Lessons of Edgar Steele

by Ryu

Eddie was a lawyer in Northern Idaho who was pro-white and often represented racists. As all public dissent from whites must be crushed, he was framed up and now sits in prison. He used to run a site called conspiracypenpal.com. It’s certain that he’ll die in prison.

Now you’ve got the big picture. This is what watching him has taught me:

1) Privacy is power.
Any wn going public with his identity had better understand the pain he’s going to receive. Death threats, arson, becoming a google felon, and even assassination are the norm.

The US is not a “turn-key” police state. That key was turned decades ago; James Mason wrote about it in ……his 1980s Siege articles. The USG has total control of the traditional media, the schools, and the financial markets. The only freedoms you have are the ones you take for yourself.

2) The USG doesn’t fight fair.
The legal system is the USG’s crown jewel. They own virtually everyone in it. The TV show “Law and Order” shows some of the dirty tricks state prosecutors use, but there are surely alot more.
3) The cellular system.
WN has survived the liberal nazi era for one reason – we have no leaders and no organizations. There is no one the feds can roll up and take down a few thousand wns at once. It is the same in the human body; a few cells may die but the organism lives on. This is both a strength and a weakness for us; we endure, but those chased by the gov are on their own. Our lack of organization limits our potential impacts as well.

4) They don’t hate with a clean heart.
The American ritual of the death penalty is comical. They can’t do it themselves anymore. Even killing their criminals, they need technology like an electric chair or a hot shot. It’s yourelf you have to live with; it’s your own judgment that matters most.

Prison can be a means of self improvement. The USG’s control is at a maximum in prison. If one can survive prison, one can truly survive anything.

Imagine the feeling those 5 Muzz had as they were released from Guantanamo. They were free of all fear of the USG. They had been tortured, starved, sleep-deprived, anything the USG and it’s torturers could imagine. And they endured it all.

WNs still have that fear of the USG and it’s stiffing. It prevents any form of action. Those 5 Muzz will go back to the field and get their payback.

15 Comments to “Lessons of Edgar Steele”

  1. As a lawyer, Steele *should* have used much greater caution. If he didn’t know he was fighting an evil regime of Liberal nazism implemented by an organized, ruthless 5-Fist of Liberalism he is grossly naive.

    If it’s confusing to people that we live in a fascist liberal totalitarian state that shoots The Weaver Family and jails Steele – but frees five Jihad leaders – sadly, I must remain pitiless.

    Even goatherd muzz sheepkeepers have an underground that hides them until UncleBEAST’s search runs out of steam. Note how long it took to apprehend that Benghazi muzz ambassador killa; even then, the only got one.

    Sadly, this is The Reality of VRW: Spew rah-rah speeches about “freedom” and Thomas Jefferson then expect BIGov to magically develop a guilty conscience and repent. While you’re waiting during that 135 years, act surprised when FEDThugs gas your fly-farm, shoot your wife and lock you up for a 143 year sentence handed down by a MINO Federal judge.

    The only good possible now is Steele must make lemonade out of prison pissfruit and share his legal skills with white inmates to grow wiser eyes.

    Steele will die in prison and Eric Holder will be on a stamp. The comparison should be clear.

    That is real in today’s Murka.

    • It’s disturbing how much wns lie to themselves. They actually believe that the system will fight fair. It’s the greatest stumbling block; the realization that the USG will never give up power – not here, not in Greece to Golden Dawn. Only the Muzz believe in taking it.

      You have a gift of strategic vision. You can see the big picture better than almost anyone. Most do not have that ability. I have benefited from your gift.

      The USG is making mistakes. They dumped one of their star soldiers over a quibble. That guys knew what he was doing. The comments are also excellent. I believe wns can still win if they play it smart.

      • You are greatly appreciated.
        You have shown me to be more merciful to the less visionary.

        Still, to learn more, goog/wiki the Cassandra Axiom:

        When usg falls, the resulting battle for the scraps is likely to destroy the Constitutional Freedom we once knew, unless another Geo. Washington rises to the top. Asking lighting to strike twice is improbable since there’s never been another (with his restraint) in any nation anywhere at any time.

        Even Washington’s leaderly discipline was all for naught as the USA descended into a Patrician Ruling Class 100 short years later.

    • Tex Arcane has some excellent material today, FP. The newest 3 articles You might like them. He misses some things, but hits others.

