Live Through The Future Revolution

by Ryu

Movies can be a means of experience. That’s because movies would appear unreal if they did not show how real people act. Human moves don’t change.

Amerika is a series from 30 years ago about a Soviet-run USA. You’ll see it all – the excuses for inaction, the poor, the middle class and how they live, those who actually fight, the politicians. There are of course camps for re-educations. A new pledge of allegiance. Teacher having a new ciricculum.

Revolution begins in the mind. First one man, then another, a few, then more. Only the young and the disaffected ……can begin it. There is a look that rebels have. One learns to see it with time.

Modern Americans have never seen true shame. As a gift, I enclose two of the best examples of its power. Both women betrayed their people to gain power, and they paid the price. Traitors deserve the worst punishments.

At 13 minutes in on this clip. It’ll make you go “whoa!!!” And afterward, one sees that angry young men lead the way.

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