The Act of Killing

by Ryu

Before I started watching this movie, I started getting that buzzing feeling. I would not be the same person afterward. It’s got that kind of atmosphere.

This is not an American film, where people who kill have all that remorse or go into their deep meaningful reasons for killing. There is no effort at Murkan style rationalizations, hero worship or PR.

It’s a remarkably honest movie. The protagonists are all powerful gangsters who killed communists in 1965. Pancasila Youth is the name of their organization. They’re not ashamed. They brag to each other about what they did. The government realized that they need gangsters on their side, and all have become ……well-connected. Anwar Congo is the flamboyant gangster you’ll see throughout the movie.

Basically, these guys are filming a movie re-enacting their former exploits. between scenes, they are just living their lives-eating, driving, sleeping. At one point, they are being interviewed on TV, openly talking about exterminating communists.

All political parties in Indonesia bribe people to vote for them. Everyone at rallies is paid, or else no one would come. Gangs can both stop and start riots. The government discovered that they need such men working for them.

An interesting thing happens. During one scene, Anwar is playing a communist being tortured. He falls into his role and becomes quite sad.

The last ten minutes is remarkable. Imagine the cops at Waco being put into that building. Feeling what the Branch Davidians felt. A lot of people can dish it out and play the top. But when they are the victim, they want mercy. Anwar was like that. Few can play both roles well, the top and the bottom, bull and prisoner, interrogator and interogated. WNs must learn that skill.

25 Comments to “The Act of Killing”

  1. no comments? pussies

    As I’ve written before, Murkan’s sissy~quease panic is instilled by Xtianity’s slobbering “Turn The Other Cheek!” ethos. *sniff* 😥

    As Xtianity turned it’s other asscheek to Madeline Murray O’Hare’s ass-raping of Prayurz2 G-Ziss in Publik Skool, Godless Liberal Atheism conquered them; it calls the shots now.

    This wussy philosophy purports that killing is so heinous you can’t live with it. WW2 USMC Jap killers’ accounts showed REAL Americans love-loved it. They used to send home jap skulls to their girls.

    Nothing is more satisfying than slaying an Evil Enemy – unless you also get his hot gf as fuckplunder afterward.

    Recent events prompt me to create a post on this issue. I will preface it here:

    MurkaMilitary with carriers, 10,000 flying air-superiority machines, satellites & drones took five fucking years to barely contain Iraq Muzz – even when the “military” was used to build cute little schoolhouses and pass out care packages like some Muzz Habib-it-tat For Humanity.

    Vicious Muzz in Toyota pick-ups took Iraq in one week…by chopping off heads and even posting pix on FaceBook.

    Head-chopping wins wars.

  2. “no comments?”

    Haven’t had a chance to watch it yet.

  3. 2h23m was certainly creative. Don’t understand the cross dressing.

    I don’t think decadent America’s version of Christianity has anything to do with our situation. Most people are incapable of doing these things. Hell, even Anwar Congo was unable to reenact the death in the end. Look at all the atrocities committed and all the victims who gave up. The recent capture and execution of the Iraqi soldiers is a good example. They know their enemies. Why didn’t they try to escape or fight? Can anyone reasonably argue they had a reasonable expectation of surviving their capture?

    Most people don’t have the willpower. I don’t know why.

    But we know there are cases when some can find the willpower or at least allow such things to occur. In 65 the commies were blamed for the deaths of generals. I really don’t know the context, but that was enough for many Indonesians to allow/accept the death of at least a million commies. I’m not sure what it would take in America. The assassination of Rush, Coulter, etc.? Obviously not the willful and malicious neglect of veterans.

    • doomdigit asked
      Why didn’t they try to escape or fight?.. I don’t know why.

      Human nature makes people truly believe that they, themselves, will never…ever die. It is the different side of the same coin; the mechanism of perceived invincibility militaries exploit in soldiers.

    • People lie to themselves.

      They wait for the miracle. God will take the revenge for them. The Collapse will get them. The Rapture.

      So much has changed. I’m astonished by the changes in only the last 30 years – not technology but people. An incredible amount has been lost. All it takes is a look at the past.

  4. I try to do an outreach to young veterans who get screwed over by ZOG i.e. all of them.

    I know one sharp, ex-marine corps sergeant with crippling ptsd. He has a lot of guilt issues, because his buddies were killed and he survived.

    Think this is an issue with the “buddy system” the military has instilled in its recruits. You could see this in blackhawk down. Your buddies go down it’s the end of the world.

