Socialist Status Quo

by Firepower

The extreme-hype mega claims of Social Media impact are blunted because the effect is basically an evangelist with blinders on preaching to a lobotomized choir…already with blinders on itself.

These are The Blog Blind POD Peeple. Life has indeed degenerated into a dark, 1970’s sci-fi, a bleak remake of a remake. Murka can’t even be a good fake anymore.

Both Left and Right exist as infotainment for each other side’s sake. It’s a dangerous trend that dis-unites the once United States into solid bilateral opposition historically proven to result in civil wars. The Mountain of Guns (TMOG) just sitting around today just may actually get dusted-off and used. That is good if you’re about anarchy; bad if you expect that results in a repeat of George Washington, Constitutionality – and chirpy fife dreams.

Silly BlogWorld 2.0 and its Twitterverse seem in solidarity, each with itself, when you only listen to The Me Channels. It’s not a “sphere” and it’s not a “cloud” unless you…

… believe it gets dark one day and pisses rain all over your picnic…the murkan picnic of purchasing shit.

For you see, the closest practical solution in sight is The TEA Party – love ’em or hate ’em: They’re not perfect but at least they “do something” to repair the rotting hull of a nation that has passed. Yet despite the TwitterHype, the Republican Establishment Sweeps Tea Party in First Round of Primaries. People say they want an end to bullshit, but these fine folks get drowned like a Life Guard swamped by four clawing idiots because everyone else has degenerated into selfish, panicky morons. Saying is one thing, but actions speak louder than “saying.” Murka is a nation that Votes Clay Aiken. What does that mean to you?

The unprincipled RepubliCrat Establishment funds the Mitch McConnells, Boehners and Tillises of their world over new-blood TEAs with principle, while grinning fat worm Karl Rove urges Romney and Teh Jebbb to campaign for establishment incumbents. Romney couldn’t even get himself elected. Fuck – let’s lay it out: He got buttfucked by Obama in a landslide. So, you get what you’ve had: Boehner & Reid Corp.

32 Comments to “Socialist Status Quo”

  1. Every day it becomes ever more apparent that we are literally under the “leadership” of bona-fide faggots and dykes. As you say, The Boehner and Reid Corporation.

  2. Think of Murka as a family consisting of Radical Child, Big Momma Liberal and Ol’ Conservative Papa each going about life as written in some old script.

    Each day RC will throw a complete fit, each day BM will say “we gotta do something” and each day old mule boy CP will trudge behind his family trying to do his duty according to American Values.

    We write a different script for CP, abort RC, ditch BM and then take up with a young hottie like the deaf mute bikini wearing one from “Planet of the Aper” figuratively speaking of course.

    • Pierre Boulle surely saw the apes in
      Planet of the Apes
      As colored mobs who toppled White Civilization.

    • The radical child can do alot more than just throw hissy fits. Big momma sends Papa to go whip the kid. Put some sense in him. Some kids don’t submit. When Papa’s getting the whip, we find out a thing or two.

      I’ve seen far different than you RRS. 5 minutes in. You don’t speak Swedish, but you’ll know what they are saying. Power only repects on thing on this Earth: more power.

    • Oddly, I’m ambivalent about them now, because I feel sorry for them and pity them. Recently I would’ve torn them new bungholes for fun.

      I formulate this nascent opinion (gratefully wrought by your pic) from a view that there is still hope for their salvation – moreso than most.

      Perhaps they will see the looming reality of Liberal nazism and the Mino Master Machine from their growing daily interactions with Diversity in Murka. Perhaps they shall realize The 5-Fingered Fist of Liberalism; if not them god damn them again…

      If they negate their potential and can’t fucking see that everybody on that adventure – that everyone in the picture is white, then they deserve my bootheel on their necks as I ransack their storehouses.

      • I thought you were the pregnant one sitting next to Forney. Is it not you?

