How Can WN Be Used to Make Money?

by Ryu

I’m sure there are many ways, and there is probably a cult area of WN devoted to this. If so, I haven’t met them yet. I’d bet anything that Wall Street is just as multiculturalist, Zionist and feminist as any other modern institution.

I hope that the reader is not too biased against words like bet, risk or gamble. I have worked as a professional gambler and it teaches you alot about yourself. Fear and greed. Ideally a person has no emotions but in practice the self discipline is the hardest part. For those interested, I used to count cards when it was still profitable. Now, with FRS, gait tracking, and other trickery, known counters and those who win too much aren’t allowed ……into casinos. Only losers can play.

There exist places called prediction markets. Flip a coin; you can bet on heads or tails. But with prediction markets, you can bet on the outcome of a presidental election, whether a leader is deposed, almost anything where someone will take the other side.

One such site is intrade. You’ll see a variety of events to bet on. This is the PM that I’m most familiar with so that’why I focus on it.

Scroll on down and you’ll see the 2016 presidental election in the US. Right now it’s sitting at $5. With intrade, you buy if you are for, and you sell if you are against. Because it’s around 5, the market thinks it’s a toss up right now.

No way! In 4 years, the demographics will be worse in the US. More spics, less whites, more liberalism. I’m democratic all the way.

Unfortunately, many prediction markets don’t take action from Murkan clients. Just like with banking, regulations are scaring the businesses away. I know clients from New Zealand, Continental Europe and the UK are allowed.

There are certainly other prediction markets out there. I believe in the betting/confidence connection and when I have the inside information, of course I back up the truck. Surely there are plays out there like shorting a Detroit bond offering or betting for a white SPWL community. There must be real estate plays that account for demographics.

Race is a blind spot for most whites and whites still hold the most money. Race is also our great obsession as WNs. That indicates an opportunity to make money.

9 Comments to “How Can WN Be Used to Make Money?”

  1. Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  2. You should use pictures of niggers and non-Whites in pornographic poses.

    Don’t abuse us. Praise us.

    Put *them* down. Never use a picture of a White in a demeaning manner unless it is to demonstrate the fact of our enfeeblement or to arouse anger out of sympathy from fellow Whites.

    Show the Other as the scum they are.

    Denigrate the Other.

  3. The best example, of course, would be those who bet against minority home ownership.

    Michael Lewis wrote a book about this.

    Good post.

  4. I’ve made money on intrade. I think the Republicans will win, but I could be wrong.

    • Republicans? Why them? That’s the white conservative party. I think more whites are just dropping out. A “no” vote is a vote against the system. Any vote is a vote pro system. More minos, more demoncrap victories.

      • War with Russia. military industrial complex.

        It’s simply too early to tell at this point which is why the markets are even. You have to be very bold to pick a position at this time.

        I could be wrong. I’ve lost money and I’ve won a lot of money on intrade (betting on Sarah Palin as McCain’s vice-presidential pick)

        [ed note: there’ll be no war with russia despite how our MINO Master Machine colored rulers drool at the thought of Whites eradicating other whites – not enough White Jordies will enlist. We also cannot fund a giagantic ground war in russia… that USG knows full well we would lose]

  5. Procuring money and funds were paramount for Ho Chi Minh’s little pals.

    Criminal gangs & migger meth cartels use it as seed money to grow fearsome organizations that self-perpetuate and fund themselves after gaining this seed money; that tale is depicted in every “Big Crime” movie/novel in Murkan Hollywood.

    Instead, whites think too much about packing up an moving away from coloreds. That’s not “viking” – that’s what Viking victims did.

    That’s what redskins did in The Wild West until Uncle Beast ultimately told them what remote area to live on: The reservation.

  6. Why not become a paycheck liberal? Make your money, invest it, and then publicly renounce liberalism because you’re a White guy and its against your ethnic interests.

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