I Hate White People

by Ryu

The only whites who I truly respect today are cons, skinheads, nationalists, and direct action guys. The others have no edge, nothing dangerous about them.

There is no honorable way to live in America now. One can live as a worm or a snake, but not a man and certainly not a wolf.

Thordaddy is a very unique writer. He sometimes talks about the white supremacist ideal – loving everyone in your race. Such an ideal is not realizable today. The masses are unworthy of it.

55 Comments to “I Hate White People”

  1. What about people who try to create value and sustain practical knowledge? Your cons and skinheads will starve if no one is producing food. If there’s nothing to raid, they are really SOL.

    Also, people are being poisoned by industrial ag food, by the chemical additives. Isn’t it a high priority to not get poisoned? Cons and skinheads don’t care about that stuff, they live for today while they drink HFC laced soda and smoke Marlboros.

    • Value for who? For the system? To make a pile of money and buy a mcmansion? To wear a big white hat and say “I’m good, I’m going to heaven”?

      There are always enough farmers. Even in Africa today, there is much plunder to be had. Raiders are always a minority, because it takes balls. There’s no danger farming.

      The farmers are slaves. Black and mino raiders have won. This is why you see whites coming up with hundreds of reason why they shouldn’t hit back. Whites are a conquered people.

    • mindweapon wrote:
      Cons and skinheads don’t care about that stuff, they live for today

      The once mightiest, greatest nation in history was conquered completely by Miggers & Niggers eating Twinkies and Manteca – not to mention cracked-up on meth.

      Farmurz is Overrated. To retreat to such a lifestyle is a mistake; it is devolution. When Mighty Romans retreated to farmz, they became… I-Talians; a inferior race that couldn’t find its dick in the bathtub.

      • You have probably seen this article by Victor David Hanson already, but I haven’t seen you comment on it yet. This guy has to be “lifting” your work or else you guys are just coincidentally arriving at the same conclusions.


      • Victor Davis Hanson’s editor actually contacted me a while ago.

        I’d be chuffed & proud if he credited me as a source and equally delighted to sue them if my work ever appears uncredited in a book that makes them one fucking cent.

        [ed note: are you reading me totally clear fellas?]

      • He can’t credit you – you’re a racist. It would not look well. You’re not respectable enough.

        Set a bear trap. Give him some really good material, make him rich. Then you sue, when he’s got some scratch.

        [ed note: you read my mind. I WILL use that money to build an Organization. What better vengeance?]

  2. As my prison guard buddies say, “never trust a con.” Anyway once the anti-white propaganda has its effectiveness destroyed by a few phrases repeated over and over thruout the public you will have more “action” in YugoMurka than you can handle. But for now like any other political website or outlet its mostly entertainment.

    Once the control words are lost, it gonna get feisty. So if you want to see this in movie form then watch the Brando remake of “The Island of Dr. Moreu.

    • Never trust someone who is PAID by the USG. Those nice shiney paychecks say State of California or New York on them. Would you trust a cop or CO, who will narc to get a scooby snack from the OIC?

      It’s bull. “I’m trustworthy…see? I’ve got this here badge from the USG. I’m a good person now.”

      To trust, you need some dirt on both people. Then if someone does turn, they both get burned. I have more trust of criminals than straight people.

      Straight people are mostly loyal to the system. Most cases are solved with the public’s help. They are the eyes and ears of the system.

  3. True, they’re all faggots.

    There’s no one worth preserving.

  4. White Nationalism is full of dichotomy.

    We predispose that White’s need saving, yet hate White’s for not saving themselves.

    We hate White’s for being brainwashed, yet propose that Whites are worth saving.

    • It is quite a predicament.

    • They must free themselves, prove themselves worthy. Wanting it is enough. Taking steps toward it is even better.

    • The problem is one of generalities.

      Specification is needed:
      1. Many whites are worth salvaging.
      2. More are not. Thus, they must be used as expendable buffers against the colored mob. Pawns are useful, but as useful at the finish as a Rook.

      I would not fight for most of my irl neigbors; they can die. Most of you here, I would fight for – even Saucy Erin, Crabby Mo and Miss Patty Haniggin.

  5. White people have compliance with moral norms as one of their top three defining traits. Which sucks given our current set of moral norms, but also means that white behavior can shift on a time if circumstances cause the moral norms to shift. It wasn’t the trash, cranks and “reactionaries” who supported those guys in Germany, it was the best people.

    And remember, Germans are the largest white ethnic group in the United States.

