Why All Liberals Must Be Eradicated: Blog Reviews

by Firepower

Hymie Myersteinberg, Ph.D

Pasty & effeminate: Check

Feminist: Check

Atheist: Check

Liberal Professor at a white liberal state college flunking conservative kids: Check

Jew: Check.

This site is a counterpoint to Nationalist VRWism, replete with its own version of “these people should killed” and hoo-ray for us.  The commenters aren’t coloreds or even the wider net of minos. Most are SWPL whites who hate other whites.  The name-calling is delicious. They want “The Government” to round up all NRA members to protect them.

They are Murka’s version of Tories in 1775. They are traitors.

Both camps gather to their respective sides and…

…preach to their choir, further alienating them from the

Wear To Your Local University: Let The Funn Begin!

other side with hateful words. Liberal nazism depends upon eradicating Conservatives>Republicans>Gun Owners>Whites>White Men. The separation grows.  Each side dehumanizes the other until the only outcome is war. The way Americans successfully did with “Japs” on December 8th, 1941.

The proprietor is the perfect example of liberal nazism. He is allied with his diversity pals; the united fasces of homos, lesbians, miggers, coloreds, the black, jews and Big Government Unions.  Fuck, he IS the ultimate government employee, getting that fat Minnesota State paycheck for spewing his infectious bile of Liberalism while simultaneously failing any kid writing admiringly of Thomas Jefferson or Patrick Henry.

The anger rises and it’s delicious. I can feel your hate. It makes me strong. Gives me motivation. Justification.

They are your enemy.

All you need to do is read it: How to spot a terrorist

5 Comments to “Why All Liberals Must Be Eradicated: Blog Reviews”

  1. Jews have worn out their welcome in our countries.

  2. Do you think that they know this explicitly, FP? As explicitly as us?

    As in, if a white guy with the right connections went to a uni, made it known that he was a good libby, hated whites, loved minos, would he be “in”?

    • They do.
      But, the key is they expect their Liberal credentials to include them as being “in” – as total insiders – granted full special Rights & Priveleges.
      They are correct, for the MMM is run by The LN.

  3. It’s been a while since I’ve read his blog. He’s boring, but even worse, irrelevant. His blog is the equivalent of a history blog focused on how many nostril hairs Shaka had. What is the point of studying a topic if you cannot better yourself/others? You would think that anyone seriously interested in Evolution would also talk about how to use game, evolutionary psychology, and the differences of races to your advantage, but all these topics are verboten. Why would anyone waste so much time like that?

    [ed note: because Liberals are children. their whole life is fixed on emotion. it’s why kids want to go on an amusement park ride again as soon as it’s over]

  4. To be fair he has taken many Somali youths into his home to ease their transition from the Islamist slumgang lifestyle into pajama wearing chocolatesippers or at least I assume he would have done that.

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