Judging White

by Firepower

Whiter Than Hillary?

Jews qualify their jewishness i.e:
“This one doesn’t synagogue enough.”
“That one reads the Torah 5x daily.” etc.

These decisions are incremental and calibrated – not arbitrary – as Gentiles outside The Club erroneously think.

Some are devout and practice religion, others free Murderin’ OJs or run the entire Murkan Porn Corp; however, this infamy is arbitrary – for that’s where the moolah is, bubbie…ALL of them, stick together.

Whites could learn Great Lessons from the little 2% mino minority
…that runs the entire world – their world.

Aryan Idolizing is the Achille’s Heel obsession of the VRW, the NewsReel Nazi and Peter Panzer ejaculating in German.

Peter Panzers thus exclude a massive list of ……potential allies: Irish, Scots, EuroSpaniards, Portuguese, Poles, Russians & Ukrainians et al – the latter groups whom Beloved Uncle Dolfie gassed with glee. All are White.

Perhaps I and all Eradicans shall now judge Whiteness among whites in arbitrary fashion – the way those successful, world-conquering jews do: Maybe, just maybe, Deneen Borelli, Clarence Thomas and Thomas Sowell are White – white enough for me. They surely think as White as me – perhaps even more so.

Berlin 1945 shows us with exacting devastation what happens when Aryans “go it alone…”

Even Disbarred Perjurers Get Medals From The King of Murka!

I have no time for losers.
Especially losers with blinders on fighting B-17′s and T-34′s.

Anyone who would follow such fools again is the biggest god-damned fool in History; more foolish than even a Migger Meth Cartel flunkie who actually, does pretty damn well.

Not only must Diverse White Races unite as do the Five-Fingered Fist of Liberals, they must unite their diverse political organizations such as Soldier/Patriots, Nationalists, Oath Keepers, White Nationalists, Libertarians etc into a coalition equally powerful as the Obama-Clintonite nexus.

15 Comments to “Judging White”

  1. I made some comments a few weeks ago at Guerilla America, pointing out that human intelligence gathering is very easy and very available to any of us. Whaddya know! Now they are offering this:


    Didn’t take long at all.

    What I think you failed to mention is the Taqqiyah. Hiding your views in the presence of anyone who is not friendly, and only bothering to attempt to illuminate the 3/4 illuminated already.

    (I prefer the term illuminated rather than converted)

    We have red state America and blue state America, but what most people don’t know is “blue state America” include a LOT of conservatives who vote D because D is the dominant team in that state. They are far from committed Cultural Marxists, and shelter themselves from the reality of it. And the Republicans in the blue states are the really hard cores — they are giving up being part of the Dominant team just to vote R.

    [ednote: i’m not following you on this cons voting D point, pls clarify]

    My thinking parallels yours very much. I saw that principled people going around trying to earnestly convert others suffered personal destruction at the hands of the FFOL. Otherwise ordinary people enforce the FFOL, but there’s one distinction — they are getting paid one way or another to do it. See this movie:


    A 90 minute movie, 88 minutes of FFOL, 2 minutes of VRW, and about 20 seconds of me.

    I concluded that we should become Machiavellian rather than try to promote some official VRW organization. We should associate quietly among ourselves, more along the Masonic lines. However, it is necessary to keep lines of communication open to the Muggles, because a certain percentage of them break off and divert to us all the time.

    Where I most certainly break with any WN blogger is at any talk of threats, assassinations, et cetera. We’re going to beat them at their own game. Here’s why, and I remember you scoffing at the multigenerational strategy. Well, you’re wrong.

    The defining feature of FFOL is summed up by the French saying — apres moi, le deluge. After me, the flood. In other words, who cares if the world is destroyed after I die? Not me!

    So FFOL, wihile very brutally efficient and effective in the here and now, sacrifice the future. It’s just like being rich by borrowing. you are RICH NOW, you will be POOR LATER. FFOL borrow from the future to dominate the now.

    How are they borrowing from the future? By not raising up children who will defend their regime. They plan to have mercenaries or something? Easy targets for HUMINT.

    The competent children who are growing up are either indifferent to, or HATE the FFOL. THey will take money from it, but that’s it. The incompetents may love the FFOL, but they are useless or less than useless to it.

    FFOL makes the country hell on earth. It’s mismanaged. That’s how you create gypsies, Masons, Vori v Zakonye (LIUFY), and other such outsider organizations that grow to threaten the regime.

    We beat FFOL with superior parenting. The children of FFOL masters suffer privileged abandonment because the parents are too busy having fun.

    If we replicate the kind of parenting I did on a medium scale, a sort of Masonic family and parenting organization, we can make a serious challenge to FFOL. Kids naturally hate liberalism. Only kwallege teaches them to love their own degradation, and kwallege is an expensive proposition.

    • Guerilla America *should* also promote your site (and mine), because if your ideas are good enough to lift, the originator is even better to publicize with that wellspring of ideas.

      Taqqiyah is for when physical threat is imminent from infiltration or actual operations. If not, then we are breaking it at this very second (and thousands of times) with our writing. Silence is what USG wants. It wants frustrated whites to finally gather together in Colonies of TDO and isolate themselves. It wants these people to pay their own moving bill to segregate themselves into self-concentration camps with a big target on the courtyard barn. All Uncle BEAST then need do is surround it with barbed wire and bolt a “work taxpaying makes freedom” sign on the front door.

