NSFW ~ Git Along, Lil’ Zoggy! Simple Explanations

by Firepower

Two Out of Two Demonublicans Agree! Miss Rosa IS The Sacred Mother of all Black Christs!

Whites are taught to be weak by the Murkan SingleMOM Industry and Complaint Culture of Tattlers: You’re a Special Snowflake! Everything will be OK if you’re PC like the rest of us. If not, tell everybody how unhappy you are. Forever.

Petey Esdee in a male youth seeing four combat pals die in muzzville – compared to zero ptsd in a colored boy killing fourteen over money – is the best illustrator. Thus, here’s the proof you are to use in ……arguments to propagandize and change Hearts & Minds:

Do you ever hear of our nation’s millions of colored convict murdering rapists needing TenderHUGG prison there-a-pee treatment for… fucking PTSD?

It cannot be denied; that’s why you ask it constantly and use it as a primary weapon.

White children are taught  by Government’s Skool to revere all life ala the Hippie+HUG fashion, with coloreds inculcated to revere St. Miss Rosa Parks – and hate Thomas Jefferson. This is designed to ……remove USG-threatening ideals of SO76* from Danny to ideologically neuter him while D’aqwuan comes to Mau-Mau Lil’ Danny and his Fam-Fam.

Because Rebellion IS As Worthy… As Drafting The Constitution!

You will see zog is a completely obsolete and useless term today. It’s been tried as a weapon for 40 years and failed; the best it’s done is give us what we’ve arrived at and have today. Very ineffective to ZOG this! And Zog that – just to get Barack Hussein Obama and his NSA. Time for new slogans.

Most plain white people are degenerated by TOTE* to not even know who the fuck Patrick Henry is. So, expecting their degenerated minds to grasp some obscure “Zion concept” is a stretch when most never read the Bible. “Zionism” comes off (even worse) as culty. A kind of nutty “magic word” used by weirdo outcasts. That’s because failed movements are defined by their conquerors and victors. Using arcane, obsolete words makes it worse.

Liberals realize this and use it in their rule when each term fails – then catches the ire of the public: Aid To Dependent Families becomes; Aid To Dependent Children (ADC) becomes Welfare and morphs into Social Services, which becomes SNAP, etc.

Use simple, easy to understand terms; they are actually far worse and far more frightening. Our enemy is not zog, but simply the united states government: USG. BIGov. BIGFed. Uncle Beast…

Nobody knows wtf a “zoggg” is – but they sure as hell know who, what and where the United States Government is.

*see glossary on homepage

3 Comments to “NSFW ~ Git Along, Lil’ Zoggy! Simple Explanations”

  1. ZOG doesn’t work as well. It distracts rather than clarifies. I’m happy to use it occasionally with known wns, but not with new people.

    It is good to live in Murka. We get to see how the world is ruled.

    • I clarified the reasons why the term impedes comprehension and hurts effective propagandization of new recruits.

      Needless overcomplicated and “cutesy~clever” terms are distracting; journos call it “burying the lead.” Calling a spade a spade paints the target on a real, palpable Washington DC Federal monster.

  2. A few years ago David Duke was pushing the enemy as the zionist matrix, brilliant i thought to encompass the political, media and monetary enemy matrix. For some reason he dropped using it. Building off pop-culture like the matrix movie etc should become Standard Operating Procdure.

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