Interacial Sex and White Women

by Ryu

The key feature is degradation. An attractive white women could have virtually any man. She’s the summit of beauty and love. Why would she sleep with a migger?

Maybe she doesn’t want to. Yes, women will sleep with men they are not attracted to. Woman don’t always want to be admired and pedestalized. Sometimes they want to be degraded and brought down. Love doesn’t always have to be soft and gentle.

White men have neglected this truth to their peril. They think that love only feels good, that it’s only about soaring feelings. Sometimes love hurts, and she wants it to hurt. Pain and pleasure are both means of sensation.

Some women like being abused. They can be rich or poor, ugly or beautiful. The predisposition is fixed. When this is the case, the cruelest thing is to withhold abuse.

Whitney Houston was like this. On one hand, a talented singer. On the other hand, a druggie whore who liked…… beatings from Bobby Brown. She loved that man more than any other. Similar with Rihanna and Chris Brown. One has to see both characters of the woman, at the same time.

White women sleep with miggers to get the pain and degradation that’s been withheld from them. People don’t always love themselves. White men must learn to fulfill this need when necessary.

There used to be a saying, that if you hit a woman, you either blow her or she’s yours forever. When white men stopped discipling their women, they lost something vital. Hipster Racist says the game was over when men stopped slapping their women, and he is probably the most talented wn pua alive.

There should be no fear or shame regarding the truth. Never be afraid to see things as they are.

61 Comments to “Interacial Sex and White Women”

  1. Sure, if you want to base a ‘relationship’ on beatings and degradation. Why the hell would you want a woman who wants to be a punching bag? Why would you want to hit a woman? Are you that angry and frustrated at your failure in achieving the conquest of a beautiful woman? You sound completely insane, like ELIOT ROGER, in this post. You are honestly condoning the solution of your failure with women as violence towards White women, which helps to promote White genocide? Wow, you’ve really gone off the reservation with this post.
    I suggest that you volunteer at a women’s crisis center for a week. You need a healthy dose of reality. Maybe you can calm down a two year old who’s just witnessed his mother get the holy hell beat out of her by some chicken shit piece of human waste, and who had to flee his home in the middle of the night. You’ve obviously been sheltered from real violence in your life. The women that get involved with violent men, within and outside of their race, such as White women with Negroes and Mestizos, usually have low self esteem, daddy issues, and other mental illnesses. It has nothing to do with wanting to be ‘disciplined’. Also, the ‘examples’ of women that are ‘entertainers’ with violent boyfriends and husbands were all Negro women. A different culture and a different race, with different mating habits…it almost sounds like you envy the Negro men that can beat their women with impunity. That’s a Wigger characteristic. Are you a Wigger? You and “Hipster Racist” are probably still virgins. All swagger. Anyone can lie on the internet….
    The movie clip you’ve used is from the movie, “Secretary”. It’s not about domestic violence. It’s about twisted, sick people that can’t have a healthy sexual interaction. The lead character, played by Maggie Gyllenhall (Jewess), has severe emotional issues. She cuts herself, has low self esteem, and can’t form a healthy relationship with anyone. She gets involved with her ‘boss’, who is played by James Spader (Jew), because he’s just as emotionally crippled and developmentally stunted as she is. The movie was directed by Steven Shainberg (Jew). The whole bondage/discipline issue is another example of how Jew-run Hollywood is promoting deviant sexual practices as ‘normal’.
    The sickness of this society is reaching maximum saturation. You’ve been duped. The ZOG has raped your self respect, your finances, your future, and now your mind. White boys like you are NEVER going to achieve the one imperative that Whites need to survive and not be genocided out of existence–successfully raising White children to maturity in a safe and prosperous environment. Did your father beat your mother? Did your grandfather beat your grandmother? If you ever do get a mate, will you beat her in front of your children? Will you beat her if your dinner is late? Will you beat her into a zombified state of cowering obedience to you? Would you beat her until she needed hospitalization? Or are you just going to smack her around once in a while, as a method of ‘foreplay’? Do you think that this will make for a successful and happy home and family? Would you allow your daughter to be beaten by her boyfriend/husband? WTF is wrong with you, son?

    • Are you a woman? Never mind, I know you are. Are you the wn formerly known as AG?

