The News of the Day

by doomdigit

Gracchus has presented to a cornet player—-or perhaps it was a player on the straight horn—-a dowry of four hundred thousand sesterces. The contract has been signed; the benedictions have been pronounced; the banqueters are seated, the new made bride is reclining on the bosom of her husband. O ye nobles of Rome! is it a soothsayer that we need, or a Censor? Would you be more aghast, would you deem it a greater portent, if a woman gave birth to a calf, or an ox to a lamb? The man who is now arraying himself in the flounces and train and veil of a bride once carried the quivering shields of Mars by the sacred thongs and sweated under the sacred burden!

O Father of our city, whence came such wickedness among thy Latin shepherds? How did such a lust possess thy grandchildren, O Gradivus? Behold! Here you have a man of high birth and wealth being handed over in marriage to a man, and yet neither shake your helmet, nor smite the earth with your spear, nor yet protest to your Father? Away with thee then; begone from that broad Martial Plain which thou hast forgotten!

“I have a ceremony to attend,” quoth one, “at dawn to-morrow, in the Quirinal valley.” “What is the occasion?” “No need to ask: a friend is taking to himself a husband; quite a small affair.” Yes, and if we only live long enough, we shall see these things done openly: people will wish to see them reported among the news of the day. Meanwhile these would-be brides have one great trouble: they can bear no children wherewith to keep the affection of their husbands; well has nature done in granting to their desires no power over their bodies. They die infertile; naught avails them the medicine-chest of the bloated Lyde, or to hold out their hands to the blows of the swift-footed Luperci!


Juvenal was right, and now we have reached the low point where those who dare to oppose an obscene minority are considered newsworthy.  The Robertsons handled themselves well when they were attacked; their dignity is worth more than their fame and they were prepared to lose their show.  Many of us could lose our jobs, and this is a very hard situation to be in.  The defiant do not always win–the submissive never win.  Phil Robertson did not even say what the media claimed; he remains defiant.  Jonah Hill, on the other hand, submits, grovels and makes an apology more bizarre than Charlie Sheen’s:

“In response, I wanted to hurt him back and I said the most hurtful word that I could think of at that moment.  I didn’t mean this in the sense of the word.  I didn’t mean it in a homophobic way.”

Liberalism will do this to you.  It takes away your dignity and then destroys you.  Never give in, never give up!  Stay true to yourself, stay defiant!

2 Comments to “The News of the Day”

  1. Off topic. I found this interesting.

    They do a really boring show but this Black dude doesn’t like his people much and a lot of White people agree with his views.

  2. You should look up Uncle Ruckus on Youtube.

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