They Will Tell You How to Win

by Ryu

…if you’re willing to listen. The things that a man fears the most are exactly the things one should be doing if one wants to beat him.

WNs fear the FBI and NSA. Tremendous fear. With some wns, it just comes out of their pores. Some sites even include a disclaimer, begging for mercy, BEFORE anything has happened.

What does the USG fear the most? When you answer that question, you will know what works.

What acts have the most severe punishments?

What people are the most demonized?

I’m always asked to write more. That’s contrary to our goals. Serious wns should be able to think and reason for themselves. Find your own answers. The best will be able to take a piece and run with it.

13 Comments to “They Will Tell You How to Win”

  1. What would happen if you wrote the word ‘bomb’ or ‘gun’ on a piece of paper and walked around displaying it. It’s completely harmless but very psychotic. People seem to get more unnerved by the IDEA of scary things than actual violence. It’s that calm before the storm, when things are up in the air, that is most palpable. People now get scared of backpacks that are laying around “in the wrong place.” Screwing with peoples heads almost seems more effective than straightforward violence.

    • Everything is the same. A bluff that works is the same as actually having the cards. The US bluffs ALOT. They don’t have the muscle to back up every threat. And the public folds every raise.

      WNs must develop the ability to “call”. If they have the nuts, you lose. If not, things change quite a bit. The USG is a hyperaggressive raiser, that’s their character.

      • “If they have the nuts, you lose. ”

        I recently had to confront a colleague about something. I was scared that I would be fired, but I just couldn’t take it anymore. I wasn’t even an ass about it, but he was actually scared. He always talked a big game, but he was only talk. A lot of people with titles and positions think those things are inherently powerful.

      • Nice. In poker, “the nuts” is the best possible hand for that flop. But your interpretation is good too.

  2. What’s interesting about the USG’s fear is that it’s instinctive and primitive.

    • It’s the primal fear of authority. And we can see, some wns still respect authority and the rules, even when it does not benefit them.

      I look for wns who hate authority, instinctively. They are harder to work with, but they have far more potential than the others. A rebellious childhood is an excellent beginning.

      There is a symmetry in the world, a balance. Universal order. The system fears resistors. Resistors fear the system. Abstractions come to have physical consequences. WN connects us to the cycles of history.

  3. “I look for wns who hate authority, instinctively. They are harder to work with, but they have far more potential than the others. ”

    YES. The best WNs are skeptical of everyone AT FIRST because they know that at least 95% of the people on this planet are full of baloney and the scum of the earth are attracted to WN (just as they are attracted to illegal scams and unregulated industries like real estate) because there is money to be made screwing people over. To evolve and not shirk your duty, you have to use your smart brain to discern who the best people are (it can take time) and learn to trust a handful.

  4. Rockwell on the Swastika:
    The political drones, profiteers, prostitutes and cowards scoot with their tails between their legs from this hooked cross, as the devil does from holy water.

    On the other hand, the Swastika has an irresistible attraction for the kind of daring, bold, devil-may-care fighting young men we need. In America, most of them are simply “nigger-haters,” because of their pure White man’s instinct. When they learn the Jews’ part in the disgraceful Negro situation, they become “Nazis” in minutes. Then it is the work of only months until they also understand the deeper significance, the idealism, and the true aims of the Movement.

    But even more important than these advantages, the blood-soaked Swastika has a supernatural effect on Jews.

    It is after all only a few black lines – but it drives Jews out of their usual sly and calculating frame of mind and makes them hysterical and foolish. To them, it is not just the lines, but the awful threat of ruthless exposure, swift justice and terrible vengeance which their guilty consciences tell them they richly deserve. It is like a picture of the electric chair to a hunted murderer.

    A calm, calculating Jew is the most dangerous beast on the face of the earth. By the exercise of his devilish, perverted but brilliant reason, the Jew has almost mastered all the rest of us. But a hysterical, screaming Jew, out of his mind with hate and fear of punishment for his crimes, is helpless putty in the hands of a calculating National Socialist.

    We have proved this time and again – when Jewish councils have spent millions of dollars to spread the word among Jews to ignore us. But the hordes of guilty little sinners can’t do it! When they see that Swastika and hear us praising Adolf Hitler and describing the gas chambers for traitors, they become the screaming, wild ghetto Jews who have eternally blown up their victories at the last moment by their insane passions of hate and revenge.

    • Horseshit.
      VRW PeterPanzer fappery designed to entice the TrailerPark Natzi and white trash loser.

      If it was so fucking great – how come this Army of Rednecks jizzing over swa-stickeez never were so enticed?
      If you cannot even lure moron cannonfodder to fight for themselves when the wagon train’s surrounded by NigInjuns, it’s a big fat fail.

      Time for The New Philosophy. Put down the Mein Kampf spank sock. All that purty poesy is as useless as Christ’s cock.

  5. I think the win is not really tactical, it’s about loving your heritage and being proud of it. The USG fears people that don’t need them. They fear people that are proud and independent.

  6. PC liberal hipsters are the real Jews.

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