The Worst President In History: Simple Explanations

by Firepower

It’s not Barack Hussein Obama.

It’s Lyndon Baines Johnson – LBJ.  He forced through the Civil Rights Act, coddled the degenerate Martin Luther King, Jr. and wasted trillions on his Great Society.  And that’s just domestic policy – without even mentioning the wasted gore of Vietnam.

Even Jimmy Carter is worse, for he did nearly as much damage in half the time.

So what.

Obama is indeed, among the top of that list.

But it’s not that he’s The Worst President in Murkan History. The true answer is…

…It’s the Public that’s the worst Public in American History.

15 Comments to “The Worst President In History: Simple Explanations”

  1. It’s horrible.

  2. Ha ha, the joke’s on us (I mean you).

  3. Truth. People often write “well, our ancestors would have done something.” But the values of the ancestors were quite different. The money is the only thing left in America.

    It’s a minority against a minority. A few of ours and a few of theirs are awake. Most Americans are like your cartoon. I even see them in the gym watching TV and on the Ipone, even cops and firefighters do it.

    • Exactly.
      I recently discovered a new concept:

      Doctors & Cops lost the honor and dignity of their professions. Cops are Establishment Thugs serving under sufferance of gassing and burning WACOites, yet not arresting the “wrong” MINO.

      Doctors are BIGov PAPERWork Generators living in FEAR of malpractice lawyers and beholden to Byzantine BIGFed Laws, minutiae and punishments.

      Each have lost the dignity and honor of their professions and so value the only resources remaining: money and prestige.

      It’s a warped prestige; the kind one gets when dating a stripper no matter how skunty she is.

      • Groups always weaken when they sell out.

        There’s no honor in enforcing the laws made by the 1%, or in being a slave for the American healthcare system. The blacks used to be quite revolutionary, even up to 1990. Then they sold out, and they’re all a bunch of toms now. The only scary blacks are the niggers and the cons.

        The only things to save in America are the loot and the guns.

      • It’s why HEROCop!™ gets the buzzcut and/or porn ‘stache: The self-fulfilling prophecy. They’ve got the $88,000 BIGov pension at age 45.
        Why not go in for the “action” of chasing OJ or Pedro down Mulholland Drive at 133 mph. Why not Cook-A-Dorner?

        Why not WACO…why not Bundy Ranch some racist Klansfolk?

        Docs work 3-day work weeks in pens (for cheap rent) and treat patients like Model T’s or circuit boards.
        They hop in their Jag, scoot off to their 4-day weekend in the 4,000 sq.ft. suburban McMansion with the Senior VP spouse and make plans on their next months installment of expensive goodies.

  4. Not to go too far off on a tangent but what major damage did Jimmy Carter do exactly? He opposed bureaucracy deregulating most industries. He renewed the Cold war against the USSR. He established Delta Force which failed in Iran due to their inexperience more than anything else. He successfully negotiated the release of all the hostages. He was decades ahead of everyone on environmentalism. Most importantly he nominated Paul Volcker to the Federal Reserve who slayed stagflation. Volcker is regarded highly by almost everyone for that achievement. Carter isn’t perfect but he’s very misunderstood.

    • Carter read and acted from the we be doomed propaganda script, fucking eyore of the day. Reagan sold optimist shit so the government could spend a shit ton of money to build a military that would rule the world for a decade or two on the back of the reserve currency.

      I’ve been laughing for years at the billions of mopes who have bought into the “American Dream”, what a fucking con job.

      • For once, you are 100% correct.

        St. Ronnie’s Optimism was vastly expensive.
        It cost Bushie I his Pwezidenssy when he had to pay the bill and eat his “no new taaaaaxes” lie.
        Thus, ushering in eight long years of Degenerate Bill’s Constitutional Ass-Wiping Party
        And, introducing Murka to His Lady – The Girl Every Liberal Fell In Love With: Our Historic FIRSTMadame Prez!

        To some, pragmatism is pessimistic. But optimism works best when the real live actual fur realz sit-rep balance is positive. Ladling opti-thoughts on whistlers past the graveyard only encourages more fappery-fun-time! It’s the chubby mom giving her 300 lb. Junior just one more cooookie! – because, awwww, it makes him happy!

        Murka, today, is like a gaggle of semi-literate, pink white mice whose nest is invaded by brown cockroaches: Mr. Eradicalliope toots his warnings they’d better get off their fat asses and kill the vermin or they’ll multiply and start eating little pink babies. You can even eat those vermin and get benefits!

        …while the little pink white mice just still frolic & play

    • what major damage did Jimmy Carter do exactly?

      A valid question.

      First, Andrew Johnson is the worst pres in history, but nobody knows wtf he is.
      He’s the one who didn’t deport the nigras after the Civil War and actually, used them as implements of his hatred against The South. Obama’s uses miggers to accelerate The Browning of Murka; his majesty wants to live to see a Colored Nation and bask in its thanks.

      Carter is like most Presidents: His good points glorified (by a simpatico press) or usually, vilified worse than their actual crimes.

      Carter’s biggest fault was being a wimp, and using that example as a continual standard during Presidency. Still, that glorified “Murkan Peeepo” voted him in and got what they deserved in this short, incomplete list:

    • Carter tinkered with a collapsing Recession Economy and made it worse.
      He bungled the Shah situation and lost Iran; a penalty we still pay today.
      He gave away the Panama Canal for no reason – and no recompense.
      Carter did the Mariel Boatlift, amnestying Castro’s prison dregs.
      Carter initiated the crazed democrat voting harvest of Mexican Migger Amnesty insanity
  • “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

  • You’re referring to Andrew Johnson and NOT Andrew Jackson. The latter is a war hero and the guy on the 20 dollar bill. Johnson was one of the few southerners who remained loyal to the union. He stalled and undermined them as much as possible allowing southern insurgents to regain strength hence his impeachment by northern Republicans.

    If the Shah’s own torturing goon squads couldn’t keep him in power Carter thousands of miles away couldn’t magically do it either.

    The Cuban amnesty thing is a Cold War related stunt. Anyone escaping communist Cuba is given citizenship. Castro opened his prisons and sent them our way.

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