will be required.

        The Great Leap Forward itself was an enormous success contrary to bourgeois propaganda. Mao’s reign of terror eliminated all threats to the new order and massive grain exports raised necessary revenue for the joint Soviet-Chinese nuclear weapons program. Within several years the Chinese had the atomic bomb and eventually the even more powerful hydrogen bomb. Dithering party officials who opposed Mao sidelined him afterward. He then called upon the masses to fight back against “bourgeois elements” within the party launching the Cultural Revolution. Party officials were arrested, beaten, humiliated, and terrorized by fanatical Mao supporters. Many fled abroad including Mao’s successor and former comrade Deng Xiaoping. The Chinese communist party remains traumatized even to this day.

        Revolutionary action won’t happen for “liberty” or any other bourgeois myth. The bourgeois already completed their historic role which was the overthrow of the feudal order. Marx said the final stage of human development was the dictatorship of proletariat. The bourgeoisie have successfully propagandized “democracy, human rights, and freedom” which undercuts the revolutionary desire for seizing power. Capitalists have also demonized the worker states but as Red China continues to prosper while the capitalist west remains in ruins people will begin to ask serious questions.

        We have human problems that are solved with human answers but the solutions won’t be like the past. You’re right that Brandon can’t find a job and when resources are scarce you don’t cry instead you seize them from others.

      • The Soviet/ChiCom variant of tyranny is no better than a tyranny of Liberal nazism.
        The only form of Good Tyranny is: When it’s you whom rules the school

      • People will follow whoever delivers them a better future tyranny or not. Nobody will risk everything restoring the system that led us here originally which is why nobody takes action. They fundamentally don’t believe in it anymore.

      • You must acknowledge that the black and migger will – and do – follow the Establishment because it delivers that benefit to them.

        You do not restore such a system. It is the Establishment.
        That is like restoring a Ford to be a Chevy.
        We are outside The System

  13. Leave the cities. ASAP

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