      That’s the worst case scenario but at the very least, separatists could wind up just being the Welsh. They were driven from their Briton homeland by Romans and then by Angles; then the Saxons; then Normans. They never retrieved their land. All they got was the wilderness the other groups didn’t want. Today (and for centuries) they are the butt of jokes for the UK: The comic Appalachians. The Welsh did present such a problem, that King Edward (“Longshanks”, of Braveheart fame) had to build multiple~massive NSA castles to contain them. They are the most spectacular castles ever built and serve as The Castle Ideal in our imagination. Edward was a great warrior and strategist, but his Swiss architect bankrupted the State; the last castle is still unfinished.

      The Greatest LIE the USG ever perpetrated was getting 2nd Amendment people to believe it is omnipotent and omniscient. Listen closely: It only spends money on what it fears.

      A multi-generational approach operates on the principle of entropy, where all systems eventually wear out and break; that is not victory. Awaiting your enemy’s fort to crumble so you can rebuild your house is defeat.

      That is fine if you live to enjoy Freedom in 2095. I’ve often said to Ryu, he will order his best general to make a 40 ft. statue of me, from his deathbed. Of course, it matters nothing to me.

      I do not see your hope of smart kids raised by a compound.
      We already have whites living separate from coloreds, MINOs and DC Filth and
      They are the Hoo-Rah Hicks
      Who trip over their dicks
      To Parachute into Baghdad

    • Mindspring, I’ve been doing and teaching HUMINT for years, in and out of the Army. You’re seeing causality where it doesn’t belong.

  2. Both of you need to understand propaganda war and how fucking awful the FFOL’s shit sounds these days. Propaganda is their authority so undermine it stop wasting your time trying create RYU’s perfect WN super man

    • You presume fucking awful shit propaganda is instantly detected by wise, discerning audiences – when the reality is: FFOL Propaganda works extremely well precisely because that audience is not wise, but alternately stupid beyond any historic compare.

      Furthermore, the proof this propaganda works well on that audience is Obamao’s TWO elections despite the last debates where he acted an incompetent buffoon; he got away with importing another 1,000,000 miggers; after 2 years, he’s suffered zero punishment for his IRS totalitarian Police State directive.

      Propaganda is also designed precisely for an audience that the FFOL knows is stupid.
      It’s how they got to rule us.
      It’s why they rule with impunity this very second.
      Does Obama and his regime look worried to you?

      They’re planning on what $5,000 steak to eat at her Manhattan victory ball.

      • I presume that our side would actually start calling it stupid instead of muddling the issue with abstract essays. It’s called counter propaganda and yes I will stand behind my claim that the FFOL’s shit sounds stupid to millions. It’s not hopeless folks reduce their AUTHORITY reduce them get on a consistent message.

  3. Ancestor worship is important.

    One of my direct ancestors was the Surgeon General for one of the two divisions of Washington’s Continental Army.

    Other ancestors founded towns with the family name out in Arizona. I still own some of their Winchesters. Family heirlooms.

    Most young people are cut off from their ancestors. They don’t know who their great-grandfathers were.

    Mine served in the Spanish-American war. He was a lumberjack, a butcher and a pioneer store-keeper. He was a classic-looking Anglo-Saxon who married a Welsh governess and went west with her.

  4. I’ll leave you WN alone IMO your products are essays and despair and actions that essentially become fodder for anti-white propaganda. Good luck gents

    • Then be the French Resistance. You can outfox them Nazis by acting like total subservient slaves during the entire occupation – just so ya don’t “call attention” to yourself so they don’t “infiltrate” ya. That’ll show ’em!

      You will be as useless as tits on a bull.

      I will write a special post just for you.
      Don’t be surprised after constantly surrendering your lunch money to the schoolyard bully
      That when you meet in the prison yard
      His dick is soon in your ass

      • “Those who cannot or will not make use of violence seldom achieve their goals over the opposition of those who are not similarly constrained. As Machiavelli observed, things have seldom turned out well for unarmed prophets.”

        Ginsberg, Benjamin. The Value of Violence

  5. I do not think unification or any sort of big group thing is realistic at this moment. Smell it out, FP. Who will pick up a gun for the cause? Who will fight for it?

    You get what you fight for in this world. The USG spends on what it fears. What it fears the most is true lone wolves, with no groups, no messages. Ghosts, monsters under the bed.

    We break taqqiyah to help others. If I did not write, I would not speak of these things.

    WN comes in two flavors: an outspoken, propaganda wing and a silent, action wing. I value the smaller group the most, because it is harder. Sowell and Thomas work in prop, but a mino has never taken up arms for our cause – and it’ll be the arms that determines who wins. We find out how much something is worth to a man by how much he will gamble.

    • everyone thought Colin Powell was a nice white man until he voted very publicly for Obama.

      • Maybe everyone such as you thought he was nice.
        I initially determined him a ladder-climbing Brass Kisser and yes man. I was suspicious from the start.

        I’m sure Sowell voted more publicly for NotObama

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