Rare Video

by Ryu

You never see stuff like this from MSM outlets. This is something worth watching. No Hollywood special effects here.

I HIGHLY suggest wns watch this over and over, wringing everything you can from it. You might never see this again.

14 Comments to “Rare Video”

  1. I stopped about 5 minutes in. Did I hear corrctlly that the cop shot himself?

    • No, the perp’s inside the house. That’s why all the pigs are armed.

      I’m kicking around becoming a cop. One learns so much watching these videos.

      [ednote: excellent idea. you also learn how criminals succeed. all you need do is disavow the Machine Brainwashing and personally, learn to ignore Colored Crime when it threatens your career. nothing works so well against Suburban Murkan White Obammma Voturz than “sorry ma’am, whattya gonna do?” after urban coloreds have ravaged them. turn their reflexive hatred of your face into hatred of the colored faces. Suburbia may hate you, but your bosses will luvya so much, you’ll make Chief Of Police]

  2. Fuck! Anarchy and lawlessness increasing every day, from the White House and Congress to the neighborhood near you. Let’s have some more illegal Mexican drug cartels running across the border! Throw in some more Islamic bastards to declare a ‘jihad’ on White Christians! Let’s have some more limousine liberal Joos and dumbass liberal, self-loathing White ‘Christers’ import some more Somalis and Nigerians into the Heartland of the USA–what could go wrong? How about Eric Holder writing up new laws–one for Whitey, and one for Niggers! This is what the fall of the Roman Empire looked like. Fuuuck!

  3. Just like a drunken deer…

    But, these know it’s no more hamburgers, XBox and pussy for them, so they cry. Once heard a tape of some 70s cops arresting the porn brothers. One got shot and screamed like a toddler for minutes before he croaked.

    Real fugly. Much of death is senseless – banal.

    That HEROCops! bawl at the sight of real blood then take cushy disability from all that icky-poo PTSD doody! shows them not in it for “justice” but a paycheck. People who want to kill for revenge like it. Our heroes.

    Dig the “officer down – shots fired! Right in FRONT of me (oooh what erect action!)”
    …from the Fanboi Scanner Freek. Like how close he was to the HOT Action Extreem! is the issue.

    Note the sissy white SWPL squatting, shattered, at the howwwibull sight! 😥
    …Just like Steven Spielberg, The Oprah and Miss Katie Couric taught him.

    Let’s count how many coloreds “feel bad” after greasing a cop – or even another colored.

    When BIGFed BundyRanch & WACOs the real valuable cattle, they’ll get a dose of the LA Riots and flee. So will the National Guard.

    Then, it’s anarchy. Survival of the most anarchic…

    Deer, are for eating.

    [ed note: ryu: how does this end, i’m busy 2day. pm if worth it]

    • The screaming is the shock of getting shot, not the actual injury.

      I learned a tremendous amount from this video. The sound of their voices, the civilian praying for the pig. Pig fear, the look in his eyes, their movements. WNs have to learn to chill out in crisis situations.

      It ends as you’d expect. Their backup comes and they surround the house. A patrol car comes and carts the guy off. They just sit outside being pissed until they get that 200:1 advantage, then they might consider going in.

      Cops are group creatures. Unless they have their crew, they’re nothing. Only in the movies do individuals run in.

      “But other than that, you felt absolutely nothing. And you are shocked by that nothingness. You had expected this movement to be a spectacular point in your life. You had wondered if you would feel compassion for the victim, immediate guilt, or even experience direct intervention by the hand of God. But you weren’t even feeling sickened by the sight of the body.

      The first few seconds of nothingness give you an almost uncontrollable urge to laugh out loud. you
      break into a wide grin. Everything you have been taught about life and it value was a fallacy. A dirty rotten lie!

      Life is not you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your own life is just as frail and valueless. What you have done could just as easily and unexpectedly been done to you, despite your fighting ability, your weapons expertise, your efforts to protect yourself. The realization is both sobering and shocking.”

      • Yes pretty much.

        I’ll note that there are lot of areas cops or pairs of cops don’t like to go….where their radios don’t work. A cop without radio access is a scared cop.

      • The same Herd Mentality (GroupThink) of Coppery exhibits itself when truly threatened as in the Rodney King LA Riots.

        As a whole, the entire HEROCop™! “Force” shat itself then ran away, leaving “decent Americans” to defend their property and lives against the uncivilized colored mass of animals, thus proving “To Protect And Serve!” is just a slogan not worth the taxpayer-funded paint taken to slap it on a car.

        Not one single “maverick cop” did the Hollywood “disobeying orders” cliche and returned to the fray to Rambo for the defenseless.

        When seconds count – the police are only minutes away, looking at vacation brochures.

      • Where are you pulling those quotes from?

      • Look it up. Unfortunately, we are mostly alone as wns. You have to do much of the work on your own. The top half of wn can only be hinted at – and that’s good. One has to be strong enough to go all the way by himself.

        There are glories in this world that only the initiated get to see. You must learn to find them:

        Once in awhile today, they make good movies. I found this one excellent:

      • The West is a mediated culture. Murka is the prime example because of its wealth.

        “Mediated” means there’s a go-between – a middle man – between the issue or story of the actual incident and the receiver of that experience: TV, authors, Hollywood directors etc. They are tellers of tales…

        Thus, most (97.5%) of what we see is wrong either by unintentional human inadequacy of transmitting this info via misinterpretation or deliberate propaganda.

        Blood was never strange to the Real Man. Muzz kill their own meals – and enemies. Murkans Mickey D, Call of Duty and tweet.

        The FFOL realizes this fully and propagandized the actual historic bloodlust of the most dangerous people in history (white males) into nonexistence to preserve their dainty fascist rule.

        It’s what they fear. The TEA Party/NRA White/Nationalist is distracted from avalanching that Mountain Of Guns (MOG)

  4. “Where are you pulling those quotes from?”

    I’ts from “Hit Man”, a controversial Loompanics/Paladin Press book.

    • Use caution in presenting such issues.

      Rex Feral was ostensibly revealed as a housewife; with our dilapidated society, verifying truth through the journalistic institution now has degenerated into shopping for medicine at a flea market or trying to buy microfilm at a CIA/KGB convention.

      Truth is the first casualty of war.

    • I am proud to write at a site where the reference is understood. Many in my generation grew up reading Paladin Press books.

  5. A lot of it’s watered down these days, and some of it was never good to begin with. But… if people don’t even have any interest in reading books with titles like “Arming for the Apocalypse” “Survival Guns” “The Poor Man’s James Bond” “Contingency Cannibalism” etc., they are probably boring.

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