The German Ideal

by Ryu

WN is about becoming something. As wn advances from propaganda to action, its members must learn how to embody an ideal. It motivates our people and strikes fear in the heart of the enemy. It’s well to note that even the system does this, Obama being the liberal nazi ideal, their new Soviet man.

No one did this better than Arnold. The German ideal has aways been about discipline, will, conquering obstances, and domination. Arnold took that idea and ran with it. His entire career is about nothing else.

Conan the Barbarian is the ultimate white supremacist movie. So powerful it even got through to me as a liberal. It made me want to be a raider. I followed it as far as it went, and here I am. The image of the last man of his race hunting Thulsa Doom, avenging the death of…… Valeria, to also save a white maiden from slavery is too much to miss.

Jusup Wilkocz did the same, another German. He imitated Heracles. What jumps out on him is his beard, the density of his muscles, his strength. He began as a powerlifter. He must have seen how his body was developing, and knowing how Hercules looked, then devoting himself to becoming Hercules. There is no way mixed meat like the Rock can make a better version than Jusup.

Total honesty is required in order to maximize genetic gifts. One has to be able to analyze one’s strengths and weaknesses to see where one should devote his attention. There’s always a tradeoff between developing strengths or becoming more balanced. I believe in developing strengths to such a degree that they overshadow the weaknesses. Then, competing only in areas of one’s specialty.

It goes for women as well. I saw this girl when doing some research. She’s got a nice chest, a cute face and a bubby personality. She could get anything she wanted by maximizing her genetic gifts.

Bolo Yeung was a Chinese bodybuilder. When he chose a martial art, he chose it for his body type. He didn’t try to imitate Bruce Lee flying around at 130 lbs. A 250 lb man has to fight differently than a smaller man. Interestingly, he chose Tai Chi, an internal martial art.

I owe my initial interest in this subject to MajikFireHornet. MJH was a wn who specialized in identifying jews. He used to run a site called “The Seductive Jewess” which outlined the sexual tendancies, appearance and habits of the jewish woman. It helps one realize that there are recognizable racial characteristics.

28 Comments to “The German Ideal”

  1. Thulsa Doom was a reptilian cult who worshipped Set… interestingly the Egyptian Storm-God Set was indentified with the non-Egyptian foreigeners, the Set cult was villanized in later period and God was indentified with Yahweh-Typhon by the Greek and Egyptians.

  2. It’s interesting because our elites are very much into reptiles. I don’t think they’re giant lizards or anything, but they have a great interesting in snakes, lizards and chimera

    • ? Maybe they like saving reptiles.

      • It’s funny that this lizard thing has come up here. I was driving into a gas station two days ago. A “woman” was driving in at the same time, heading straight toward me. She held up her hand in a commanding way to communicate “STOP” to me because I guess she was afraid we were going to crash. (highly unlikely) When she got out of her big mercedes suv, she didn’t glance my way but moved very mechanically to get her gas. Most Whites where I am from would have made some sort of comment or smiled or showed some sign of humanity after commanding another human to “stop” in that manner but not “her”. She was a mouth breather. Her mouth was slightly open the entire time she was at the station. Some people may think I’m being over-sensitive but I’ll bet you dollars to donuts this thing has spent her life fucking over Whites-either than or benefitting from her father or husband doing it. She truly did NOT seem human to me.

        I will take the German ideal. They lost the war with the “Allies” because they were tremendously outnumbered. They put up one hell of a fight though. And just where do you think BigGov got a lot of their tactics from?

      • Although your pretty pink GrrlThoughts on Aryan Wizard~Lizardry are a valued contribution to the standard of Eradican Discourse…

        it would be Male-Chauvinisty to remind ya’ll that
        your description of germy battle plans
        plays out in The Big Picture
        like a redneck OD’d on Bud
        Shootin’ it out
        With the SWATZIs
        In his own Livin’ Room

  3. I am ambivalent about german ideals.
    Foremost, they repel most everyone but germans.
    Then, when everyone is repelled
    germans storm off and say
    “we’ll show YOU!”

    Then get defeated miserably.
    Napoleon the little frenchman
    Kicked the knockwurst out of them

    And today, germans are as decadent and weak as Japs

    I’ll pass on germans as an epitome

  4. This same ideal prattles on about Nietzsche then cries about communist slavery and genocide. They should applaud the USSR for inventing the most effective extermination method in history; the terror famine. Disturbing and horrific absolutely but Joseph Stalin bears responsibility while the “Jew Bolshevik” Leon Trotsky was the only one who could have prevented it.