      I’ve seen the look of excitement women get from violence. Women love it. That’s why they propose to serial killers like Bundy and others. How dare you….ah! Hipster Racist is awesome. He’s my nigga.

      Anyone who tries to get with women on a sexual level knows these things. That PC bull goes right out the window in the bedroom. Because you are a woman, you’ve never tried to PU a woman.

  2. Taking away women’s unearned and undeserved political and social rights will actually go the longest way to fixing this problem more than fulfilling their endless ‘needs.’

  3. *There used to be a saying, that if you hit a woman, you either blow her or she’s yours forever.*

    Seen it too many times to argue against. Not just with pampered black entertainers, but with women of all races and socio-economic backgrounds. It’s a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the women who are proud enough to leave will often have commitment issues. On the other hand, the ones that stay, you can’t get rid of, except for when they cheat on you for the novelty of a guy who doesn’t hit her… until said novelty wears off. Then she goes back to the dude who hits her.

    For me, I recommend a good old-fashioned spanking when the women gets out of line. It allows you to assert dominance with minimal physical harm.

    • Truth. I’ve known women who need the beating. They want the man who can give it to them. A woman really only has one man she dreams of.

  4. Traditionally, men both rule over women and give their lives to protecting and supporting them. That near-universal tradition has been wrecked by liberalism — its middle finger. Now men and women are both out of control with no trust in each other to stand on. Both troll outside their wrecked communities for foreign solace. How to bring them back together? Both need to cast out their liberal egos and submit to the natural-traditional law. Those who do not return to sanity voluntarily will be driven to it by catastrophe, or will be left behind like wrecked cars.

    • Both need to cast out their liberal egos

      If you rely upon the atavistic, undisciplined libertines (described by your very words) to suddenly do an about face and start self-regulating, you are a fantasist.

      You must force them to obey. It’s that simple.

  5. want some pain? birth a child. simple as that. these ignorant women have all bought into the lies of not needing men, and delaying family formation until their mid 30s and beyond, so they seek substitutes for the pains of nature.

    secondary problem is white dads worshipping their perfect little princesses and then sending them off to college to be re-educated and muh dikked.

  6. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Hypergamy only applies to cishet women. Think intersectionality…

  7. Guys, you must lift legal penalties before these beatings you all wish for can commence. Otherwise one way or another the heroic beat-down men will wind up having interracial sex in prison. Like I said before, the solution is top-down; take away the ladies’ social and political rights and privileges and their ability to sue and then you can all enjoy as many beatings as you can endure, you can knock each other silly.

    • 1. Prison does not mean auto-fudge packing despite the Hollywood mythology designed to keep you from your destiny of eradicating the FFOL’s MMM.

      2. There are no “wishes” at Eradica.
      Do not confuse such statements of instruction with other writers’ ShouldaCouldaWoulda fantasia.
      When Ryu writes…
      And when I specifically write:

      You must force them to obey.

      That means what it says without any wimpy *should* tagged on as an addenda.
      It means you must
      How you do it is up to you; you have a thinking, human brain – figure it out yourself.

      • One man in a sea of nonsense cannot affect anything for long. The entire system must be this way, socially and politically. No matter how clever one is at commanding obedience, one fluke can lead to a police call and it is all over; and the rest of the men will do nothing to help you out. You are not wrong, but neither am I. Sorry to seem disagreeable, but women need it drummed into their heads by society/media that they should obey.

      • Who then gets your society/media to act on that “should”
        to suddenly stop sucking Obama’s cock – pull a 180 – and morph into whipmasters for the little ladies?

        The scenario you paint is one of helpless timidity
        …where any action whatsoever leads to immediate betrayal to Redcoats.
        Thus, 1776 never happens because one is scared and intimidated into non-action.

      • Not exactly Firepower. It is not timidity, but one guy here and there slapping his lady is not going to cut it. They are stuck between outside messages and yours.

      • Then the smartest of us
        Will recognize this
        And Go Poolside

    • Very true! Strike at the heart of the system by stating that as long as cheap labor is imported, whites are not under any moral obligation to seek or hold a job.

  8. FP, thanks for your reply. “Force” runs the gamut from private shaming including beating to public ostracism or expulsion to public physical punishment resulting in mutilation and/or death. Tradition, common sense, and inspiration based on a firm grasp of reality will dictate the course to be followed by new communities .

