Hide and Go Seek…With Guns

by Ryu

That’s what war is. Marco Polo, Duck Duck Goose, Hide and Go Seek – all designed to build a soldier’s skillset. War is designed to be easy and natural. The fact that the Americans can turn their 18 year old zombies into soldiers ought to speak as to how easy it is.

Are you a better hider or seeker?

I remember hiding. Trying to breath silently. The rush as the seeker approached, seeing him but him not seeing me. Wondering if it was a ruse or if he really couldn’t find me. Few seekers would check an area twice.

I remember seeking. The different mindset, more aggressive. The other guy has to fear you finding him. The way to do it was ……either being systematic, or guessing how the other guy thought. The fear of the seeker is that the hider is moving. The longer time goes on, the more frustrated the seeker becomes. Then finally, he says “I give up.”

In real life, it’s 100 searchers against one hider. No different than a deer escaping a hunting party, or a fox escaping the foxhunt. Randy Weaver against 400 cops.

Most wns today are not ready to win. They do not feel that victory is even possible. This is the secret reason they stay in TDO, or if more advanced, in propaganda.

You can’t make a horse drink if it doesn’t thirst. Until there are enough of us, wn must be about personal change.

The most profitable areas are the mind and guts. By taking back Iraq, the Muzz have now proven that anything is possible. The only thing they have, that wns lack, is faith.

15 Comments to “Hide and Go Seek…With Guns”

  1. It is incredible that the Muzzies are winning isnt it? What do you guys attribute it to?

    • Actually taking action
      Then lopping off heads
      Instead of building
      Roads for muzz
      In goatcarts

      • You do realize that the humanitarian facade is just a way to enrich contractors, right? They never complete projects because they conveniently keep getting blown up.

    • Faith.

      They believe in themselves. WNs have a serious lack of confidence in themselves. They believe the USG is all seeing, all powerful. The USG will last forever.

      Few have felt the confidence that Brevik had. He’d trained for 10 years. You can’t lie to yourself. It’s the same confidence asking a girl out, competing in sport at a high level, or starting a new business.

      Those disparaging direct action do not understand what it takes. It takes insanity, or genius. To do for oneself is a different thing. Millions of American soldiers over decades have only made a few like the Fort Hood guy.

  2. There is no hiding in the age of total information awareness.

    • Sure there is. I’ve seen lone professionals make monkeys out of USG’s elite.

      Only nerds think like that.

      • That’s why I like you Jaeger. How rare to find experienced wns who think like this.

        One on one, there is nothing special about the Americans. It’s their money that buys them some advantage. It buys the loyalty of their police and military.

        True lone professionals should not post, comment or email on any wn site. If there is anyone like that reading, don’t do it. Stay in the dark. The system cannot catch a lone man who doesn’t talk.

      • Most pros I’ve know were Nordic criminals. Never asked for their views on WN or USG.

    • Then you are helpless to do anything
      And are a doomed to be a slave

      Nationalist minds
      Wanna KNOW:
      Is that why you

  3. The Murkan Military is helpless in the urban environment.
    They never cleared Iraq of “insurgents” and the Sadr City Guy is the prime example.

    Murka can only beat its perpetually expanding Enemies List with its navy and air force.
    Both, of which, are totally useless in guerrilla war.
    Would Obammy bomb Boise ID? You bet. Would he bomb LA, Detroit or any nigger/migger city? Never.
    Would KILLary bomb Galveston TX? Yep: She’ll also kill anything white. But, bombing cities would disrupt neat-0 stuff like all that oil and trade from a place like Galveston.

    Every Murkan city is resplendent with economic treasure. Little teeny-tiny parts and gears that make the Big Fat STUPID Machine run smoothly.

    When it starts to cough and sputter, food supply routes get choked.
    When coloreds go hungry – you get New Orleans. Afganistan…Then Rwanda.

    Every day, Jordie bops his gear out in the daytime for CNN Pix to sext back home at night to his stripper girlfriend…because he must hide in his bunker after sundown.

    It’s Khe Sahn and Dien Bien Phu alllll over again
    But with iPhones & Air Conditioning

    • New Orleans sucked… for those of us whose cities took in the “refugeeeeeees…”

      They came to my town, booked up all the hotels (on the taxpayer dollar, mind you), and our crime shot up overnight. Then some of them decided to stay. And crime stayed up ever since. And all the while, they couldn’t shut the fuck up about how great NOLA is… even though they had to leave because the city wasn’t prepared to move them out… even though they themselves weren’t prepared to move out… oh, and most of them never bothered to move back.

      [you were powerless to develop hunting skills. coloreds never get harmed on city streets]

      • I’ve only been to NOLA once, BTR. At the time, it was the most coloreds I’d ever seen! Seemed like there was one rich part, and the rest was typical inner city shit.

        To your credit, the best wns come from mino dominated areas.

  4. The video game Splinter Cell had this same idea crafting a unique player vs player experience.

    In the online mode you choose spies or mercs each play differently according to hide and seek.

  5. Sometimes it helps if some earlier shock has removed all fear or caused an indifferent attitude .

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