Liberal Nazi SuperMan

by Firepower

Your Future Grandson?

Ah, the recruiting posters for Hitla’s Third Reich! So glorious. So hot n’ hunky…

The Liberal nazi ideal for their version of Nietzsche’s Übermensch share many similar features, but is vastly different in one key aspect: He’s pure white no longer. In fact, pure white is a ThoughtCrime!  Go read about the SuperMan. Read the Nietzschian concept then how it was modified by Dolfi.  Go on. You have all the time in the world…

Today, Whites are the ones to be eradicated until …… no trace of their visage remains – just the best brain parts like STEM and that reactive Jordie Volunteerism Disease fueling the state War Machine of both disparate parties from Bush to Obama.

California was always noted as the trend-setter for once-America – and still is for today’s Murka.  The Propaganda Media once incessantly bragged of its Western holy land with “as California goes – so goes America!”  But now they shrewdly avoid publicizing this trend because the trap hasn’t sprung just yet and the endgame is ugly.  They use caution around MOG and don’t want it awakened. Only unskilled duck hunters jump up and brag about their string as those ducks are landing…even wise old jews don’t count their chickens before they’re hatched.

Indistinguishable race is the signature of The New Brown SuperMan; Both parts Migger and the black, with just enough blend to forge a royal wedding of Capulet and Montague to stop the colored’s mutual killing and focus on eradicating the rest of their One True Enemy – White Stragglers.

Today’s SuperMan has, in addition to the required brown skin:

  • Blue eyes (because they’re fashionable) and it puts hesitation in that foaming redneck Klan Trooper’s trigger.
  • Face tats, because tats on hunky smooth-criminals be fashionable and shit.
  • Pidgin/Gullah slang with a heavy ebonix/spanglish racial accent

Here is the Ideal Face for Bill, Hillary, Obama, MichellO, Bill Gates & Zuckerburg – their heralded, Grand Mid-21st Century Man that none of them live near: A contaminating colored from Northern California, traditional white cattle rancher country. The Kardashianite Kapitol and epitome of hotness fleshed-out on FaceBook.  And gone viral.

17 Comments to “Liberal Nazi SuperMan”

  1. Interesting how the system didn’t publicize that Cali is now over half bean. I think it’s intentional; TX, AZ and NM are also already majority bean. Many places in CA, an unmixed white male is rare, like 1 in 20. There’s a very wide variety of racial strains, from black-spic types to almost whitish spics.

    That mixlet type is becoming common. A famous bber looks exactly the same.

  2. In time the world will be whiter or deader. When you can buy genetics who the Fuck wants to be brown dumb and fugly? But continue on peddling doooooooooooom.

    [ur right! california looks less brown everyday!]

    • Where the hell do you get the balls and brains to accuse me of peddling doom?

      When Germany posted pics of hoary Hebrewkikes and warned of their rapacious behavior
      When Germany posted pics of raping Russkis threatening the East with Bolshevism

      Was that doom
      Or a warning to the wise.

      You presume the message of reality is defeat.
      You want Happy Horseshit of how
      Weer Winnin’ … By Letting Coloreds Destroy America…
      Then!! Whitey Gets Madd & Retaliates…in 75 Years!!!

      You best better unfuck your logic.

    • That is a dream, RRS.

      You will not be able to buy genetics for many, many years. The technology, and more importantly, the morality to allow it, is not present. Not in America anytime soon.

      SPer’s sell “the collapse.” Xtians sell “the rapture.”

      Technologists sell “the cure” – you know, genetics and computers will solve all problems. Utopia is only 10 years away, all our problems will be solved.

      Technology is another shell game, a ponzi scheme. Most science is funded by…NIH, DOE, DOD, DARPA, all forms of the USG. The public is shocked and awed by the priest class, so they give them a bunch of money. The scientists turn out interested toys that don’t really change the way they live. Awe – give money – get toy – awe….

      • Indeed. The fact is BIGUniversity is a government entity – funded by BIGov.
        Not one BIGTime Cure (like Polio) from that mountain o’ money.

        Not even a cure for the Special Check Boxes in The Sacred Sects of Feminist Tit Cancer, Sickle Cell or NigrAids.

