The Greatest Direct Action Ever

by Ryu

El-Jihaddi Theater Matinee Showing!

We take this opportunity to recognize the king of all direct action, who proves for all of human history the effectiveness of DA: Osama bin Laden.

In one day, he struck a mortal blow against the Great Whore. 9-11 changed everything, because it was the day the United States commited suicide. They gave up everything that made them unique in exchange for the promise of safety.

He used only a few dozen men, some boxcutters, his balls and his mind. That’s all he needed. That’s all anyone needs.

Osama used no guns; the gun is nothing. A man’s intention creates the weapon. A gun can be a symbol, a paperweight, doorstop, a hammer, or a weapon. The system cannot…… outlaw or ban the human mind.

Few have described the genius of Osama bin Laden. He realized that the USG had an agenda: they wanted more control over their population. He could give them what they wanted, by helping himself. A double whammy. Then it wasn’t just Osama against the Americans, but Osama and the USG versus the American people.

There is something else.

He was also the most wanted man in the world for ten years. He evaded capture and lived as a free man for a decade after commiting his action. Not only is he the best at DA, he’s also one of the best at evasion. It took hundreds of millions of dollars, some luck, and an army of searchers to finally find him.

Fear and greed. Most wns will never feel the greed, the feeling of invincibility that comes from success. The system is weak. Minos don’t have one-tenth the fear whites have.

Osama bin Laden: the most brilliant military mind of this century. This is a man of power, audacity and intellect. Allah akbar!

9 Comments to “The Greatest Direct Action Ever”

  1. Very provocative, potent – and true statements.

    Minos fear nothing. Whites it seems, fear every goddamned thing including shit that hasn’t happened yet.
    Thanks Fox News!
    Do niggers & miggers watch tv news? Not on your life.

    …[9/11] was the day the United States commited suicide. They gave up everything that made them unique in exchange for the promise of safety

    Sissified, degenerated-into-femininity Murkans need a Hero & Protector like Super Man or a White Knight to save them. They are fooled into thinking it is BIGov – as if Uncle Beast is FDR patting a dog on his lap, saying soothing words about “we’re gonna beat these axis”

    Modern Murkans are all damsels.

    Today’s Mukan is a…bitch.
    Like all bitches, you can fuck them in the ass for money.
    They didn’t even get their freedom.

    All they got was that pantload Bush 2.0’s lies and Big Talk on

    “Osammer ain’t a-gonna chaynge way Murrican Peeple Leev! Ain’t gonna put no guns in owr ayre-ports!”

    They bought it.
    Still do…

    • Guts is enough. WNs overestimate the value of brains. We must change this movement from a intellectual masturbation to an action based practiced. Like a sport.

      I watch professional athletes now to learn wn. Because everything is the same, it has as much value as reading does. A 16 year old Agassi had more aggression than most wns.

      Spend less time reading, more time watching excellence. It’s the best thing for advanced wns.

      • An organization operating within a movement, during troubled times, prefacing coming conflict, must be comprised of all types: Those having not a physical strength whether by age or gender – but have brains – become leaders, officers or coaches.

        Those with vigor and appetite for risk become the active cadre and troop.

  2. I don’t buy any of the official 9-11 conspiracy theory.

    • Either the USG pulled 9-11 themselves, or Osama pulled it. Either way the truth about the Murkan public doesn’t change. And whoever did it, had to plan, have the balls. All the same elements are present.

      JD wants to talk to you, Pat. Leave a comment with an email addy you use and I’ll get him.

  3. He also fathered between 20 and 24 children.

    How many of the heroes of the white race had a similar level of biological success? Very few.

    There may have been some eugenic effects to the traditional monogamous Western social order but the downside is that we’re disproportionately descended from hard working peasants who kept their heads down and followed the rules, whereas in a polygamous society more people are descended from aggressive males who clawed their way into some sort of elite position.

    • Good points, VP. Hipster Racist could have that success, if he willed it. He’s a wn with pua skills.

      [ednote: his hyper-usage of screech-speak when mad suggest feminine emotionality and reek of BETA]

  4. As I recall my reaction to the terror attack when it went down was outrage. Not at the clever terrorists, but at the general lack of outrage among my countrymen. Instead there was anguish and sadness and even pleading beseeching and the like. Things should have gotten a lot more interesting.

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