Nationalism Is Too Extreme

by Ryu

…and it’s too demanding for most people. There has to be a way to “dumb it down”, make it simpler and easier to follow.

I have been involved with other fringe subcultures much longer than I’ve been a nationalist. Arnold, Sly and Bruce Lee created the fitness craze of the 1980s which has continued until today. Even now, most trainees do not get as involved as Arnold was and compete.

Many well known ideas have been borrowed from bodybuilding: the Atkins low carb diet, transformation pictures and diets, “toning” exercises for women and others are just bastardized, simpler versions.

This wouldn’t be a Ryu post without a dig at the US military. Notice how you’ll never see a …..

….picture of their legs. That’s because building legs is harder than building the upper body. They spend very little time training legs; jogging doesn’t count. The strongest, biggest, and fastest men on Earth are not found in the United States military. “Army strong” is pretty weak.

34 Comments to “Nationalism Is Too Extreme”

  1. I wish I could raise food prices through the roof, that’d make nationalism easy for most people.

    Either that, or something like a gun grab, war in Ukraine, especially with reinstating the draft.

    Even then, I’m not especially confident in Americans getting angry enough to start another civil war. Too many dumb jordies would be itching to fight for kike oligarchs in Ukraine.

    • The survivalists made that error. They believed in an economic class. The USG owns the system, from top to bottom. That is why there has been no collapse in the 50 years of survivalist literature.

      Purge “collapse” from your vocabulary and watch your game improve. There will be no collapse, no Helter Skelter. Hope is not a strategy. Then, one can’t lie to oneself.

  2. If it were easy, everybody would do it.

    It’s only easy for the MINO Master Machine
    They rule a stupefied population
    Wanting to remain
    In Darkness

  3. Nationalism is actually easy and natural, it’s the normal way of being for humans. It’s hard because it’s the most serious threat to leftism, so progressives make anything nationalist evil and crazy.

  4. I think WWII affected how the Americans view nationalism, even though everyone else on the planet is a nationalist. Today white Americans associate the very idea of races with atrocities, so to avoid atrocities one must apparently deny the existence of races.

  5. Patience, patience!

  6. For the old, waiting is for fools of greed.
    To the young, waiting is for cowards.

    You will wait until you reach your graves.

    Whites’ enemies are not simply Magically Disappearin’ when Rahope-A-Dope arrives. They’ll fight for their scrap of the pie against the degenerated mass of Tomorrow’s SWPL Justins who were taught to be pleased when their sister dates a colored and gives him a pickaninny nephew.

    To the Xtian, waiting is what G-Ziss tells you to do until you’re fucking dead.

    It’s horseshit. To the as of yet PUA-enlightened AFC, it’s waiting around until Sofia Vergara Jr. asks to suck your dick. It’s fantasy you should’ve abandoned long ago.

    You…are fucking dreaming.

    • This article describes the Nerdiest States in America, in other words which states like to indulge in fantasy the most (Star Trek, Comic Books, D&D etc.). Guess where they are all located? The whitest areas of the country! White people prefer power fantasies rather than actually trying to acquire power. No wonder we’re losing.

      • Great article.
        The map also seems to shows nerds exist – where coloreds do not. Coloreds & MINOs have little interest in Star Wars or Dr. Who, etc. because there are no coloreds in them.

        Coloreds don’t create even literature written pages, even of the basest, silliest sort.

  7. I’m surprised that nobody has picked out Dan Gable as an inspiration for Nationalists. This guy was a fierce competitor and trained so hard that people actually thought he was insane. He blitzed through Olympic-level competition without ever having a single point scored on him. He then went on to be just as great a coach as he was an athlete. I love his commentary with his athletes. “You didn’t want to beat him!” I believe that line is representative of where we’re at this point. Deep down, we just don’t really want to win.

    • Bread & Circus has corrupted the creators of America.
      Thy ignored their children’s corruption and it got worse.
      The proof is: Every successive generation falls to astonishing new lows thought impossible from the prior generation. It’s proven in even BIGov stats showing school kids get dumber every year. If they get dumber every year…that means nobody does shit to stop the failure, the downfall.

      People prefer sexting, tweeeetz and Chateau Heartiste, where they can bury themselves in zombie orgasms of JAN & The Daily Outrage!

      They are baby birds
      …Jacking off to pics
      Of others jacking off

      Nobody simply wants to believe Murka is under the directorate of the MMM: The Mino Master Machine run by Liberal nazis/nationalists in total control of a new-vision – a Murka of the mino, by the mino, for the mino and run totally by the mino.

      It is De-Colonization of the grandest sort based on their successes dismantling Rhodesia and S. Africa.

      Whites ostrich themselves, for they cannot face this truth unfolding before their very eyes.

    • Excellent. I’ll look into that. I do not believe wns want to win. They place some kind of morality above victory. It’s obscene.

      I remember Gable’s saying “olympia metals are made of blood, guts and other hard to find alloys.”

      I know someone like Gable. Steve Michalik; his system of training was intensity or insanity. He has internal concepts like “fire walls.”

      “Training with Michalik requires one to be a monster of mental proportions that only Jim Jones or Charles Manson could explain.”

      • I first heard of Michalik on the blog Chaos and Pain: Exercise in Extremity. You should check it out, there’s nothing out there like it. The author of the blog worships guys like Michalik. He’s also hilarious and doesn’t give a shit about breaking every social convention out there.

      • Wow! That guy’s an Odinist. But is he a racist?

      • No, he’s not. Here is an interview where he breaks down what he believes in.

      • Ughhhh, dammit. The meatless hamburger – a white man who loves white culture but hates racism? He’s a capitalist, not a revolutionary. He reminds me of that Victor Pride blogger.

