Mars needs women

by sanfercur

aernqOur masters are frantic. There’s evidence we’re losing our religion. We dismissed the idea of shattering Syria as we did Iraq; that was just last summer. There is evidence, both here and in Europe, that native populations are refusing to be replaced. They are committing the unforgivably racist crime of not turning over their countries to outsiders brought in by elites every bit as contemptuous and sometime murderously hostile as are these new, low-cost imports.

So we can expect our social and economic titans to double-down. Stooges like Joe Biden are calling publicly to open the floodgates at the border; a few days ago, he called for “constant, unrelenting stream” of new immigrants — “not dribbling [but] significant flows,” to bolster the national economy, as the Washington Times has it. Apparently, the plan eventually would see jobs come back as wages across the board drop to $6 an hour, protecting our plutocrats’ fortunes from inflation.

That is, to anyone with even half a brain, the real motivation for this highly moral, anti-racist project to replace the American population with a cheap, more docile one.

So overt moves against (especially) us honkies will intensifies. “Hate crime” laws began this process: Legislation aimed specifically at white gentiles, to reduce us to ……social and political dhimmitude in our own country.

So there may come a day, sooner or later, when we’ll have to fight – forced to fight, that is. And before we get all cowboy/Sgt. Rock, imagine everything around you right now, wherever you are, a smoking ruin. Imagine your home destroyed, every building on your street a heap of rubble, and bodies of friends and neighbors rotting on the pavement. Imagine your family members murdered, raped, enslaved or, if they’re lucky, on the run – refugees in their own land.

Real-time battle isn’t something we should seek. It isn’t a monster to romanticize; it’s just a monster. Everything we can do to avoid it is heroic. But if the bitter cup is passed to us, we should grasp it firmly.

…It’s not as if we’ll have a choice.

So we’ll need numbers. We’ll need to sell our ideas. We’ll need to deprogram hapless fools without intellectual courage to question their indoctrination. There are mountains of garbage in our people’s minds, put there by those who hate our guts. …Those who would destroy us. That offal must be pulled out and hurled away before we can ever hope to survive. We’ll need strong people if we are to fight and die – and perhaps someday win. We’ll need proud people if we’re to simply die standing.

We’ll need women.

The point has been made many times, but bears repeating: Rock and roll ultimately wasn’t realized by hollering blacks and sweaty hillbillies coalescing in three-chord cultural miscegeny, birthing this disreputable pinto mutt from lower Mason-Dixon woodpiles.

Rock and roll was made by little girls.

Without them, little boys playing Hopalong Cassidy and beating up four-eyes for lunch money never would have veered into transsexual transcendence at festival-seating venues from here to Montreux and back. If girls didn’t squeal for Elvis and The Beatles, the bastard child of blues and country would have faded to punch-out bins, stumbled on a few years in derisive obscurity, and now be collected by earnest young Jews looking for “authentic” jerkwater expressionism.

Without little girls – or more to the point, lissome teenage and 20-something bombshells – pop music and everything else would be as unsexy as Sara Bernhard in gooey panties and a Fendi bag.

Without women, we got hags. But more importantly, we don’t have emotional energy required to bucket along through all the heady ups and jarring downs filling out any journey of discovery.

Look at every ‘phenomenon’ that clicked – Christianity to Marxism, bel canto opera to psychotherapy. What powered them up?

Right: women.

When women buy into something, it’s 200 percent.

Oh, sure, there are flighty, poseur bitches. We’ve all been stuck with them over the years. They’re every bit as self-centered and fickle as about 95 percent of us guys. At some point or another, we’ve all been obsessed with some bauble or another only to drop it like an f-bomb holding a hot potato when a fresh one comes along.

But  it’s one of my most-cherished pet theories that women are more prone to commitment. If you need someone to hang in when the going gets tough, when crowds are screeching and the lions circling, when all gibbering pantywaists have run for the hills – get some prayer sisters out front. There is nothing more determined, loyal or fierce than a woman who believes in something.