    Kind of like how the Sacred Band of Thebes. They were successful until they encountered Philip and Alexander and their superior phalanx system and cavalry

    • I agree with the many good points you make.

      Whites are taught to be weak by the SingleMOM & Complaint culture of tattlers. Petey Esdee in a male youth seeing his four friends die, compared to zero ptsd in a colored youth who’s killed fourteen is the best illustrator. Thus, here’s the proof you are to use in arguments to propagandize and change Hearts & Minds: Do you ever hear of our nation’s millions of colored convicts needing tender treatment in prison for “ptsd?”

      It cannot be denied.

      White children are “taught” by Skool to revere all life in the Hippie+HUG fashion, while coloreds are inculcated to revere Miss Rosa Parks – and hate Thomas Jefferson. This is designed to remove USG-threatening ideals of SO76 from Billy, to ideologically neuter him, when D’aqwuan comes to Mau-Mau him and his Fam-Fam.

      You will see that zog is a useless term today. It’s been tried as a weapon for 40 years but failed; the best it’s done is give us what we have today. Very ineffective. Time for new slogans.

      Most plain white people are degenerated by TOTE* to not even know who Patrick Henry is. So, expecting their degenerated minds to grasp Zion is a stretch when most never read the Bible. “Zionism” comes off (even worse) as culty. That’s because failed movements that use obsolete words are defined by their conquerers and victors.

      Use simple terms that are easy to understand; they are far worse and far more frightening. Our enemy is not zog, but simply the united states government: USG.

      *see glossary on homepage

      • I use it sarcastically, only among WNs

        [ednote: i’m also unsure if wns comprehend sarcasm. i use small initials describing them, and none grasp the significance. i discussed this here long ago w/ ryu; it is interesting. search the site]

    • How does one do that, Jaeger? Reach out to a veteran?

      “I’m sorry you signed up to kill for the USG. You screwed the Iraqis, then the USG screwed you…here’s a 6 pack.”

      What, he didn’t get enough cashola? Throw another 0 on his checks, that should cure his “disease.” Not enough public worship?

      What is crippling PTSD? I don’t understand these American words. They bs so much you can’t tell what’s what. A soldier is paid to kill and to take orders – PERIOD! Nothing else.

  5. Anwar doesn’t really break down.
    He is not repentant. He just feels bad re-enacting the scenes. That’s it.
    His trauma is what Doomdigit would feel re-enacting how he takes out his chickens.
    It might be unnerving but it wouldn’t stop Doom from killing more chickens.
    Likewise Anwar wouldn’t undo what he did; in his movie his victims thank him for sending them to heaven!

    A truly unrepentant man is Anwar’s friend who comes in near the end.

    “Americans love violence in football, movies, and on their TV. Yet in real life, always this hesitation.”

    Fear of consequences; not a moral high ground.
    Remove the consequences and they will slay.
    Take your cop; is he going to quit? Go to trial without a lawyer? Throw himself on the judge’s mercy? Nope.
    Just remorse; not true guilt.

  6. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Western Civilization is destroyed by the same sickness as Kemet(Egypt) was. Maat is poison. We have to break all false concepts of morality…

  7. No need to throw out Christianity and morality. Christians have had no trouble killing enemies for about 1900 years, and traditional Christian morality recognizes the necessity and merit of doing so. It is something else castrating contemporary Western man, sheer cowardice at the risk of being shamed, impoverished, or imprisoned for being seen as bad in the eyes of the brainwashed community or the hostile elite. These are symptoms of lack or religion and morality, not of religion and morality. They are symptoms of having no footing to stand on and no transcendent principles justifying your existence and your mission. Confidence that God favors you and your people is instinctual for healthy folk, as is contempt for those who don’t recognize your claim to live as you deem right. There is a living, up-to-the minute God and a morality for you that are not necessarily defined by what others tell you.

    The mistake is to take your enemy’s God and Gospel for your own, or to think that’s all there is. Let them be the cowardly liars and blasphemers, driven only by conformity with their masters’ laws. They are scum.

    [ed note: post the year of the last Western war fought for Christianity’s sake…]

    • It’s not a question of fighting wars for Christianity’s sake, but of fighting men believing and feeling that God is with them. I think that applies to many of our men now. I know it applies to many of our men in WWII (from reading history built on letters and diaries etc.) and every war before that. The Civil War was a holy war for each side.

      • How do you make the leap from antique ideas of

        of fighting men believing and feeling that God is with them

        …when those “men” today cannot quote Saint Mark, but can recite all of Super Mario?