        [ed note: and yet… if I were a plus Goering-Size, with fancy outfits, kwl palz and abundant newsreel footage of diving, screaming Stukas – you’d gobble up my load like Queensland Tapioca]

      • I only know of this Matt Forney guy through this blog. This white marshmallow is not even worth debating. I hope he realizes that he exudes weakness just by looking at him. He has has been a nerd for a very long time. There is absolutely no indication that he has undertaken any type of physical development regimen throughout his entire life (analyzing shoulders, forearms, biceps development), enormous flat tire). Don’t even give this guy the time of day fp, he is a new level of pathetic.

        I support single moms? That dude has bitch tits. If these are the representatives of the Manosphere/MRM, they are truly fucked.

      • These will provide a glimpse into their values and help you understand them and why they failed. Once you get the why of failure, you can predict it elsewhere and prevent your own.

        Thus informed, you then will fully realize why they are to be discarded:

        On the other point: Physical development has a worthy place, but if an “intellectual” proves worthy (by his teachings) then it does not matter as even Foney could beat up the revered Nietzsche.

        My hatred for Ferd-A-Foney sprung not from his views (that I liked) but from his blatant hypocrisy of censoring.

        He was/is a chickenshit phony; a feminine value I rightly predicted by the look of him.

      • The body and the mind go together. This was the Greek idea: a strong mind in a strong body.

        It’s not even being endomorphic. If that’s the body type, go with it. He could become a powerlifter. I love watching Cleave Dean or Butterbean, they were badass. Those guys knew how to use their advantage.

        As wn moves beyond propaganda, we need people who can embody the ideal. And I know it can be done, with certainty. There’s no excuse for being weak.

      • Found a goldmine link on Mike Brown Ryu. Even has a video of him doing 115 lb dumbell presses at the age of 64! Very impressive.

      • Ho ho ho! Thanks. He’s going to get it from me if I interview him. Half rep bullshit. Must be using those to work tris, not chest.

        Man, that guy went straight for sure. My approach is totally different. I don’t care what I lift, I want to be a monster, fucking huge.

        It might be a lot harder than I thought, to get this guy to talk about his past. How does one go from racist and leader of a biker mc to a straight dude selling xtianity and supps?

      • C’mon Ryu. 68 years of age! Give him some credit.

        I think he has always been a “Xtian”. He was part of that “Old Right” scene where they fused conservative American values with Nazism, doesn’t make much sense to me either?

        It ain’t easy being an extremist Ryu. The guy probably moved to the middle just because he wanted some company. You tend to alienate a lot of people when you remain an unrepentant Nazi in this day and age. It’s interesting that there is no mention of his past with the Iron Cross MC nor George Lincoln Rockwell. In my opinion, it could be worse. He could be a broke-dick old coot, but he’s still smashing the weights for his age. I will give him props.

      • We’ve got a different standard than others. You know Beckles? Champion bber until 60, 2nd in 1985 Mr O.

        At 70 yo, he should know better. Those with long careers use the “right” amount of weight. Not as much as they can. There’s weight used, and their muscle stimulation.

      • To maintain that type of shape would require some hormone replacement therapy for sure. I’m not opposed to that when I get older.

        You have your work cut out for you in that interview. I wonder how he looks back upon his outlaw and extremist past?

    • They are weak. They lack the passion and belief that a wn has.

      Fucking sunglasses. That’s what gives it away. They are ordinary Americans who stumbled across the truth. It has not altered them.

  3. Do you have any thoughts on UKIP, called Brit’s version of the Tea Party?

    • My thoughts are the same as Golden Dawn, and whatever other party is created.

      The Party is just the beginning. The international system will NEVER allow a pro-white party to take power, even if they win the vote, even if they are loved by the people, even if they grease every croocked judge and politician in the land. The leaders must be strong enough not to BS themselves that politics will work.

      The only solution is revolution. The Iraqis and Stanis show the way. They don’t ask permission or play the American games.

      • I agree with you, thanks for the prompt reply. I do wonder if they realize that potential brewing, because the Elites live in the same city (London) as the criminals, with no apparent safeguards in case of riots.

      • The situation is the exact same as a poker game.