True, their emotions sometimes get the better of them. If that’s sexist, I could give a raw, sticky shit: It’s also true. Sure – sometimes upheavals with which they take part plunge into blood-drenched overkill because women also possess an Inner Medusa that can be awakened by injustice (or perceived injustice), insult (or harmless jest deliberately mangled into insult), or just another twat in the same dress. Women have no margin between peace and war. When battles are joined, dogs of war hang back and loose women to utterly destroy the enemy, crush their cities to talc, sow their land with salt. Consider Indira Gandhi’s stategy with Pakistani forces in the Bangladesh revolution of 1971; scorched earth was euphemism. Women, as Jack Nicholson said, are “smarter than us, they’re stronger than us, and they don’t play fair.” Killing never satiates them; they must destroy.

There’s been talk on this site of the need to prepare for some generalized Armageddon. This may or may not be true. It’s hard to believe ridicule and venom spat at white gentiles is symbolic mime, mere theater to nurture and present old grievances and injustice perversely inflamed today by absence of any credible suffering. It’s apparent that these relentless smears and calculated demoralization of us honkies is going somewhere -that there is intent and perhaps planning to wring us for reparation to settle spurious sins of out past.

So maybe, someday, we will be forced to organize, to put aside our cherished individualism and collect into self-serving hives, as has just about every other shade of the beige rainbow, following example – and urging – of the Chosen.

If that day comes, key ingredient will be selling a program of survival to women. If bodies start dropping, that won’t be hard. Long ago, sitting in a Tucson student bar, I listened to a breathtaking, Marx-spouting proto-feminist I managed to serial-fuck hammer the table and declaim Mexican Americans in tones that would appall Joe Arpaio after a friend had been raped by one of the cherished. The turnabout in political philosophy and passionate attachment was neck-breaking in its suddenness. Once personal identity shared by common trait within friendship had been violated – even second-hand – what I believed her genuine, quite violent persona exploded like lava from an asteroid crater.

A study from the most warlike, oppressive nation on earth – Israel – shows women don’t belong of war’s front lines. But they’ll be needed elsewhere.

They’ll be needed to keep the faith. To keep hope alive. It’s their nature to nurture.

Let them do so with our destiny, with our hopes for survival.

~ San Fernando Curt


16 Comments to “Mars needs women”

  1. I believe women can be better agents than men, IF properly trained. I have only once seen a hint of it in real life. WN by and large is a movement of angry young men and older Christian women.

    I do not think we can reason or logic women into racism. The PUA in me laughs at that notion. There should be no choice about it.

    I saw this Italian movie once. A women sold herself to the Nazis during WW2. The townspeople had to repay that insult. You’ll note the women dole out the punishment while the men watch. We don’t have women like that yet. That’s what it takes:

  2. Women must be controlled via PUA styled manipulation. 99% are emotional messes. Hunting is not emotional, going out to bounty hunt or collect scalps for fun is not emotional: It is planned, deliberate.

    Starting The Revolutionary War is not emotional. Starting the Civil War, is and plays into the conspiracy theorists’ views of Lincoln’s faggotry. Faggots, are emotional.

    Both females and faggots run The Murkan Skoool Sistim and successfully transformed Brandon into a preening wussy concerned only with buying stuff – that thingy females call “shopping”

    Finding one set of balls in all under 40-year-old GenerationJustins seems a fool’s errand.

    When their ex or sister shows up with a colored boy – and a pickaninny nine monthslater – they coo their pleasure in orgasmic squeals as proof of their PC Non-Racism.

  3. If you want women to join, crack down on WM/AF race-mixing. Stop attacking Islam, start attacking Confucianism, Buddhism, Shintoism etc.

  4. It’s hard to teach guts online. It’s possible IRL, but takes time. I almost think it’d be cheaper to teach daredevils to be wns than to teach wns to be daredevils. Our movement is now dominated by intellectuals. It’s incomplete as it sits.

    I see many areas that are purely white, like mountain biking or parkour. Extreme sports give me exactly the same feeling I associate with my wn.

    [ednote: those examples are all playtime. Jordieism is also majority white and it even has the core of seriousness play lacks]

    Everything is out there. Anything a man could want to learn. But no one wants it. This is not the age of Information, maybe the age of distraction maybe.

  5. If you look back through history I think you’ll find that women didn’t play a particularly large role in the vanguard of most revolutions, successful or unsuccessful.

    Women are attracted to status. Marginal types with an axe to grind against society are low status. Unless and until they win.

    Evolution has made men are much more psychologically suited to wagering everything on a single roll of the dice.