    • Been meaning to ask – Is Eradican a jewess?

      • Nein I’m simply fascinated by Shakespearean tragedy that was the Soviet Union.

        Trotsky the hero of the Red Army and Lenin’s rightful heir passed over for Stalin.

        The tragedy is the party believed Trotsky was the radical and Stalin the safe bet.

      • Maybe. That’d be cool. Since jews have higher IQs, and most whites today want to become jews, we could breed a superior white. Jews and whites actually have the same problems.

        Ain’t bad when they’re young. With age they look more jewy. Phoebe Cates was a jew too.

      • Sorry, Ryu – not going to take the bait.

        Many she-jews *are* extremely “hot”. I suspect MajikFireHornet was onto something in his seductive jewess blog (shame it’s gone). Fits very well with the “jews as naked mole rats” analogy too.

    • A very effective refutation and true.
      Then again, it’s not my ox being gored.

      I have little appreciation remaining for germany – and russia.
      Both are abysmal failures; one failing in less than a decade and the other in far less than a century – and that’s after winning the greatest war.

      Thus, having no respect for either based on the factuality of their failures, I conclude as I always have there is a Clintonian “Third Way”. That itself is a simplified, dumbed-down translation of “triangulation” and a derivative of the concept of Synthesis.

      Eradica seeks to refine the definition of this synthesis.
      All enemy members of the MINO FFOL must be eradicated to restore the nation. How it’s done is less important than it be done.

      • The 20th century was the Soviet century. From start to finish they defined the era. It’s hard to believe now but there was once a time where people believed communism would conquer the world. Red China itself was modeled on the USSR and in many ways is the 21st century communist superpower successor to the Soviet Union.

      • It was not a century.
        They inhabited an Era from 1922-1991. That is 71 years. On a scale of 100 it equals 71%. That’s a C-

        Of that time, the last years were of internal collapse and AfghanVille fuckery – reducing influence and empire lifespan considerably.

        Until the Nazi Operation Barbarossa united the populace, Stalin kept the ussr a backwater shithole, like Guatemala, filled with illiterate farmers driving donkey carts.

        You must learn to not overstate your argument; exaggeration leaves you vulnerable to effective counterattack based on simple truth.

      • Soviet Russia began in 1917 but the work necessary to realize that began much earlier. The Soviet Union itself was an unrecognized government controlling only 1-2 cities. They literally conquered Eurasia inch by inch and were just one of many factions fighting in the Russian Civil War. They not only defeated their domestic/foreign opponents but also the entire international community which opposed them and even invaded Russia.

        After consolidating power the USSR recognized the age of mechanized warfare was on the horizon supporting mass education and industrialization. General Electric was contracted to build major hydro electric power plants. Later the billionaire Republican Koch family made their fortune building the Soviet Union’s natural resource infrastructure. Stalin’s slave labor force built the massive factories in the remote areas of the USSR beyond the reach of German bombers providing uninterrupted supply lines. After conquering Germany the Soviet empire stretched from Berlin to Alaska.

        The Cold War itself nearly saw nuclear war as the Soviets had dozens of tactical atomic warheads ready to launch on the USA from Cuba. Vietnam was also a Soviet client state which directly defeated the United States in armed conflict.

        It’s not an exaggeration to say the 20th century was the Soviet century. On the contrary it’s the simple truth and denial is the myth. The Soviet Union paid a high price for stability however. By avoiding necessary political and economic change from 1976 onward Soviet leadership ensured the economic and political decline that the country experienced during the 1980s. This deterioration of power and prestige stood in sharp contrast to the dynamism that had marked the Soviet Union’s revolutionary beginnings.

      • Bolshevism and the revolution began in ’17.
        The Soviet was not fully installed until all elements of Czarist forces and loyalists were pacified: 1922

        The dissolution in 1991 is 23 years ago. That is as remote to today’s History Radar as 23 years ago was to folks in ’91; that being 1967.

        1967’s LBJ, Doors Psychedelia and Vietnam, had as much impact to Pre-Clintonite Color Me Badd fans as Victorian corsetry.