  9. At what stage in the relationship should the beatings begin? Or do you just open up with a right cross at the pub and take it from there?

    • You post sarcastic questions anonymously on Internet Forums,
      Hoping one day, billions and billions
      Are suddenly enlightened by This Wisdom
      And change things for you
      While you continue snacking

      • Not really hoping for anything but an answer to the question. Besides, if I wrote anything longer you would just delete it, or surreptitiously edit it.

        Just for the record, I do not recommend beating up your gf if you want a lasting relationship. Furthermore, taking Hollywood fantasy stories and porno clips as your relationship guide is seriously deluded.

        [ed note: i never tamper with helpful contributions; just those lesser, immature irritations]

      • By the way, FP, I’ve been spreading your “Migger” term for minos far and wide. It’s a beauty. You do have *some* gems in your kit bag, I’ll grant you that.

      • Your spreading the Propaganda Vocab with my Migger & MINO terms prove you also might have *some* gems in your kit bag.

  10. you dont have to hit your girlfriend, just take their phone out of their hand and throw it against the wall

    • Whites are the kind of “warriors” – especially BrittiWhites
      Who take out their angry young man pose
      On other white males
      Instead of eradicating colored warriors.

      It is the ultimate masochistic self-debasement and subsequent suicide

    • Thanks! Vice has some really good docus.

  11. What’s your obsession with that faggot Hipster Racist? The dude wanted to ass rape you “sweetheart”.

    He probably blows his load every time his favorite e-crush ryu mentions him. It’s the only action he gets.

    • I like his style of wn. I’d never heard of a wn from NYC before. He does all the things I don’t have time for. But I do all the things that he cannot.

      Obsession? meh. I like to keep track of how people are progressing. Sometimes obsession is what it takes. Lot of people have a mancrush on me.

      • Somebody normal actually enjoys his 8000 word blog posts on sniffing his sister’s underwear?

      • I’m not normal but you’re right, he does have some weird posts. One has to take both the highs and the lows. Some craziness is good.

    • When strangers in junk vans offered little ryu a lift home, candy, and puppies he probably got in. Just remember your friends with benefits arrangement is with him alone. The faggot thinks we actually care about a worthless 911 truther moron.

      • lol, I’ve wondered myself why Ryu promotes hr after his lame cocksuckingfaggotshrimpdick attacks on Ryu.

        And that, after ryu supported hr, never once publishing anything near the Vile Filth I proudly wrote about that Strange-0.

        I assume ryu lets it slide for unity’s sake.

  12. HR wrote some good essays on mindcontrolled celebs which are realistic.

    • There is no need to mind-control celebrities when money and fame do it naturally.

      The government cannot maintain the freeways, stop a 911, keep IRS nazism secret or conquer Afghanistan via force and bribery.

      A cursory examination of Snowden’s document dump shows their disorganized state is only kept afloat by the greater disorganization of their enemies – with a belief this SuperSpy Ability among the major bluff tactics.

      It must be clear that they are stupid, but their enemies are stupider.

      • Nevertheless it happens. and while celebs aren’t important, Military officers and government officials are.

      • There is no evidence of celeb-zoms.

        Nefarious fantasy fans fixate on unprovables to avoid the ugliness of current situations (which are bad enough as it is) as substitute for retaliating against the dangers of real foes.

        Spielberg has no need to hypnotize a Gwyneth Paltrow into starring in his latest liberal propaganda swill; he just writes her a check. Simple.

      • the Fed Gov is a joke. But what we might call the Deep State is doing ok and they’re pretty competent. Snowden hasn’t exposed anything about that. I know they wanted him dead awhile back, anyway. and I do mean. Dead.

        The first three layers of Fed Gov are no problem. It’s the next 20 layers that might present a problem.

        [until you eradicate just one, there’s no point in hyperbole on the rest]

  13. White men must learn to fulfill this need when necessary.

    Someone finally gets it.

    It’s our job, spank the white women and they won’t need anything else. Easy.

    When white men stopped discipling their women, they lost something vital.

    Damn right. They *hate* us because we stopped putting them in their place – which just *happened* to be a place where they felt safe.