        The system has a big stack of money, they own the dealer, they are engaged in group play. We have a short stack, and the antes are going up. We’ve got some time to wait for the right cards.

        The only weapon we have is to take on more risk, to go all in. It makes even the strongest enemy think twice. Double up a few times, and we’re right back in the game.

        The elites have set up things in such a way that the only way to change things, and get to them, is to go all out. And very, very few have the balls or craziness to do it. If enough take a shot, someone will succeed. The criminals are not political and present no threat. That’s why they waco wns, but not cartels.

      • They take down the cartels though.

        We Americans tend to forget that there are other powers in the world besides USG.

        Until you’re a player on the cartel levels you might not be aware of that. and those connections might take 20 years to make.

      • The greater the system response, the greater the threat.

        They save their greatest punishment, fire, for the greatest threats: Koresh, Dorner, Kahl, Bob Matthews. Fire is what I always remember.

        I’m totally unimpressed by the system response to the cartels. They have to hold back, because most are spics and that would be racist. My impression is that the Mex/Murkan gov only take down the ones who do not cooperate with them. It doesn’t matter if you’re a bad guy, if you’re loyal to the right men.

        Noriega, Iran Contra. Again the Americans creating and training their own monster, just like Osama and Saddam. They don’t want the cartels gone.

        Is there a bigger threat than the USG, J?

      • In my experience, they treat the Cartels pretty much like the Romans treated the barbarians around the time of Attila the Hun. And the dangerous ones are all run by whites in Mexico.

        Yes American Whites are the bigger threat to their mind.

        “My impression is that the Mex/Murkan gov only take down the ones who do not cooperate with them. ”

        Most of what’s known about everything is partially wrong. But I can say this is pretty much correct.

        Oh well, the ISIL is making a monkey out of the ZOG military.

      • What ISIS is doing is glorious. Extemists lead the way. The Americans will never win using their methods. This is because for each turrist they kill, they also kill 10 civilians. 90%+ of the casualties are civilians in modern warfare.

        I watched an interesting movie while back, J. Some exmil soldiers take on the cartels, when the cartels try to muscle in on them.

        There was some great scenes in that movie. They actually took the fight to cartel families in the USA. THEN, we found out what it was like when the shoe was on the other foot.

      • The only group that is cowed by the Murkan Mino Machine’s tactics are soldier “patriots,” OAF Keepaz and…wns. Everybody else just shits on them, blows them the fuck up and defeats them.

        And that’s with soldier “patriots,” OAF Keepaz and wns being the most numerous, heavily armed enemy force of LN/MMM in the world; guess Bible-thumping “racists” just want to keep on a-watchin’ Jimmy Swaggart on the HDTV, sneak in the guilty Metzger/Turner Diary FAP-Pleasure youTube vid and suck down Pizza & Bud.

        Glad I won’t have kids. They is fuckered.

      • A party brings people together. This is vital.

        There will be a party and it will be blocked. Then the fighting will start.

        I know you guys are impatient but that’s the way it is going to happen.

        [ed note: you prefer us to tweet JAN & TDO? the Benghazi/Bergdahl/ISIS daisy chain?]

  4. “They save their greatest punishment, fire, for the greatest threats: Koresh, Dorner, Kahl, Bob Matthews. Fire is what I always remember.”

    Yes, we still burn witches. I was greatly amused when the reporter said the Feds threw the flares into the Farmer Führer’s cabin so they could see…

    • WE aren’t burning anything. THEY are.

      [ed note: so then – what does that mean to you? MOAR Tweets needed?}

    • Everyday I see more and more. The Americans will even use their BS customer service when bussing dissidents to the camps.

      A bit before 24 minutes in. I’ve already lived through the future.

      There was a very dramatic scene in this movie, one of many. 48 minutes in. Soviet soldiers infiltrate and dispatch congress. They killed everyone in the room.

  5. I expect Hilary to give another campaign speech to La Raza soon implying they can run wild for all the fuck she cares provided they generate the primary numbers where it matters in Mexifornia and Texico

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