Closing US Interstates During Rush Hour in Major Cities

by Firepower

Thomas Jefferson would spit shit on those preventing an effigy of a US President being burned: Would Old TJ object if it were King George III? What’s worse, a tyrant of a king – or a tyrant of a President?  It’s Los Prez, because he “should”¹ be the protector of our Freedom won by two wars of Revolution.

With Our Historic Black President, the overreaction is even more extreme² when compared to still inappropriate Fascist USG responses to

saying any naughty things about any King Presidents!!!

All it takes to close a major traffic artery is a dummy. Somebody plunked down $10 for a garage sale mannequin and ski mask and spent an hour of their time. I suppose a model of Jesus getting butt-fucked by Mohammad would shut down all Murka’s crumbling Interstates…

¹inactive~activist mra faggots: note proper usage of word “should”
²gaming~extreem 2000 Brandon faggots: note proper usage of word “extreme”

5 Comments to “Closing US Interstates During Rush Hour in Major Cities”

  1. This is exactly the kind of thing we’d expect any serious wn to be able to do, without a lot of trouble. It would make a good ops test for recruits.

    Kids today missed out on learning how to do this sort of things, when they skipped out on pranks. He’ll be clear if there were no witnesses and if he stayed off of those highway cameras.

  2. Graffiti would also be possible, like political slogans or anti immigration symbols in high traffic areas, but there would be only a few seconds of spraying time before the getaway.

    • NYC is Murka’s largest city and its subway cars were covered in graffiti; the city still is loaded with it.
      Los Angeles is Murka’s second largest city and it is riddled with graffiti.

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