Dynasties of Filth

by Firepower

Even the fabulous 1% – the Merchants of WALL Street – throw tankers full of money to a Clinton: A super-liberal dynasty of filth bent on flinging wide the rotten drawbridge over the drained moat, to more swarms of Miggers, while sitting in splendid comfort behind towering Upstate New York walls guarded by free Secret ϟϟ Sex Service hit men. Rome’s Praetorian Guard ignored evil if it got a cut of the action.

The top 30 Dow-Jones companies are shoveling gold her way. They are donating heavily to the Clinton Global Initiative, the secret, diabolical function of which is…… the money pipeline for the Haitian earthquake; yep, that shit’s still going on and King Bill & Queen Killary want to now encourage further breeding of Black Miggers to bring here…just not within 30 miles of their mansion fiefdom & penthouse castles. Feudal Manhattan’s richest corporations in the world support a liberal nazi dynasty and its socialist beliefs all the way down to raggedy-ass AIDS-infected coloreds – those incoming miggers.

Remember: Nevadans re-re-re-elected Harry Reid. Just because Fox news painted a picture of a Cowboy Nevada~BundyVille Militia does not make it so, no matter how much they want their fans’ eyeballs glued to miracle expanding water hose commercials.

Perhaps Harry Reid (and maybe even the Xlintons) are the Ultimate Anarchists – fiddling while Rome burns, but with a solid gold fiddle paid for by someone else – poolside at a mink-lined pool, putting even Roissy’s to shame. The maxim of

the best place to be is partying in the last days of a decaying empire, man!”

…only applies if you’re rich enough to throw a party of note.

The InterWebz gives more accessibility for communication with its  Los Twitta y FaceSpace, just as it inexorably increasingly itself degenerated into a guy on a soapbox at campus, megaphoning dullards galumphing to & fro: His words have more affect reverberating on the earthworms below their feet.

For they shall inherit the earth: The Conqueror Worm.

32 Comments to “Dynasties of Filth”

  1. The incompetence of the rulers creates opportunities for a new fanaticism.

    Christianity is dead, and what comes anew does not believe in turning the other check. The meek shall inherit the grave. Survival is its own justification. There is no morality, only opportunities for survival. Ragnar Redbeard’s Might is Right shall be our Bible. (LIUFY)

    • Dig the new av: You’ll never recruit Seamus O’Drinker or Giueseppe LaDago with viking posters.

      Whites will survive. But if current trends continue, it won’t be our kind of White. It will only be Elite Whites in isolated, lavish fortress cities while the rest of us are left outside the Lord’s castle walls against the colored rabble.

      Leo DiCaprio and Mark Zuckerbergs will frolic with Paris Hiltons amidst Manhattan-inspired Pleasure Dromes as their investment stocks increase from their Chinese factories churning out the Next FaceBook.

      We will be Brazil. Their line grows richer while ours…browner.

      • 1. If we are outside the Lord’s Castle Walls, will the lords be able to enforce integration and miscegenation and multicult propaganda on us?

        2. Will they be able to watch over all the people stealing and building weapons in their peasant huts out in Fly Over America?

        3. Will they be able to stop White racist families from homeschooling and sending math/science/engineering genius infiltrators into their gated cities?

        4. This is a huge factor that you overlook. All they have to do is leave us alone, and we’ll gather up both armies and intelligence operations that will overwhelm the liberal-nazi city-states and over run them like the sack of Troy. Just as discussed in the Muqadimmah by Ibn Khaldun. We will be the nomads in the desert.

      • That’s the point: You do not want to be in a desert. Or a northern, glacial MINO-repellant ice berg.

        You want the lush good stuff – like California.

        1. Once they import enough Miggers it’s a moot point because The Brown will be their emerging subjects; all they need is welfare.

        2. They won’t need to. Once all Murka resembles a cross between LA & Detroit they’ll have as much need to surveil such an area for Spirit of ’76 Paul Revere Fans as they do now. There are no George Washington fans in Oakland CA.