      It is very similar to the way that America was kept fairly honest from 1945 through to 1993 with the need to distinguish itself from the Soviet Union. Once the U.S.S.R. collapsed, the United States lost its moral compass and was essentially taken over completely in a coup by a small group of elites with far better long term planning and grandiose goals. With no shadow to compare itself with, the Americans went insane and were conquered from the inside by the neocons. That gives you an idea of how weak the internal guidance of men really is without an external enemy they want to believe represents a dichotomy. Their grasp of right and wrong is so feeble that without an example of wrong they cannot even fumble their way to a concept of the right.

      • A very true and wise analysis.
        Media and the national view of the time predicted that with no great enemy to fight now,
        The usa would turn against itself.
        All the vaunted “diversity” of the “Melting Pot” would prove a tenuous sham as groups reverted to clannish ways.

        That was a prophecy that *should* have been heeded – even by the most Bread~Circus simpletons.

  2. Blast the USG by pointing out Adolph Hitler promoted sexual liberation:


    “The sixth commandment tells us, ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery’. Consider the instructions and assurances laid down on the question of free love and child-bearing outside the marital law in the notorious open letter of Rudolf Hess, who has since vanished, which appeared in the Press. In this respect look at the immorality and indecency everywhere in Münster today. Our young people have little respect for the propriety of dress today. Thus is modesty, the custodian of purity, destroyed, and the way for adultery lies open.”

    Always stress that Adolph Hitler had both good and bad sides.

  3. It may not have helped that the jury having to decide whether he conspired to have his wife offed so he could be with a mail order mistress contained eleven older women.

  4. This is pure gold.

  5. Interesting this post was topped. Saw a great Von Mieses quote on ZH explaining why Injuns lost their lands, nations – everything – to the emerging US State: Injuns had no government to organize them. LIUFY

    I suspect, for the same reason, the same fate awaits wites and even WNs.

    • Did…the injuns lose everything, FP?

      Who is in a better position today, them or us?

      They have their own lands. Their own governments with their own police force. Their own laws. They get the USG to pay for lots of their stuff. They are for the most part left alone. The Navajo have a huge chunk of land.

      I’m not so afraid anymore. A new WN feels like an alarmist, like the world’s going to collapse. There is nothing to collapse.

      Whatever is pure, gets smaller. Israel, the injun rez systems, those white countries in the Balkans. The holocaust just radicalized the jews. The Indians had their ghost dance and white buffalo movement.

      We’ll make it – not what we have now, but we don’t really “have” what we think we have. The USA is already lost.

      • Did…the injuns lose everything, FP?

        Who is in a better position today, them or us?

        The Rulers of Murka are slightly better off. jews in Manhattan/SF Penthouses didn’t get scalped in 1832 Needles, Texas for a dry patch of homestead. I’d rather live like a jew that than today’s injun. Sure injuns get Free Taxes, but their ancestors died for it. In that way, their free shit makes their lives better than wites.

        Still, they live purely by the paternalistic benevolence of UncleBEAST. Their freebies depend on Tribute. Do not make the mistake of thinking they avoid handing million$ over to Harry Reid & McStain’s rigged election games.

        But, that is still not the question…
        Von Mieses stated they lost to 1880 USA by not having a government or even basic organization. They were a majority separated by distance outnumbering the invaders, yet they lost.

        Sounds like today’s wite peepul, to me…

      • “Indians” is analogous to “white” in the sense that both are largely social constructions built around general biological truth.

        The key difference is the memetic battle to weaken or strengthen those social constructions to whatever ends are the dominate end. Clearly, as FP stated, the disparate tribes could not successfully coalesce around an “Indian” identity that created a totally “us” versus “them” mentality. The same collective factors are at play and NO ONE ESCAPES this paradigm short of conversion to white Supremacy. UncleBeast, being what it is in the business of perpetuating self-annihilation should RATIONALLY have no fear of the genuine white Supremacist and only possesses a naturally irrational regard for those who attempt to co-opt is self-annihilating paradigm. Ergo, those who try to operate in the domain of mass annihilation doing so outside the scope of UncleBeast’s protocol are automatic targets for annihilation. Some big, some small… The protocol does not change where the maximizing of one’s radical autonomy is always bottom line. UncleBeast desires to be the most radically autonomous entity in the globe. Try to stop “it” in any manner other than conversion to white Supremacy and you are “it.”

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