White vs Colored vs Migger vs White

by Firepower

Illegal mexicans and the expanding, malignant Amerexica serve the elite in a win/win situation: These invaders kill two birds with one stone and combat both the rioting black and dormant NRA White.

Rioting Blacks are expensive to keep as pets – like a monkey who entertains you with chirps and rappin’ grunts – then shits on your $64,000 carpet.

NRA Whites wax fondly on the American Revolution and the Spirit Of ’76 (SO76).  Simply put: They revere Paul Revere. Thus, both coloreds and NRA Whites are dangerous to differing geographic and logistical elements of Elite Property. Coloreds threaten physical property (as capital) and Whites threaten the rule of property.

Blacks don’t pick no muthafuckin’ tomatoes. Beaners do. Whites no longer pick either tomatoes – or cotton. The black doesn’t actually do any work; they just serve as…

…a boogeyman and threat to all whites (but mainly NRA Whites), keeping them in line.  They are the stick to the BIGov Bennies carrot. The problem is that such prolonged and pervasive threats become too great and are eventually eradicated by all BIGovs like a rat in a swpl’s pantry.

It’s Prison Segregated Murka: It’s Amerexiqo.

I wrote in Hunger Games Soylent Green, the former USA will look like (and become) Brazil:  Coloreds and Miggers violently dominating outnumbered poor whites, killing them and driving the rest to the countryside. Do you ever see “poor whites” in Brazil’s favelas? Any white enclaves in Detroit or LA? Nope; they’re all dead or driven off. Poor whites are a rarity; they only exist as sextoy factories – until colored bucks fuck the white out of their daughters and spawn Spickaninnies™. “Poor whites” exist only as a Hollywood stereotype.

White elites will require a restructured order to maintain economic money to support the welfare corn syrup state.  That order will need lots of militaristic police forces required to be secure, stable – like prison with guards. Despite Liberal nazi Hollywood ministries of “rockers” promoting Bushite Republicants as establishing a “new world order” the New World Order is brown – and run by the LN.

So, this nwo state becomes totalitarian because of the sheer number of police and powers they’ll require to maintain order.  They will be a palace guard and garrisoned at crucial areas:  A Praetorian Guard. These were used before; they were known as …castles…protected by armored knights.  Knights were not noble, but were really gangsters working for a Lord to make examples of upstart threats by cracking skulls, draw n’ quartering and gibbeting dissenters.  Knights were paid by local Dukes, Earls and lords. Brazil is the MODERN variant and perfection of today’s feudal society: Rich at the top, protected from peons by well-equipped enforcers who do the dirty and dangerous labor… Like Murka is now. Like I warned you all those years ago.

The proof is the dual standards of justice; one for you, one for those with Affluenza. Kill five people, turn four into pissing, drooling vegetables – get rehab. Call a nigger a nigger – get life imprisonment.

The migrating, invading black destroyed major white cities with no more than a welfare check and a moving van.

Whites proved incompetent to fight them; the only force apparently now capable of eradicating the black is the illegal mexican – as in Oakland, CA’s massive demographic switch from colored to mex. Since the last census, Oakland lost 25% of its coloreds. You’re thinking “0y! vat a tragedy!” but name any city coloreds abandon when there’s still pillaging to do before it’s completely destroyed… like Destroyt.

The mex simply shot the shit out of nigraz and eradicated them. It’s sort of the way mankind’s worked ever since the Egyptians vs Hittites, or until Post WW2 turned whites into sappy neuters hugging their Sambo Dolls.

To replace the votes of the dead blacks – and the mexicans imprisoned for killing them – The Elite just pay the colored to breed, plus import more miggers until the LN/MMM Vote Machine full. They get both votes and disposable boogeymen. All coloreds are expendable to a white LN.

The Elite keep cannon-fodder Jordie whites pacified with the plushest pay & benefits of all Big Government jobs: COPJobs & FireJOBS!®.
The LN does the same to its colored soldiers.