        You are referring to the civil war & ww2. The last 75 years ago. It’s more obscure to today’s current moron than the Franco-Prussian war was 75 years prior to euros who slobbered for war. As obscure to us as WW1 is today.

        There is no way to construe TCW as a war of religion no matter how many touching Ken Burns’ voiceovers glorify it. It was about slavery, secession and creating a BIGFedGOV hungry for taxing cotton.

        Any war~turd can be doused with the perfume of God’s Cause – and usually is – but it does not make it a Tootsie-Roll.

      • We’re talking about different things that coexist. Commitment to group goals like self-rule, group survival, and control of resources is perfectly compatible with a sense of divine purpose or sponsorship experienced individually and subjectively. You read those document collections about the civil war, mixed in with all the politics is intense religious fervor, not in the same people usually.

        How antique it is depends on where you’re from. When I moved from California to the Midwest, I was amazed how at how much church affiliation is part of people’s known, public identity.

        [ed note: you must provide the date I requested of that last xtian war to prove to yourself that is so far in the pat as to be forgotten and immaterial now]

        I don’t think the New World is going to be built on race or religion specifically but on personal loyalty. We have a tradition of religion being a private and personal thing. That allows people to cooperate without getting into arguments about unprovables. War bands and production bands will consist of who can stick together and survive. Religion and race are natural bases of affinity, and they’re not going away, but pragmatism will have the last word, and that means loyalty.

        [those that stick together – already emerged: coloreds bound together by race, miggers bound by race, nationalism & language and elites by money. whites quibble amongst themselves over Eric Cantor]

        All I’m saying is that dogmatic atheism and immoralism are unnecessary burdens, unnecessary exclusionary rules. Everything in the mental world has been so perverted by our degraded culture that it is all suspect — science, religion, ethics, art, philosophy, etc. Atheism is just as perverted as Christianity. There are probably nuggets here and there among the oppressive systems of thought that are valuable and worth holding on to. You’ll know them by experience. No need to dismiss them a priori.

        I read a Greg Johnson article about a kind of West Coast WN that was ecological and atheistic, etc., basically recognizing there are different cultures all over the country. Making a thing about throwing out God and morality is contrary to letting people find out what works in their corner, and contrary to keeping that stuff to yourself and building loyalty based on practical cooperation.

        Traditionalists who put religion front and center should also consider these two principles, which are rooted in white American culture.

        [religious difference is problematic in a land where failure for each ideology to missionize their own soil abounds. missionaries fly 10,000 miles to Dangerous Djibouti yet won’t go 10 miles to save meth heads. At Eradica, I am unconcerned whether the team believes in god, odin, st.mary or nothing. any god is meaningless when you realize all that praying to a purported superior being brought us…exactly to this point]

  8. Most mass killings are caused by population pressures.
    Not extreme overpopulation with starvation*, but prolonged irritation making life hateful.
    From the pogroms to Weimar to India to Indonesia to Yugoslavia to Rwanda to Congo there was mass unemployment.
    Not to mention different cultures stuck in one place.
    *(which renders victims docile)

    • Alright, I’m not confident that Christianity has played a leading role in encouraging American soldiers since 1945. A lot of our people are the same as they were then. But it would be impossible to exaggerate the changes that have taken place.

      Blacks etc. are bound together by hatred of whites. Their hatred is strong enough that they’re not distracted from it by some whites always getting in their face supposedly to help them out. Without the white enemy, they are at each others’ throats, even within the race. The “big Jews” are the same way. They hate each other, but they hate us more. Whites are only united in their false sense of security, the belief they still have time to spend on TV politics, TV sports, and TV entertainment. We are shareholders in the suicide pact Melville described on the Pequod.

      Unconcern is a good attitude towards people’s religions, you just have to be on the look out for those whose religion, or irreligion, makes them unreliable.

      • I’ve known many people well from all religions; the failure rate is 50/50.

        Xtians and their sects are the most reliable.
        The problems arise in colored religions: They hate Whites more than they love their god.

        It’s why jews are mostly diabolical.
        Still more Hindus and finally, Muzz. Muzz hate both Xtians and Whites.
        The most fiendish religion is liberalism – and its sects – as proven here:

        You are correct when detecting motivation is superior when it’s hatred versus devotion. Xtians were motivated in their Crusades better by their hatred of Muzz, more than their love of God: The same with Today’s MUZZ. Muzz hatred of xtians blinds them to those teeny lil’ Koran passages admonishing against killing folks…

        Melville was a true genius who’d fit right in and understand it all even if resurrected today to websurf his eternity away. Many elements of Moby do fit, but I see more Bartleby.

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