    • I’ll say this. When I go to a third world country, I can dig the people alot more than here. WN would work far better with third world people than first world whites. Blacks and minos make better wns than whites.

      The only people who don’t like the third world are the hardasses. If you’ve got money and balls, you can get anything done. Their corruption is honest. As if that wasn’t how it worked here as well.

      • International travel allows you to have a totally new perspective. For an extended period of time you become an outsider looking in at the United States. You begin to understand how different Americans are from the rest of the world. Dropping typical American conventions and picking up new conventions that you hadn’t realized were possible is life-changing.

    • The “normal” morality of the white collective is the deadly belief that one has the “right” to “love, f$&k, screw” whomever they please. This belief “transcends” the left/right paradigm and all the ideological degrees in between.

  6. Darn, that should say “shift on a dime”.

  7. Ryu,

    Your last sentence makes it seem as if you’re unsure of your own proclamations to hate the majority of white people. Are you just implying that there is an alternative to your own viewpoint?

    • I have so many posts that often the half finished ones are posted. This is like that. There’s alternatives to everything.

      I do not believe the white race will survive. There will be white slaves who serve the system, then people like us.

  8. A while back, I watched a few documentaries on the White AB. Some of the guys were notably articulate and well-adapted to handle the prison environment. According to one documentary, the members had a reading list that included Nietzsche, Sun Tzu’s Art of War, and Grey’s Anatomy. Sounds like my reading list (ha).

    A few have mentioned Rockwell’s “Suicide Squad” on here and that Mike Brown was the leader of this outfit. Doing a quick search on Mike, I came across this book that he co-wrote on knife-fighting. It appears that is a good read with guys who actually have some experience in knife combat in and out of the prison system.


    • They killed two guards at Marion Max on one day, a whole lot of don’t give a fuck if you ask me. My buddy at a prison and his coworkers used an AB to scare the shit out of some prison niggers one time. Stupid system puts female guards in a male prison and this one had big tits so the black inmates were riding her hard so the guards found a 350lb AB and traded a few extra showers and twinkies for him to settle the situation, that’s right Mr. AB shut em all up. RYU would give that guy a bj.

      • I agree, I don’t believe that they are strict ideologues at all. They do what they have to do in order to survive and thrive in their environment. Cool story though. I love personal anecdotes.

      • I wouldn’t give him a BJ, but I applaud his actions.

    • The book is ok. Nothing to write home about. I’d recommend James Lafond’s stuff on knife fighting. Mike Brown is a cool guy who still lifts weights in his ’70s but Lafond has more experience and is still sparring and coaching .

      • Thanks for name-dropping James Lafond. I’ve been reading his blog since yesterday and I bought 2 of his books already. He’s an interesting guy.

      • What do you think of Lafond? Run it down for us. The man, the motive, the method. I have not read him yet.

      • In regards to Lafond, I’m making the first ever Ryu Disclaimer (1. He’s not a racist. 2. You probably won’t turn him into one either.)

        Anyways, Lafond has spent spent a considerable amount of his life in the ghetto, in Baltimore specifically. In the ghetto, he has seen and has been involved in more violence than you can shake a stick at. One his favorite hobbies is to document the violence whether it is from the predator’s perspective or the prey’s.

        He has a great social analysis of the different factions that comprise the Baltimore Jungle. He describes it in Darwinistic terms of who are the lead lions and who are the gazelles. I enjoyed his criticism of the classism of whites who look down upon their redneck brethren. The upper class whites (the perfect victims) fail to realize that the rough and tough hicks that live on the margins of the community are the only deterrent there is to predatory blacks who like prey on them.

        His ideas on race are nuanced. He thinks that both blacks and whites have historical and cultural narratives that prevent them from settling their unreasonable fears. Fundamentally, he states that racial conflict is used as a tool of distraction by the elites, divide and conquer so to speak.

        By the way he loves him some Donovan. He says he agrees with about 95% of what he says.

      • Let’s roll the dice. Make a guess at it, you know him better than I. What would Lafond think of McVeigh or Kaczinski? For or against? Is he a revolutionary, or pro-system?

      • Here are some of his articles on race. Apparently some skinheads put a hit on him because he had no problem firing white guys at one of his jobs. He says he has irked a lot of white people in the past because he will not cave in to being a racist. I don’t think it is going to happen. However, the guy knows how to survive in one of the most dangerous areas in the United States. You can still learn something from him.


      • Here are two outlines of one of his upcoming books, Taboo You: Way of the Terminal Man. I’m looking forward to reading it. I figure that I will probably end up a lot like Lafond in the future.


