Some Words On MMA

by Ryu

I recently watched this documentary on an underground MMA fight league. I’m sorry for all the beaners in this video. It was filmed in California, so you have to expect that sort of thing.

There’s things to admire, things not to admire. Soldiering is different than fighting. The element of surprise and good intel are the keys to any raid or assault. We need more intellect, less brawn. We need alot more from you than just to be good at hand to hand combat. That’s just one part of the whole. Fighting is a young man’s game, for the ages of 16 to 30. But life goes beyond those ages.

None of the techniques I’ve seen would have helped these fighters in the interrogation room. To a man, everyone in that video was a rabbit, an extrovert, someone who needs…… to expel nervous energy by talking and moving around aot. Get a man like that alone, away from his friends, unable to attack an external opponent, and he’ll attack himself. They are all great fighters, but they have left their minds defenseless. Inevitably, they would rat out and inform on their comrades.

The range of WN covers alot of different areas. It’s important to find a specialty and it’s important to have general skills. Those we can talk about so far would be knife “fighting”, hand to hand combat, guns, military tactics, performance driving, cointer intelligence, surveillance, and computer hacking. There are of course many more, which is why it is so important to move beyond the current news and jews model.

I don’t want to minimize fighting, but I want to promote reaching higher levels. The closer one gets to the top of any organization, the more brains and cunning, the less brawn. If I notice that fighter XYZ likes blonde ring card girls, I can provide them to him, then I own him and I’ve won without throwing a punch.

7 Responses to “Some Words On MMA”

  1. I find that being a martial arts nerd sharpens the mind and is very healthy. I call myself a martial arts nerd because I study martial arts and condition a lot, but I haven’t tested it out, so I can’t say I’m any kind of “fighter.” I fought a lot as a kid and can take a punch, but I suspect an experienced street fighter would take me down quite easily. Just being honest.

    I take private wing chun lessons, and I am focused on learning the correct biomechanics so I can then practice those biomechanics 10,000 times on my own. Maybe I will fight someday in this life, maybe not, but what I will do if I live long enough will be to teach the biomechanics of fighting and fight conditioning to someone worthy.

    I got a fight conditioniong trick for you. Do you punch a heavy bag? If so, make sure you do the opposite movement too. So stand with the heavy bag behind you, and hit it with your elbows and upper arms, at all gates, lower gate, middle gate, upper gate. Flex your abs and put your hips into it, just like when you punch. Also, with punching, keep your shoulder relaxed otherwise the shoulders tense will resist the hips, so the hips don’t generate power. relax shoulders and let hips twist free. foot hits floor and hand hits target simultaneously. biomechanics of a punch. there’s a lot more but that’s what I know at this time.

    Also, I do high rep hula hoop in both directions. 1000 each way. this energizes the core so I can do pilates and yoga better, and being able to do these things better is good martial arts conditioning, and so on. Also I jump rope. hula hooping made me able to jump rope better/longer.

    • Good job! I’m glad you’re talking a class. Study hard, be the best. Try to outdo the master. It should not take long for a white supremacist.

      • I won’t outdo my teacher. He’s a very big guy, and I’d have a long way to learn to be as good as him. He has punches that are pretty much impossible to block, because they are very fast, very powerful, and he’s got a long reach. I asked him if his wing chun teacher could block his punches. He said that he could but only becuase his teacher has developed very fast neurological pathways to see the other person telegraphing his martial intentions.

      • Everyone has a weakness. Find his. Sometimes, we allow a punch to go through. Boxers will walk through a weak jab to deliver a strong right counter.

        How’s his short range? Is he right or left handed? Right or left legged? Does he punch with a vertical or horizontal fist? How’s the footwork and balance? Look at the man, not the martial artist. Human moves can win where brute force fails.

        Speed can be a weakness. Like a pitcher who pitches fast all the time, the hitter just starts early. Does he vary his tempo and speed or go fast all the time?

        You must find a way to beat him, MW. This is your vision quest. WNs must learn to make the impossible routine. Today, he looks invincible to you. Tommorow, you may beat him EASILY.

      • Ryu,

        Part of the training we do when we spar is that I have to try and punch him in the face. If I get a shot in, good, and his rule for himself is that he cannot hit me. It’s kind of his training, keeping him sharp. In short, I haven’t got a shot in for all my trying. he just blocks it, catches my arm, twists me sideways to expose my neck, and shows that he could have punched me in the side of the head or side of the neck. Wing chun seeks to chain punch the side of the head and/or the side of the neck to cause a knockout or whack some nerves and cause convulsions.

        So yeah, I try to beat him, it’s part of the training. But it’s like a seal trying to beat up a killer whale.

      • Think it out. There IS a way. Nothing on this Earth is impossible. He suceeds because he fools you. You “honor” his will. We do not win in this world by playing other people’s games. We win by them playing ours.

        Ignore his wish. Try to hit him in the stomach. Then hit his face.

        When he catches your fist, scissor the elbow around like a Thai fighter.

        Use the SWAT technique. Yell really loud, to distract. Then hit. WHen they kick down the door, they don’t expect the orders to be obeyed. They expect to shock the perps.

        Go to the grocery story and buy a notebook. Write your observations about him there. Everyday, without fail. In one month, you will hit him, I guarantee it. You must learn to see everything. Take notes on every little detail.


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