    Why do white men hate white women so much? Why won’t white men keep white women safe? Women like safety.

    • New response to this old HR comment:

      It seems like witeBrandon is also on the genbritney assault squad with Tyrone and Juan. And he’s doing it in front of his fellow wites, where as coloreds and miggas hide from behind. Call it wite privilege.

      Just look at the way how he punches a Murkan bitch with her hoola hoops spiraling down with her. This is FP’s feast, fuck, fuss and now fight Manhattan.

      Seriously, it’s only a matter time, incidents like this come in full force. wite men have been repressed too long. And pu$$y is no longer much of a bar thing in NYC these days. Thirsty young wite men need to find other outlets with their obnoxious sisters.

      [ednote: meh. i don’t see the problem you describe. its just a white guy slapping an uppity bitch bc she slapped him 1st. wytemurkanbitches are the worst behaved cunts in the nation. mayb u uploaded the wrong clip]

      • And our female resident Erica, thinks the perpetrator is some young kike. only the most successful of kikes with their shiksa companions are found in Manhattan, with the only exception of Lion of the Blogosphere.

  14. >The faggot thinks we actually care about a worthless 911 truther moron.

    The little kike probably thinks we believe his jew 911 liar shit.

    Go ahead, you pedophile Boxxy stalker kike. We’re all so impressed with you and your stalking 14 year old white girls, kike.

    Now tell us about “conspiracy theories” little kike.

    • Hipster Faggot comes out of hiding must have really hit a nerve eh? LOL

      Even made an obligatory “response” post just to help conceal his butt hurt.

      You’re an over 40 faggot into pothead conspiracy and perversion. Get help.

  15. remember, “eradican” posts himself with a picture of a 14 year old white girl and calls himself “precise cum shot.”

    is that what a White man does? Or is that some jerk-off jerking to internet porn?

    The question answers itself. I assume that “precise cum shot” is probably FP himself.

    But I do refrain from saying that, because FP is often very funny and clever, while the pedophile “precise cum shot” aka “eradican” is not. Ever. Not once has that faggot ever said anything even remotely clever.

    • I hope you aren’t getting a feeling up your leg for Firepower now. Your ryu infatuation is bad enough.

      Remember your meltdown here several months back? We’re an FBI/CIA/NSA/DHS front remember? lulz.

      Despite that your “sweetheart” ryu was the one thing you couldn’t let go of awww love at first sight guys.

    • That girl isn’t actually Eradican? Lame!

  16. why Ryu promotes hr after his lame cocksuckingfaggotshrimpdick attacks on Ryu.

    I have never said anything bad about Ryu, you liar. Quote one thing I ever said bad about him.

    FP – often funny – is still just some fucker that has virtually nothing interesting to say on this lame ass blog that gets half – at BEST – hits that I do.

    That Aussie troll that hates you Eradican people got it right – you’ve been flogging this shitty ass blog for years and still no one reads your moronic bullshit. What’s his name, the Australian guy “Craig” and his many handles – he is right about your lame ass blog that no one reads.

    I’m a fucking troll and I get 10x the readers than eradica does.

    Hurts, don’t it bitches?

    • Fp has also talked about making White children his toys. I could probably find the quote if someone needs proof but °I° remember it.

    • Assembling a file from the ramblings of an annoying schizophrenic type is tedious, so I delegated an assistant to determine what DNA was worth extracting from your spoor.

      Your initial fixation, was itself, a confused (and wrong) sexual-confusion issue regarding Ryu’s sex. As your writing shows extensive obsessions with sex and power (manifest with fantasies of sadomasochistic sex acts) and Bondage & Discipline. Challenges to your imaginary power always result in your lashing-out with sexual imagery. I become Ryu who becomes “precisekumshot” who blends into Eradican and the cycle is repeated. Here is a sampling:

      …some homo video because I thought Ryu might be a woman. (You still don’t convince me, Ryu, work on it.)

      The view of the schizophrenic (perhaps, merely very neurotic) expands upon itself into creating enemies to the point of absurdity until it becomes a circular psychoses – that in its delusion becomes the reality to one so afflicted:

      You’re all nothing but a bunch of FBI faggots. All my articles were meant to be a joke. I had no idea this outfit was full of a bunch of false-flag faggots.