    • Thanks! I’m quite interested in the Suicide Squad. Do you know anything about that plot that all the major wns like Black and Duke did in the 80s, where they were going to take over an island? I’ve never seen a full explaination.

      • I have been trying to track down more information on the Suicide Squad, but I haven’t come up with much. Maybe Jaeger has some suggestions?? While reading Black’s wiki profile, I think I read something that mentioned the island operation. I haven’t looked into it further.

      • THERE is a good example of a guy making good use of his time in prison. Black learned to make websites in prison and love or hate stormfront..for a long time it’s all there was. I cut my teeth there, figuratively.

      • Thanks! That’s what I wanted.

      • Brown is pretty well burrowed into his version of the “mainstream” so whether he’d talk about his adventures with Rockwell, I don’t know. To the right guy/s maybe.

        I’ve heard him talk about the motorcycle club adventures, but never about the suicide squad. he definitely could play The Most Interesting Man in the World if he wanted to.

        Reddog I think was CIA plan that went wrong.

      • my guess is that Black had an in with the CIA, which is why he didn’t open fire and take off when the BATF hit. Thought the CIA would bail him out.

      • Looks like they had too many people involved. I smell that they went for too much, too fast. It’s exactly the same as someone walking into the casino with 100 bucks, and wanting to walk out with 1000, in one trip. Very unlikely. They should have spread the risk and reward over several years and over several plans.

        And worst of all, they broke the rules. There ought to be no hesitation in aborting if something goes wrong. You can’t outmuscle an op gone bad, it just doesn’t work.

      • You should see if you can’t get an interview with Mike Brown through Jaeger. I think that would be one badass interview.

      • I’m thinking about it. I must research Brownie some more.

      • Dammit. I want to see that interview. He could probably just as easily upload it to Youtube again.

      • see if you can find the Tom Metzger interview with Brown done back in the ’80s. If you write to Metzger he can send you the tape. It used to be youtube.

        Most people find Brown to be an asshole because he’s incredibly arrogant and somewhat out of date. He won’t even deign to have a conversation with most people

      • I’m an asshole too. He’ll talk to me if I find a way to get in contanct.

        Race and Reason. I can see the video but not access it. Almost exactly halfway down.

      • Ryu. Ok I’ll get his contact info for you.

      • Thanks! It will take me a few weeks to figure him out. Results don’t always come quickly.

    • Here is the whole book, “Prison’s Bloody Iron”, on pdf.


      • Thanks! That is excellent already. I have to finish it all.

        You know Marc McYoung?

      • I didn’t til’ now. He seems legit. I watched an interview with McYoung and he mentioned Rory Miller who is a expert on violence as well. I started reading Rory’s work about 2 months ago.


      • Good for you. I know about chiron training too. I have read his material. The very best article, for me, was when he urges students to select 4 idols and to make their own martial art. As for Rory himself, he’s totally prosystem and he teaches pigs how to fight.

  9. Damn, even Nietzsche is considered too subversive in our colleges these days. We wouldn’t want any of these impressionable college kids to get any crazy ideas that “equality” is bullshit.


  10. I think Ryu is expressing his frustration at the middle-class.

    All things considered I’d rather hang out or be around dangerous people. Like the Bible says, iron sharpeneth iron.

    Other people just weaken you by their presence.

  11. Ryu…

    Again, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is dead letter. Soft middle class “white” liberals are not all that different from “white” thugs in prison. Both seek comfort, but simply approach the “goal” in a different manner. One plays with the system and is rewarded comfort while the other bucks the system and gets three square, a cot and gym time on the soft middle class dime. Neither one of these collectives are truly hungry because neither one imposes starvation on themselves. I’ve seen too many of these “aryan”-types that are nothing but bums knowing that the prison system is a comfortable free ride. A true safety net for the degenerate “white” mind. And in between are those “yes” men (how many of “us” could have been “yes” men if we so desired?) who exaggerate the “aryan”-gang narrative in order to maximize their own autonomy. Fundamental to the gang lifestyle is disloyalty to flesh and blood and a supposed “loyalty” to your “brothers.” That just doesn’t pass the smell test. If one can piss on his family, he can piss on anyone.

    The white man who desires to step forward and lead other men (the real definition of power) should start with forcing himself to go hungry, literally. Go ahead and starve yourself and feel real hunger. Learn to despise the simple comfort of satiety. In this small little step, one is necessarily forced to look farther down road for he has imposed his own adverse effect.

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