My Favorite Medieval Punishment

by doomdigit

Earlier this year I saw a commercial for yet another liberal show featuring a female shrieking at man shaped bitches like a banshee, and I was reminded of my favorite medieval punishment:

The symbolic significance of the roof as protection has been handed down to us from the distant past. If a man allowed himself to be beaten by his wife and this was confirmed by witnesses, the roof over his head could be stripped, for the common view that he was no longer worthy of that protection. However, this symbolic punishment was applied not only to persons, but also to communities. Where towns had contravened the regulations of the empire, the roofs were removed from the city towers and the gates were unhinged. Milan is an historical example. In the struggle of the pope against Emperor Frederick I, Barbarossa, the city sided with the pope and was conquered by Frederick I in 1162. As punishment, the emperor did not enter the city through a gate, but through a breach specially broken through the wall. In this way he demonstrated that the city was no longer worthy of the protection of a wall.

Christoph Hinckeldey, Criminal Justice through the Ages: From Divine Judgment to Modern German Legislation, Translated by John Fosberry (Rothenburg: Mittelalterliches Kriminalmuseum, 1981)150-151.

This is a punishment that definitely needs to make a comeback.

6 Comments to “My Favorite Medieval Punishment”

  1. I assume this Propaganda Media depicts white males as incompetent wussies.

    The link shows this doctrine is endorsed under the full directorate of a MINO – a migger.

  2. The Americans believe that the future is always more advanced than the past.

    Wrong. In many ways, they were superior to us. The family is obsolete today with dreadful consequences. Freedom and privacy as well. They trade their best for some iphone things.

    Commercials…are you watching television???? They should be paying you to watch their commercials, not you paying to watch cable which is full of their advertising.

    The only interesting topics today are sadism, obscenity, and racism. There’s nothing controversial on TV anymore.

  3. “I assume this Propaganda Media depicts white males as incompetent wussies.”

    I never watched an episode, as the advertisement made quite clear the show is not for me, but that is how it appeared. I watched a short clip on Youtube which confirmed this.

    [ednote: the wikilink you provided shows the Big Boss is a migger]

  4. “are you watching television????”

    Only on rare occasions; there is one at work.

    • I too am sometimes forced to watch tv. They are made to distract. They stick them in my gym, of all places, on every wall.

  5. Mass media caters to women as does everything else in Murka. We’ve degenerated back into matriarchy.

    People are unable to fathom that civilization itself is artificial and male rule is temporary requiring upkeep.

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