  6. Men are the leaders. We are nothing without the leadership of men.

    [ed note: females have immense value – for specific tasks – as do men. women have even greater worth]

  7. I think you first need to ask yourself why feminism has been so successful (culturally). Women are being sold the idea of a world of enemies, and it could be useful to suggest with their own rhetoric things which are entirely truthful, enemies that exist for once. Tell them where to look for evidence and they will see because they -want- to see enemies. The bloodthirsty desire is already there. Black ops have already started deep in the feminist movement, intersectionality is making little ms middle class white uncomfortable and the thumb screws keep turning.

    • Feminism is successful because
      Like ALL MMM/LN doctrine, promises and propaganda
      It is the philosophy that says:
      “You can eat all the chocolate YOU WANT! You don’t have to pay!! It’s GOOD for YOU!!!”

      All Santa Claus ideologies negate the blood, sweat & tears to focus on the tastebuds; prick tingle; Happy Thoughts AND FunTime!

      Who’d rather not say “all colored babies deserve freedom – wimmin toooo!” than explore the gore required to eradicate them?

      Everybody loves a comedy – the summer blockbuster about Heroic Space Alien Defenders.

      Nationalism is best defined by liberal puke~dipshits Rage Against The Machine’s “Freedom” who are so fucking stupid, they’re ignorant that their Sick Willy’s cock and Black Obama Lips are the true MACHINE.

      For example what does the billboard say? Come and play, come and play, forget about The Movement

      • I wasn’t referring to the professional activists, they’re a lost cause in Life. I meant the cultural acceptance by regular women, subconsciously. Those women are expecting results and the mainstream is failing to deliver (Prince Charming at 30, IVF at 40+).
        There is a reluctance to get one’s hands dirty because men usually do these things and when the dam breaks there is no going back. The good times are coming to an end though, the money is running out, and the ordinary woman is ideology shopping for her future. America loves copying Europe, for example…

    • There has been created, through endless effort of corrupt yet brilliant strategists, craving for painless victimhood. It excuses all anger and affront, it valorizes blaming others for one’s own shortcomings and incompetence. “I, victim” is ultimate expression of self-esteem trumping self-respect.

  8. Goddamn it! Fucking misogynistic cunts! You’d better stop talking about ‘training’ women, ‘manipulating’ women, and ‘using’ women for your cause! You won’t have a ’cause’ if you keep alienating White Nationalist women! Stupid bastards! Fuck you! You want to see how ‘tough’ a White woman is? Look at your poor, suffering mothers that had to put up with a bunch of whiny pricks like yourselves! You make me want to puke! When was the last time any of you pencil dicks actually confronted a Nigger or a Spic that was stepping on your toes? When was the last time you faggots ever got up from your shitty keyboards and actually DID something, besides mentally masturbating each other? Do you even have any physical training on how to fight? Have you ever been in a physical confrontation? Do you have the guts to stand up for your beliefs? Have you even started to organize in your communities, run for office, or given help to a needy White family? I have! Grow some balls, you maggots! Find a White Nationalist girlfriend and start a family! You dwell on the three percent of White women that date outside their race, then toss aside any White woman with morals that doesn’t look like a photo shopped, tarted-up, siliconed whore. You watch too much degenerate Jew porn–that’s part of the fucking problem! Bukake freaks! Watch some more Asian tentacle porn, where the ‘women’ look like twelve-year-old girls! Sick fucks! Meanwhile, the White Nationalist women and their glorious WHITE MEN will keep the race alive….Sincerely, a White Nationalist Woman who loves her White man, loves her White children, loves her White people, donates to White causes, and who would bash your imbecilic skulls in with a goddamned metal baseball bat if you talked shit like that to my face! Whiny, self-pitying assholes! You sound like a bunch of Niggers!

    [ed note: this is the type of comment deleted here. you are ironic: screeching goofy crap proves my point why females must be prohibited from command positions. anne coulter you ain’t…]

    • I like it, FP. She’s got fire. She just need some control too.

      [ed note: she is disruptive & insolent. but you are a valued part of Eradica; thus, if you see value, she may exist in…The Eradicasphere…]

  9. alabastrine excellence-some women want to be trained and led. No one is forcing YOU to do anything.

  10. And that language!!!

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