      • Point is the Bolsheviks sure as hell weren’t tweeting and fly farming before shit hit the fan in 1917. They wrote constantly but many also had arrest records including Trotsky and Stalin. The latter was even robbing banks to support the party. They weren’t like pseudo revolutionaries today who are terrified to be seen as “racist” in public.

      • The Bolsheviks had more courage than today’s Murkan.

        The Czar erred by depriving peasants and truly oppressing them.
        The LBJ Clinton & Bush etc. model of Bread & Circus has proven more effective at controlling dissent.
        Even among the most heavily armed body of people in human history.

      • Trotsky sure wasn’t scared of being called a racist. He created the term as weapon to destroy his racial enemies. He was a Jew after all, as was the Bolshevik Revolution, which was really a Jewish top down destruction of White people.

        From Metapedia, re Racism:

        Communist Jews coin the word “racism”
        With hands soaked in Russian blood, the criminal Trotsky scrawled down the term “racists” in 1930 to denigrate his hosts.

        The term “racists” was first coined in print by Leon Trotsky,✡ a communist Jew and mass murderer, in a 1930 piece called the History of the Russian Revolution (translated into English in 1932).[2] He coined the term in a paragraph where he is mocking what he called “Slavophilism”, which Trotsky claims is the “messianism of backwardness”.[1] In the same breath, the paragraph on the so-called racists also speaks of “Teutonic jackasses”,[1] thus from the very beginning the term came from the mouth of a communist Jew in a thoroughly Europhobic context. He continues on in a 1933 piece about German socialism, speaking of “racism”.[3] The -ism itself was popularised largely due to Magnus Hirschfeld,✡ a co-racialist of Trotsky and Sexual Bolshevist agitator in Berlin who promoted miscegenation in the 1934 work Racism.[4]

      • Go back to the beginning of your statement: How can you logically describe Communism as anti-white – then hold Russia up as the ideal of white society today.

      • Trotsky has been smeared for decades but he had the support and adoration of his Red Army which consisted almost entirely of Russians. He was even offered the job as Lenin’s successor but declined because he didn’t want their revoultion disparaged as “Jew Bolshevism” which it was anyway. After the power struggle following Lenin’s death Stalin took power and exiled Trotsky. Mass incarceration, terror famine, slave labor, and death camps began under Stalin after 1929 with Trotsky’s exile. Stalin did what he felt was necessary to safeguard the Soviet Union but Trotsky courageously fought back denouncing it as a betrayal of the revoultion and calling for another to depose the murderous and totalitarian Bolshevik tyranny. The infamous Moscow show trials and purges were Stalin removing senior level people from the party, security, and military apparatus. All were accused of plotting with Trotsky to depose him in a coup. With his internal enemies (real and imagined) dead Trotsky was the last loose end. Trotsky himself was assassinated and with that died the greatest defender of the October Revolution.

      • Trotsky never doubted his role in the revoultion and establishment of the USSR. He asserted that the revoultion itself was won and Stalin was it’s morning after. Trotsky’s legacy continues as the founder and first leader of the Red Army which later became the Soviet/Russian army. That’s right even the modern Russian armed forces trace their lineage back to Trotsky including their general staff and special forces GRU.

        [Old Trots should* have done as much research on Jugger Djugashvilli… as you did on Trots]

      • I was going to incorporate all this into a post and still plan to. Stalin was a party man who everyone liked. The Bolsheviks understood history too well fearing a Cesar and Bonaparte type that Trotsky represented. Little did they know Stalin was the real threat because up until that point he had been a politically moderate, socially charming, and even self deprecating guy. They also greatly underestimated him due to his lack of formal education.

        Lenin in his final testament however called for the direct removal of Stalin from his top position. He feared Stalin lacked the proper temperament for leadership as Lenin had detected a mean streak in him and felt he’d be unable to handle immense power should he succeed him. He also hinted that he wanted Trotsky as his successor. Trotsky was unpopular with the party politically/personally and the party decided not to make Lenin’s testament public. Trotsky however should have demanded public disclosure and Stalin’s resignation but being politically dumb he wasted his last opportunity. Nearly all of Stalin’s supporters within the party were later executed. Lenin’s testament wasn’t revealed until after Stalin’s death.

    • The jews used whatever method they could including stealing the idea of starving your opponent out like the romans did to the jews on the mountain. JEWS = commies = bolsheviks = satanism

  5. the ideal being what a Germanic jew on steroids

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