Their cronies – fat capital lobbyists and administrative bureaucrats – get Royal Treasuries eternally funded by unlimited, rich TAX dollar budgets to eternally “fight crime” and “win the war on DRUGGS!™”

It’s the Liberal nazi Elite equivalent of dumping roaches on your plate of caviar to get the proprietor to pay for your dinner.

I’ve written more of this, in-depth on Eradica. The articles expand the concept:

Mexican Votes – For Liberal Fascists

Conquering & Overthrowing Liberalism


Timetable For America’s Demise II

40 Comments to “White vs Colored vs Migger vs White”

  1. I’ve been staying in the mountains.

    This last week I dropped a half-tab of acid with Hannagan. We staryed up drinking Coppers green and red (and smoking green) whilst listening to the Doors and Wagner.

    The music of war.

    Hannagan talks about levels of consciousness.

  2. Mexicans are natural conservatives after all, they naturally help conserve the elite’s power.

    • Good one Snake. I hadn’t heard that one before. There definitely won’t be a revolution in Mexico or Central America.

  3. Coloreds threaten capital, whites threaten rule. That’s a good rule. I think the elite want to secure they rule more than make more capital. They are more interested in getting rid of us, than making money.

    MW had this cartoon up on his site. The Goode Family, which makes fun of liberals. I guess it got canceled quickly.

    • The elite now believes whites are superfluous as labor.
      Some have value as STEMs – and Jordies.

      Surplus males always form gangs, clans, Viking raiders or Comanche Warriors.
      Oddly, today’s Whimpy Whitey Brandons form Carpal Tunnels and bedsores on their collective gaming ass

      When such dregs are buttfucked into oblivion by Future Colored Mob, perhaps Brandons’ children (more likely grandkids) might lift a finger.

      But, once Romans disappeared they were replaced. They vanished totally. New Rulers just won’t bow down out of respect of memory for who built that Coliseum or who built that Twin Toilet in Manhattan…

  4. You overemphasize 1776 when in reality the motive was economic. One set of rising new elites battling the old aristocratic elite. George Washington himself was the wealthiest president in history even by today’s standards. People and armies show up when you offer them something tangible and not worthless abstractions like “freedom”. The proof is the present after all. If it was going to work it would have already simple as that. There needs to be a new paradigm.

    Societies that choose rot and decay are unable to defend themselves anyway. Just because people today won’t do shit doesn’t mean a future Genghis Khan type won’t arrive from elsewhere. There is always loot to be had in the form of land, slaves, tribute, and women.

    [ednote: SO76 amounts to around five words in the post. you’re missing the entire point]

    • On the contrary you missed mine coloreds were simply driven by personal gain and won.

      Welfare benefits, urban territory, government jobs, and the freedom to hump white women.

      No vague platitudes but tangible rewards for violent action. Revolutions aren’t hard people.

  5. Please eradicate this libtard parasite today. Thank you.

  6. Since its basically hopeless for whites and the anti-white propaganda is too strong our essays not enough its time for those who really feel the deep seated helplessness to throw themselves off a tall building.

  7. So do it and get it over with.

    • Sounds like you’re ready to lose. It’s not over until we have won. Either wn wins, or the white race disappears.

      You smell like an infiltrator. Take this back to your masters:

  8. Might makes right. I’m the only libtard in my family. Kill me and get it over with. I won’t do it. You will.

    • You may yet get your wish, but it’ll be the blacks and spics that do it.

      You have been offered a chance at redemption. Repent! God will forgive you for being a liberal if you become a fervent racist. As fanatic a liberal as you were, that’s how fanatic a racist you must become. The scales must be balanced.

  9. Golden Dawn isn’t Aryan enough for Howard Covington and Cesar Tort, Sicilians aren’t white enough either.

    • Jews qualify their jewishness:
      “This one doesn’t synagogue enough.”
      “That one reads the Torah 5x daily.” etc.

      All are incremental and calibrated – not arbitrary, as we outside the club erroneously think.

      Some are devout and follow, others run the entire Murkan Porn Corp.
      ALL stick together…

      Whites could learn Great Lessons from the little 2% mino minority
      that runs the entire world – their world.

