The Bling Ring

by Ryu

This is a post about a group of American teenagers, the Bling Ring, who burglarized celebrities. These were AMERICAN teens. If American teens can become soldiers, cops or successful robbers, anyone can.

As has been mentioned, 95% of any op is preparation. Most celebs rely upon cameras and gates for home protection. Usually no one is watching the cameras. Celebs are cheap too and don’t want to pay someone 40K/year to sit on a camera.

The BR worked by using google maps, TMZ, and tabloids. They checked when the mark was out of town. They did recon and took notes. They wore hoodies and scarfs to cover their identities.

They took jewelry, cashola, clothes, other valuables. Some hauls were in the millions. Sometimes they’d go back multiple times, as celebs are often out of town for long stretches. The rich often hide the good stuff behind…… secret walls or compartments, which the teens often found.

How did they get caught? Their own mistakes, too many members, loose lips. In other words, the usual.

They wore some stolen clothes out to the clubs. They bragged about their exploits. They’d use luggage to transport the loot, leaving tracks on the way out. When the pigs finally came, they didn’t know interrogation techniques, so they cracked.

We recognize their audacity and applaud their good preparation and execution. In the end, they left too many loose ends. Always begin with the ending, going clear, then move forward. The act itself is nothing.

Remember the ideal: no motive, no forensic evidence, no witnesses…a ghost. Movies and books have been made about the Bling Ring. Study them for yourself, see what’s possible.

5 Comments to “The Bling Ring”

  1. Whites don’t have the courage to Bling Ring for an ideal.

    Spoiled little rich kids will SpecOp only b/c they’re motivated by greedy materialism.

    Each GENBrandon gets worse, gets stupider – gets greedier – until the only insult that ignites them is when 2031’s President Michelle Obama cuts their air-conditioning subsidy, forcing them to play their daily 16 hour Call of Duty marathon sessions on grandma’s sweaty basement couch.

    Even lithe, nubile Emma Watson prefers movies about Bling Rings over Medal of Honor Grrl Soldiers or once-revered historic figures.

    Where one once believed a Clarion Call would awaken the people simply because they were confused or merely unaware, then gradually changes into contempt, because an alert was not the problem: The problem is whites are lazy, stupid and apathetic – then they are too dumb to care even about that.

    There is a reckoning coming.

    • Raiders do it for the gold and the women. Kind of like minos in Murka, here for the welfare and white women.

      I think white men will do it for the loot as well. Duty/honor? We have no conception of it today. The only example is pigs/soldiers and they too do it for the money.

      It will take some time, however. They have to lose the fear; fear of the USG, of what others will think, fear of getting caught.

  2. Let’s not delude ourselves about “liberty” while the injun was being exterminated, the negro enslaved, Mexico conquered, and the privileges of power concentrated in landowning elites. Self interest and personal advancement has always been the motive of action. Bourgeois democracy itself was a form of class warfare against feudal aristocrats.

  3. Reblogged this on Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar and commented:
    I could post on forensic/crim subjects if there’s an interest.
    The Met here in London uses a statistical coupling method that could, between us, also be accomplished with compasses.

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