Robin Hood

by Ryu

Rebellion is not that complicated. Americans love to sell complication because it enriches their reputation and pocketbooks. Little wonder that child-soldiers in Africa and illiterate goat herders in the Stan put it into practice better than thousands of West Point graduates.

Isn’t it interesting how Boko Haram is still alive? The Americans sent their SpecOps team in. The Nigerian gov wants them. The world was outraged. And Kony 2012? How is he still free? They made movies about him. That Malaysian airplane? 30 nations, millions of dollars, satellites, months of effort and they can’t find it. The system’s control is an illusion. Stop believing them.

Hit, run, hide. Steal from the rich, give to the poor. Play by your own set of rules. And always be prepared for the systems’s brutality: they will go after your family and they love using fire.

Not a thing has changed in 800 years. Not even the ……excuses for inaction. The sheriff of Nottingham had more technology than Robin Hood. He had more money. He was as invincible as the USG now seems. The solution was the same.

WN 2.0 is a fancy word for “logistics”. Safe houses, supply routes, intelligence networks, MONEY, recruitment. Learn to think militarily; the system does. Don’t mistake the means for the end; we obtain the hammer to build houses, not to get more hammers. We are not wns to become the new jews.

A word of caution. The survivalist/patriot movement is more highly infiltrated than wn. This is because the system fears free white men with guns more than anything.

If you want to learn how to fight the USG, listen to people who DO IT. Not those who were paid to obey it. Criminals, the VC, al Queda, the Taliban, the North Koreans have all fought the USG and won.

Very few of the system’s hired muscle – Marines, SuperSeals, Delta Force – have ever take up arms against their master. The only real good example there was Charles Whitman. Let me perform the translation: “deranged killer” = “we fear this man.” Has fear been an effective tool against wns?

14 Comments to “Robin Hood”

  1. Since I am the most hated asshole here I will try and be sociable for once.

    If you want to see how violence intersects with politics then watch the blacks in Chicago this summer. A few years ago to put a jewish mayor up on the throne the media hacks basically defenestrated the black political establishment, finishing what the Daley crime group started. Blacks in Chicago are one step up from WN for political organization and the blacks are striking back with violence in the rich “white” areas of Chicago.

    These “wildings” are not spontaneous, they are loosely coordinated efforts to squeeze more juice out of the system.

    • You are not the most hated asshole here even though you work to make this Your Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.

      Intermittent violence is ineffective against a government functioning mainly on Bureaucracy.

      Combined with its Majority-MINO staff and total MINO Directorates, sporadic violence is seen as weakness. To the MMM, enemy pauses indicate incapacity to progress as the MMM is constantly pressing and probing its next attack.

      Even though Waco is the father of OKC, the MMM was eager to Bundy Ranch more White People. Fill in all the Outrages in between those points and see how constant totalitarian LN/MMM pressure is applied.

    • You know I used to believe in the Mantra too, and it may have its place, but recognize that what brought the Soviet Union was the same thing that brought us down, it’s international liberals.

  2. I’m sorry I believe that “anti-racism” is a fraud and I’ll say just that, and I hate its propaganda and I’ll say that as well. Sorry I cannot hate whites after decades of anti-white propaganda, can’t do it even if they sound stupid and curse “racist” whites. Hey its evil propaganda and I’ll point to them “international liberals” and say just that.

    Listen I will admit I’m not smart enough to write lengthy essays about abstract esoteric ideology or conspiracies of international libs I just have to stick to simple truths because I am a simple dude.

    But what happens if millions of whites find out that “anti-racism” is a fraud and that “racist” is hate propaganda aimed only at whites and what happens if millions of whites say, fuck that shit. Is this happening in Europe, can Nigel Farage and that anti-white black man Trevor Phillips save the power of the word “racist” over whites? I simply won’t help them push anti-white propaganda, won’t do it.

    • I’ve been depropagandized and then re-proped for our stuff. Now what?

      Awareness isn’t enough. Everyone knows the USG is corrupt; they’ve known since the 60s. That knowledge doesn’t change things.

    • yeah whatever. just remember the USG used the mantra to bring down the Soviet Union on behalf of globalism and the liberal Russians.

  3. ” Sorry I cannot hate whites after decades of anti-white propaganda…”

    I hate this white and whites like her.

  4. Robin Hood had the advantage of being a nobleman. People will be loyal and follow a nobleman because he keeps his social status even if he turns renegade. See Oswald Mosley. The US has never really had anything comparable. Maybe an esteemed general would make it out with some of his status intact… I dunno.

    Hood was a veteran too.

    • ^ this

      Today’s high status people are way too comfortable to do anything

      • Yes… We have a “default elite” courtesy of democracy and a desire for self-annihilation.

      • Remember that “death squads” remark of Ann Coulter’s? If Duke or Metzger (or any other WN who is half way likely to get on national tv) had said something like that then conservatives (i.e. normal white people) would have taken it as confirmation that they were nazis and switched off. But because Coulter said it… the same people thought about it, decided they kinda liked what they heard, and are now repeating it and spreading it.

      • Coulter has a long established reputation for sardonicism.

        Like all females she uses attractiveness to sneak and push rule-breaking behavior past the guards, after she’s established a previous pattern.

        In other words, give her an inch and she’ll take a yard. Females just simply get away with more than men do; women – even more; attractive women get away with everything.

        Truly, this seems (as yet) her most inflammatory statement in a series. Most importantly, dissecting it shows a desire for Death Squads exists.

        The Right, Conservatives and “our” side are just as affected by degenerating social institutions of media & education as Liberals, so when a pair of passable tits and a vagina speaks – they do get…attention.

        Thus, if we could get a Giselle Bundchen as a bomb-throwing spokesbabe – the VRW Nordic set and the Peter Panzers would walk around bowlegged from perpetual boners. Pat Haniggen’s banana hammock would be as a rag in an Elmer’s Glue factory.

        What Willowy Anne’s statement also proves is we need attractive spokespeople, whomever that be. Not necessarily sexually attractive, but also appealing with words. Allure is a mysterious thing. Whatever it is individually defined by, it works on emotions.

        This is another key rationale why foaming Niggerspickiking fails miserably. A moderated and crafty surprise works best: Willowy Anne snuck the dagger in with the cookies.

      • *by nazis I mean Hollywood “nazis”.

  5. A commenter posted this over at Radix. The video shows how ruthlessness achieves political results.

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