Happy Father’s Day, Jay-Z!

by Firepower

We all know Struggling-African-Americans are poverty-stricken due to White Racism (past-present-and perpetual!) and that Patented 1% Evil~Greed!

If only Empowered-African-Americans (like Affleets, Rappaz n’ Shit) could lend a hand, help a brother out: Like OWS supporters Con-YaY and Jizzle-De-Dee or wtf ever his name is, in fashion…

If only coloreds could afford to:

  • help pay for Michelle-0’s sacred Niggerian “free our girls!”
  • Help the biggest ever Chocolate Ciddy, Detroit?  Nope.
  • Get that edjumication – and shit – for Innaciddyyouth

They’re smarter than The Average White. They don’t use their ……funds to save dem starving childrens in Africa.  Nah, whites use white money to fund the UNCF and Habitat Fo’ Humanity and Shit. Bill Gates throws all that white money you gave him for his shitty, fucked-up Windows monopoly into african cooking pots for pickaninnies. Zuckaborg throws all that money you gave him for his shitty, fucked-up FaceSpace distraction into broadcast drones so africans fucking their cousins inmud huts can get “internet.”

Coloreds shrewdly and greedily keep their money for life’s necessities…To buy skull rings.

Happy Father’s Day! Kanye Gives Jay-Z $34,000 Golden Skull « CBS Los Angeles.

Because whites encourage them, when coloreds rule Murka from The White House Castle, they’ll treat government policy the same as they do their individual living: Let everything else go to Hell just so long as they’ve got Trinkets N’ Twinkies. They truly don’t care walking through thirty shitty diapers on the carpet, a dead crackhead on their overgrown lawn – and a garbage-strewn sidewalk – to go buy another $900 gold chain – as long as nobody fucks with their Escalade.

You think Maobama does that now, by throwing burning piles of your cash on his golf cart and plopping down $70,000 dresses to neatly cover Michelle-0’s fat ass. Nope. Despite what you think of him, he ain’t ghetto.  Just wait until Murka gets its first real, true Nigga President – like Kanye. Like Kwame Kilpatrick.  Hillary will indeed usher that reality in – just about the time your children hit sexual maturity and prime attractiveness to serve as sex toys for this New Sub-Elite.

Ooh, then the sparks’ll rilly rilly fly on The Twitta!

Don’t use Niggerspickiking on brainwashed morons. Use The Operator’s Manual. They are inculcated* indoctrinated to respond in brainwashed, kneejerk Lib Slob Mode: No, the next time a zombie SWPL do-gooder bawls about “feeding Africans – babies! – Do you hear me?!?”

…use this weapon. I’ve found it very IRL Effective: Ask and wait for an actual explanation why coloreds like LeBron, Kobe, Kanye & Jay-Z (as wealthy as Gates & Zuckerberg) waste vast monies on crap instead of giving it to helpy-help their brothers in their sacred motherland.

When they can’t answer, then hit them with why should they spend their money when super-rich don’t. Class warfare can be used against coloreds if applied properly.

Niggaz don’t work, but this question does.


* look it up for yourself, moron

13 Responses to “Happy Father’s Day, Jay-Z!”

  1. “Just wait until Murka gets its first real, true Nigga President – like Kanye. Like Kwame Kilpatrick.”

  2. They may try to claim it is irrelevant since only cacasians OWE their wealth to the Third World because colonialism.

    • Then say this exact line, “White guilt is fucking stupid.” Then walk away, and keep your mouth shut, your work is done, don’t try and play intellectual super WN genius that will only muddle your words.

  3. One of my friends from college (white guy) just moved in with a couple of black guys. They were trying to screw him out of the biggest rooms with the biggest closet because they needed more room for all their shoes and clothes even though he was furnishing most of the house. They’re both athletes on scholarship, so most of their shit isn’t accumulated on their dime. They will be graduating in communications, the default athlete degree when you don’t want to do anything in school. After we finished our final test, my friend was solicited by one the black guys for the answers to his test so that the black dude’s girlfriend could pass the class. He diligently handed them over.

    • How do the blacks live? Do they spend most of their time practicing?

      • Yeah, basically their number one priority is sports. I don’t associate with them too much. I think they realize that I’m a taboo breaker and I refuse to suck up to them like others do. It’s a good feeling when they sense that you don’t play by the rules.

      • Nigs can sense a racist. It’s eerie. Then you gain respect, not like the usual white marks.

        Do they get their chicks for free? Groupie sex? I don’t know if that’s a myth or not.

      • Yeah there are white chicks that specifically hang around them to get banged. The black guys treat these girls like dirt though. They call them “bitches” straight to their face and they can make them do whatever they want.

  4. Hey FP how about Murka lost Wars??

  5. That skull thing is pretty cool. It’d make a great trophy.

    When will we get our first true negro president? The blacks will vote for anything, as long as it’s colored. I’d bet in about ten years or so, when the white proportion falls and gets more impotent. The worse things get, the more they will go into denial.

  6. I doubt we’ll ever get an American black president.

    Obama was half white and not descended from slaves.

    American blacks are politically almost inconsequential.

    [ednote: southern bastions like Atlanta once doubted they’d be run by coloreds. I plan to write on this model; there is a model of colored political primacy – the evolution of decay.]


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