        3. There aren’t any. Look at LA: It’s today’s microcosm to the future Murkan Macrocosm. Benji Goldbergstein and Richards Throckmorton III have plenty of Harvard Grads to staff the Engineering Dept…like today.

        4. I overlook nothing – ever. “They” will never leave you alone. Muzz have the blessing of operating unified under Religious Delusions – the greatest human sacrifice machine ever created by Mankind or G-Ziss. You don’t get that level of blind loyalty… from XBox.

        The LN’s MMM Model is current Brazil. In future Murka there’ll be only mixed coloreds – almond-eyed African-Hispanic-Murkans rioting against a White Harvard Elite when a World SuperCup interferes with building new cardboard shacks near the new Bill Clinton Memorial MegaMultiPlex Stadium.

      • Do you know who the new avatar is?

    • Christianity is dead

      MW… I’m not sure what you really think this memes for white man going forward…

      It sounds like you are advocating a “radical autonomy” with a Jew-like chutzpah or just a plain nigger “hustle.”

      • Yes, we must appropriate the weapons of the adversaries. Chutzpah and hustle are both mindweapoins to pick up and use.

      • MW…

        Do you really desire degenerate action without appropriate consequence? Such is the “nature” of Jewish chutzpah and the nigger “hustle.”

        Is the white man merely here to scratch and claw for “freedom” or does he also have an obligation to hold to the fire the feet of the radical liberationists?

      • We need to SURVIVE Thor Daddy

      • What about perpetuating?

      • It’s real simple FP…

        Radical autonomy and acts without consequence, but INEVITABLE self-annihilation…


        White Supremacy and a life AND death of true free will…

        Those are the only two choices every white individual has at hand.

    • “…the ABC of conflict with society remains constant. Be audacious, be brave, be confident and you will not fail. Against these assets society can have no defense.” – Jew Alfred Bester.

    • The Jewish agenda to destroy Christianity and the Jewish agenda to destroy Whites do not have to be compatible. Do you know where the Bible predicts the “Holocaust”? Someone into Bible prophecy?

      • Yes… There is a conflation of the two. The Jew qua Jew really desires to destroy genuine white Supremacy, i.e., a collective of white men with unshakeable belief in objective Supremacy.

      • Psalms 102.

  2. Yeah, they may be having a great party, but we ain’t invited. We have little reason to invest in their system unless we benefit somehow.

    Elites are the same everywhere. Reno and Vegas aren’t Nevada. The very rich Nevadans are just like NYers.

    I saw an interesting article today on bribery, much like the Fort500 and Billary.

  3. It’s such a pleasure to be a wn today; I’m grateful for the opportunity. Just the daily news teaches one so much about how the system works, and the people who live today. It’s better than college.

    I love this video. It’s exactly my experience with Murkans and feminism. When the bullets fly, feminism ends in 10 seconds.

  4. Essentially useless WN adopts anti-white propaganda and adds a few derogatory words to it and voila, shit.

    Here is the deal lurkers, the anti-white propaganda is wearing thin because its a fucking joke and stupid. It is being repulsed by better propaganda grounded more in truth and justice than the shit the idiot moronic jews put out (no never mind the leftard goyim they are given a fucking script then laughed at).

    As Horus has said a “turn” is coming when others find that others agree and will propagate such statements that we at BUGs put out. Then folks you won’t have to go to pro-white sites that say we are all going to be brown and fucking dumb or that you need to go and waste your life on an “Act” so that the SPLC can raise a million debt bux off it.

    • You’re dreaming.

      You are wrong if you presume I advocate defeatism. I see No Walk…to back up The Talk.

      Unless current Brandonization trends change from continued apathy to sudden impulses culminating in group action

      Your VRW “turn” of wishy-ness-hope…
      Ignites only after so long a time
      That you’ll have to wait until you’re geriatric in a wheelchair – imbued with Miraculous Speaking Gifts getting Brandon to switch from GameBoy to picking up a rifle.