      Aryan Idolizing is the Achille’s Heel obsession of the VRW, the NewsReel Nazi and the Peter Panzer ejaculating in German…Like Our Pat Haniggen.

      Peter Panzers thus exclude Irish, Scots, EuroSpaniards, Portuguese, Poles, Russians & Ukrainians – the latter groups whom Uncle Dolfie gassed with glee. All are White.

      Perhaps I and all Eradicans shall now judge Whiteness among whites in arbitrary fashion – the way those successful, world-conquering jews do: Maybe, just maybe, Deneen Borelli, Clarence Thomas and Thomas Sowell are White – white enough for me. They surely think as White as me – perhaps even more so.

      Berlin 1945 shows us with exacting devastation what happens when Aryans “go it alone…”

      I have no time for losers.
      Especially losers with blinders on fighting B-17’s and T-34’s.

      Anyone who would follow such fools again is the biggest god-damned fool in History; more foolish than even a Migger Meth Cartel flunkie who actually, does pretty good.

      Not only must Diverse White Races unite as do the Five-Fingered Fist of Liberals, they must unite their diverse political organizations such as Soldier/Patriots, Nationalists, Oath Keepers, White Nationalists, Libertarians etc into a coalition equally powerful as the Obama-Clintonite nexus.

  10. I want my children to thrive. Apparently I was somehow infected with pathological altruism very early on. If I am guilty of unconsciously genociding my race, then just kill me and be done with it- I have expressed this repeatedly. You hate me FAR more than I hate you. In spite of knowing that most around me “got it’ and I didn’t, I acknowledge my defect as a gullible goy and desire nothing else than to be executed for my apparent treason to my blood.

    [ed note: with such extreme self-loathing, you make the Perfect Suburban Christian, but a lousy Vengeance seeking, bomb-wearing Muzz or simple colored drug dealer!]

  11. Yes. Apparently the correct term is klippoth, neurasthene, mundane.
    Pretty hard to not be self loathing when everyone around you is darkly enlighted, pretending to love you but wants you dead.

  12. I don’t want my race genocided. I’m not welcome at the Temple of Set, as I was deformed according to the doctrines, either in the womb or in early childhood. Action???

    [speak clearly when asking questions. use riddles when answering them. leave parables to me]

  13. “Perhaps I and all Eradicans shall now judge Whiteness among whites in arbitrary fashion – the way those successful, world-conquering jews do: Maybe, just maybe, Deneen Borelli, Clarence Thomas and Thomas Sowell are White – white enough for me. They surely think as White as me – perhaps even more so.”

    Sorry, FP, I’m a little thick. Is this sarcasm or a proposal?

  14. No sir. Not a trap at all. I’m asking if people I consider patriots, like Sowell and Levin are part of the problem or solution from your perspective?

    • Those you mention are worthier than the average trailerpark white.
      It is difficult to call for their eradication based on color, when demons like Chris Matthews, John Kerry and Jon Stewart exist.

      Who would eradicate Sowell – based on color – and keep Chris Matthews by default?

      Yet, it is unwise to use the exceptions of Sowell and Levin to prove the generality: 1% of MINOS do not excuse the damage done by the 99% majority.

      • Why do Whites always go out of their way to point out the “good Blacks”?These Blacks are irrelevant but I’m sure the powers that created them are glad to know you love them so.

        Oh well. Guess the show must go on.

  15. FB, thanks for your reply. You may not remember, but we had a great convo on Twitter a few months back. An even though we disagree on some points, I greatly respect you.

    Erin, what do you mean by “the powers that created them”?

    • I respect you also.
      I remember your pic; you had a tie as a bandanna iirc.

      Welcome to Eradica. You may disagree with opinions here (and vice versa) but intelligence makes its points that stand irrefutably on their own, far above the din, for those who listen.

  16. Again, this post reiterates the fact that both colored and wite in Murka are being put into obsolescence, especially by Miggas. elitey witey have enough wealth to sustain their next line of descendant, while beaners do their housecleaning.

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