      First, the schizoid personality sees this circularity as not abnormal, fantasizing the incongruity into something so disturbed “it must be The Truth.” A fantasy thus twisted from mere sexual gratification and blended into power issues manifests its challengers as first being targets of an FBI – then seeing these targets as now FBI agents themselves.

      This abnormality causes one to lose control and be a threat, seeing everyone as an enemy that must be destroyed. It’s why we take sharp things away from those with mental problems:

      Is ***** **** the name of a certain rayciss called Laguna Beach Fogey?

      FP what’s your real name? Soon.

      You used the alias of “Blad the Rayciss” to dangerously publish Lagnuna Beach Fogey’s real name, which I censored. Then you threatened to reveal mine. Perhaps it’s why lbf left. I also censored your IP (below) this time. If you threaten mine again, you face consequences.

      Blad the Rayciss

      Several of these extreme, harmful rants were deleted. I deleted the worst, but perhaps Ryu or E did also. In those you exhibited your most excessive name-calling of Ryu and others. It was my duty to delete them and would do so again.

      You are the type who cannot survive in a real world organization because of your personality disorders and so, create a fantasy world where you are omnipotent. The Internet is the most valuable invention created for such persons to extend and illustrate their dominant fantasy; when one creates himself into an authority figure, why not satisfy the remaining basic urges and create oneself into a Sex God practicing the depths of sexual depravity?

      Betrayal is serious. The wisest of leaders will see this and use you as cannonfodder, or strap-on of a different sort. A wise leader will have a subordinate eliminate you.

      In layman’s terms, the current PC dictate is to coddle the crazies. My experience shows otherwise. This applies to you and all regarding me and Eradica: Use great caution in what you now publish…Move on.

    • Perhaps something we said upset “Craig” but he was fond of my work so no you’re wrong again.

  17. You used the alias of “Blad the Rayciss” to dangerously publish Lagnuna Beach Fogey’s real name, which I censored. Then you threatened to reveal mine.

    That is a lie. I have never once used the alias “Blad the Rayciss” nor have I ever, not one time, published LBF’s real name – nor would I even know how to. Nor have I ever threatened to reveal yours, FP, which I wouldn’t even know how to.

    Fuck that, LBF is a funny guy and really clever. I like his shit.

    That’s the best you can come up with? Really?

    Come on, you people could say plenty of bad stuff about me – your favorite pedophile “Eradican” likes to say all sorts of gay stuff about me – but why bother making up all that bullshit?

    The fact is – no one reads this silly ass blog. The only reason I even posted here – IN A FUCKING YEAR – is because you all showed up in the links. I don’t even subscribe to this lame assed blog.

    Use great caution in what you now publish…Move on.

    LULZ. FP you think very highly of yourself – no one else does.

    BTW, Ryu uses an email that has a female name – so for like one week, I thought he might be a woman. Then, Maureen assured me he was not. That was the end of it.

    But then, the pedophile “eradican” and his gay lover Firepower made some sort of homosexual soap opera about it.

    Who the hell do you think you’re kidding? LULZ.

    • Affection for your “sweetie” went beyond an email address and included writing style. Even when doubts were raised you insisted and with 90% certainty again those are your words not mine. You obviously felt that way for months on end given that you denounced us as government agents but not Ryu. Stop trying to lie your way out of that one you dumb faggot.

      Firepower deserves reprimand given that he originally invited you here. If you want to talk shit please do he deserves egg on his face for that one.

      [ed note: there is no shame for a tester to examine a potential ally. the blame lies squarely on the testee failing that test]

    • You’ve been proven a liar.
      A warrentless threat to publish LBF’s name and IP over an “internet feud” is an unpardonable breach of security.

      When you’re done taking your daily Ritalin Enema you must answer: Do you want the IP of “Blad the Rayciss” published as the proof you ask for.

      I want you to verify a resolution.
      Search for the comment made by “Blad the Rayciss” threatening to expose lbf; it has Hipster Racist’s IP. Compare these respective ip addies then report any match. Do not publish any addresses.

      If HR’s implausible denials continue then I will decide on further action.

  18. I like HR but I’m starting to think HR is a woman now. Which would be kind of hot…

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