        The likelihood of White Elites from both ends of the spectrum like a Trump or Bill Gates sharing expensive PureWhite DNA – with whites they consider scum – is as likely as getting into one of their gentrified fortress penthouses on their 5th Avenue; they’ll simply price poorer whites out of the market. Even whites making $686,000 a year because to them, that’s “poor.”

        I’m amazed that most whites (certainly not Ryu) cannot fucking realize this. These gomers fantasize that Donald Trump will be elected, save them, take them to Mt. Carmel… then share his shit. Unbelievable.

      • Eradica is a site that wns come to after going through Amren, SBPDL, and so on. Yet some still harbor illusions, big ones.

        No wonder the elite succeed. People will beat themselves, if you give them half a chance. There’s always some big lie that “something” will happen and cure everything. And most believe in it. We’ll be saved by jesus, genetic engineering, the collapse, or peak oil.

        In this world, the only way to be sure is to do it yourself. Seems to be the ethic of the few. If I don’t do it, it will not get done. It applies to everything, even wn.

      • Gattica is coming billions will be spent for super seals super athletes and super pussy it will be an elite obsession

      • It’s coming, but you and I won’t see it. And genetics is not enough either. You have to have balls too.

        Ordinary people don’t get it. My sport is almost ALL genetics. If the tech was out there, we’d be using it.

  3. What do you gents think of the “anti racist” elite and their propaganda? By no means am I accusing you gents of peddling doom but I am curious what do you think what you call “anti-racists?”

    • OK, I like you again.

      Elites ARE are as fearful of NRA Whites in the secondary sense – but in a different way – than their primary fear of coloreds.

      They seek to use Black vs. Migger vs. White as the Paper Rock Scissors of racial checkmate.

      Coloreds want to defile elites’ property value, while NRA Whites want to check their Wall St. Power Machine.

      Race is second to their vampiric lust for only money. If cargo ships full of diamonds, gold and Bentleys headed for Manhattan only ran on human blood – they’d train every color of person below $500,000 income to bring in the last container shipment of Mink toilets.

      They hate any without proven bank account pedigree admission to their tribe.

  4. Me I just say the “anti-racists” as WN call them are frauds. Their gig is anti-white and nothing else, and I dare say their propaganda blows donkey, it’s that effing stupid

    • You must explain your reason for believing more eloquently when persuading cattle to eradicate sheep.
      As I practice.
      If not, one comes across either a dippy Xtian missionary, or a tinfoil hat milliner.

      • The anti-white propaganda is just junk so I’m not going to spend my time making it sound like my intellectual equal. I understand that WN can benefit from the despair it creates but I always thought it junk so here I am an apostate from WN. But it has an effect look at those two former stars of WN Parrot and Heimbach broken by the word “racist” that has got to suck. WN like RYU says spend months recruiting a WN and then the kid gets broken by propaganda so it’s a two edged sword enough anti-white prop useful too much prop and months of effort to create one WN wasted

        [ed note i see no recruits brought even to a splendid website like Eradica, so it looks like no effort’s been expended at all to view any such effort as remotely “wasted”]

  5. Its up to the “anti-racists” to prove they are something called “anti-racist” they cannot and certainly the rubes they propagandize cannot prove it either.

    Nothing brings the hurt of cognitive dissonance like a question.

    Anyway its my opinion that the anti-whites who masquerade as “anti-racists” and claim to fight “racism” are a fraud, simple fucking truth, they are a fraud. I don’t care how many pro-whites believe the “antis” bullshit.

  6. “Whites are the ones to be eradicated until …… no complete trace of their visage remains.”

    For whatever reason, whites are reproducing less than their replacement rate. That is the true erosion of Western ideals like democracy and enlightenment (a gift of the European enlightenment).

    What is the solution? I don’t know. But to see this country degrade to 3rd world status thanks to the Liberal Elite is heartbreaking to me.

  7. These gomers fantasize that Donald Trump will be elected, save them, take them to Mt. Carmel… then share his shit. Unbelievable.

    It has come true after a year, from what you’ve said about Trump. Conservatards view their elite saviors, like coloreds with their Obama types.

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