      I know: After St. Rand Paul is elected in a landslide, I’m sure all the miggers just pack up those bambinos and move back to El Shit Hole. Nigs vanish on their own from “Urban Areas.”

      Oh – and does this “turn” you predict happen with its “life-ruining Acts” – Patrick Henry Style – or when Hillary is just magically defeated by That Horus Candidate in 2016?

      I suppose you’ll run away now

    • The Soviets had 50,000 tanks and they collapsed because they were fucking stupid, sound like anything familiar.

      Lurkers, the anti-whites tell us white genocide is basically written in stone and so will these fine chaps in WN and they hate you.

      Lurkers, get on a consistent message, spread the word, destroy the authority of the anti-white propaganda. We will go from there with or without these fine chaps on this site.

      • “The Soviets had 50,000 tanks and they collapsed because they were fucking stupid, sound like anything familiar.”

        They didn’t lose immediately. How many people died first?

      • I love some doom porn like no tomorrow. Fact is Clancy’s “Red Storm Rising” was my favorite book of his, fighting the Soviets till Valhalla beckons, gotta love that shit. But truth be told Soviet commynism be fucking stupid and a little counter-propaganda doomed it and the badasses of government stoogery wouldn’t fire on the people hopping on the shit wall and commynism collapsed, there at least.

        Here is the secret you won’t hear from Contards and WNs, libtards are shit, but a whole racket exists to make them out to be ten foot tall.

        [ednote: you portray communism as vulnerable – a formerly established, organized totalitarian order – yet presume white Fly-Farmers’ success after a collective rahowa…]

  5. Can I link this page to BUGs? I want Horus to have a chuckle if he has time.

    [ed note: sure. if you can’t provide a valid reply to my points maybe Our Hero will. if he comes to merely chuckle (and waste my valuable time) i will stick a hot pepper up anyone’s ass for enjoining distracting and pacifier-sucking VRW Valhalla fantasy]

  6. You’re glossing over decades of abject misery. The commies did put down protests and they did shoot people trying to escape. Many Germans lives were changed. Talk to Oogenhand, and I bet he can tell you about Dutch people who aren’t impressed with East Germans. Point being, the system eventually failed, but it had already corrupted many.

    Our current system has had a disastrous effect on people Look at many welfare recipients, they’re basically like drug addicts with no goals or thoughts for the future. There are even multiple generations on welfare, which is insane, and goes to show you the power of this sick system. Ultimately, people do not have a problem with it. If they did, it wouldn’t exist.

    • Psalm 102 is not really clear, and Psalms is not really prophecy like Daniel and Revelations.

    • Yes life sucks and we cannot go back to 1910 America, what whites have built in many if not most places will be crawling with monkees.

      But we are in a propaganda war that most WN like most contards won’t admit to nor have any idea how to deal with except the old convert one or two a year to some abstract combination of hoohaa ideology or “action.”

      So I must say half the articles here are basic WN re-writes of the anti-whites’ propaganda with the usual added twist that all anti-white libtards and jews are 10ft tall and whites are all doomed and we hate whites who won’t join our group and read our essays and beat our chests.

      I know you doubt me, everyone does because they have never heard what I say before in their lives. The Left writes the script, the Right follows along. No you say. The Left boasts they are high minded “anti-racists”, the Right then calls them “anti-racists” or “antis” or “antifas”, and there you go the Left now claims authority while the Right can now be labled bad boys.

      So why am I the only one here who labels the Leftard anti-whites as anti-whites or think that they are shit and the propaganda they spew is exactly that, propaganda?

      I will say one thing for WNs this group does think that they can actually at sometime in the future leave Big Momma’s Americares Day Care Center, the rest of the WN sub culture basically wants Hitler bed time stories to go along with their milk and cookies.

      • haha so true. yup mostly tailgating here. Cept Ryu.

        [ed note: you’re burdened with tits and a vagina, so your chattering is considered amusing]

      • The difference is, we write propaganda to stop writing it. The goal isn’t endless writing. It’s only the fact that people aren’t ready to do more than write prop. They don’t believe yet.

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