        Think we can turn this guy into a racist?

      • Nope. He has a new business that he just started, and I think he wants to avoid the racist label like he was saying in the interview. The Alternative Right are all like this, they take pride in white culture, but want to avoid the racist label at all costs. I see the slogan 100% Identity, 0% Racism used a lot in their propaganda. He is an intelligent and headstrong dude as well. I think any type of convincing would just fall on deaf ears.

      • Kaz is another really intense guy.

  8. All whites
    Who avoid explaining the significant differences between 1964 and 2014 LA or Detroit
    (by ignoring coloreds)

    Are unfit for serious worth
    They must be mocked incessantly
    With The Shotgun of Sarcasm

    Until they either See
    Or are eradicated

    • Yeah, I know who Kaz is. Big time. He was a genetic freak.

      100% Identity, 0% Racism. Ho ho. It’s such a waste of potential. He seemed like an intense, angry dude. Too bad he can’t ID the real enemy.

  9. It’s not just that these fellows don’t want to be “racist,” they don’t want to be white Supremacists which then undermines all notions of deference to white culture or desire for sheer excellence as emblematic of white man’s desire. “They” are still willingly and willfully subordinate to the zeitgeist, stuck under the illusion that “racism” is something as paltry and meaningless as thinking one is better than a “black” person by mere possession of white skin color. If pressed, “they” would probably be forced to assert how they weren’t “homophobes” either which is equivalent to saying they fear nothing from the archetype self-annihilator although the very homosexual “nature” is like an infectious disease.

    • Right, TD. They are still anti-white, pro-system.

      • I don’t know? They initiated me on my path towards Nationalism. They marketed themselves better than the SFr’s and they are much more in touch with what is going on globally. A lot of the guys over at Radix Journal are guys like me. Younger, in college or just out of college, but they know something ain’t right. Moderate messages can be good thing for the newbies. I don’t think I would have ended up here without them.

      • A very familiar type of writing stylization: Radix needs less messaging from Grecycling, inoculated, Jack Donovan-Steeev Sailor-types and more Eradica…perhaps if I changed our name to “Eradixa?” 😉 sarcasm off.

        Ryu, eradican and my works et al are the perfect Next Step Up from where they are. Yet, oddly, no proposals materialize. This always arouses my suspicious mind.

        It’s as if the performers seeks to hide The Book of Secrets – how they levitate on stage while pulling the rabbit out of the hat. There is no way Sailer/Donovanites could be unaware of our existence. I used to correspond with JD in Ye Badd Olde SpoorHead Daze. Maybe he was flirting.

        There was no site like Eradica…until Eradica.

        Stop the presses! I just saw that Spencer guy’s name pop up on Radix… There’s The Answer: Spencer, Sailer and Donovan do not scare anybody and never have. That’s why they will fail.

        One must scare to be effective – but not too much in the initial stages. Going overboard with Niggerspickiking Rants on a site filled with Dolfie Swastikas is the other side of the extreme.

        Eradica is perfect. It’s why you must lure Those Kollidge Doodz here.

  10. These Steve Sailer types are as Marx described bourgeois nationalists and safely subversive.

    • In the defense of the authors of Chaos and Pain and Sigurd-Strong, there is nothing Steve Sailer-ish about these guys. They encourage guys not to be a bunch of pussies. I disagree with all the energy they place into training such as powerlifting, but at least it is something. They may seem more moderate, but I know that they are in contact with individuals who are much more extreme and explicit racists. I don’t expect them to be explicit racists when they have livelihoods on the line. If things were different we would have all revealed our identities for everyone to see.

      [ed note: i espouse my values irl. it’s not that we hide, but we don’t need the hassle of a Lady Raine/roissy battle royale conducted by anonymous snipers against us: Be The Sniper]

      • Political animal…

        The problem is two-fold. First, to reduce one’s self to a merely physical specimen is to crush one’s own God-ordained free will and broadcast to the white collective that one is spiritually and intellectually dead. Secondly, and the logical consequence of rendering one’s self devoid of God-ordained free will, is to be automatically subservient to the radical liberal’s definition of “racism” which necessarily has one completely embedded in a relativistic paradigm. Genuine white Supremacy needs the “black” individual like “Butch” needs a knight in shiny armor. The utility of the Jew or the black or the migger to a genuine white Supremacist is equivalent to the usefulness of a slice of pizza. One can eat these things up all day long, walk away satiated and accomplished absolutely nothing in regards to gaining their God-given freedom. The Jew, the black, the migger, the jihadist, the homosexual/dyke are in possession of radical autonomy, i.e., a freedom with no impending consequence. Such is the “benefit” of being anti-Supremacists. Such is the “benefit” of having no God-ordained free will. Such is the “benefit” of being merely physical creatures. But such standing is also the surest path to self-annihilation. White man can mimic, facilitate or transcend such radical autonomy, but he can’t escape the consequences nor should he desire to do so.

  11. I’m in complete agreement that their energy is misplaced (e.g. focus on powerlifting, strongman). However, at least the author of CnP, has changed my understanding of what is possible through weight training and diet. I commend his efforts for forging his own path where others said he couldn’t.

    Unfortunately for you, he spreads his ideas of radical autonomy all over the place. Yet, you will probably remain the only self-described “genuine white supremacist” in the next 10 years. How do you expect your ideas to take hold amongst the white population? I see an awful lot of critiquing of who doesn’t fall into the archetype of genuine white supremacy. When are we going to see white men fulfilling their potential by pursuing supremacy? I don’t know if you expect that the truly gifted will find this path on their own or if you aim to reach them by simply commenting on blogs?

    • Political Animal…

      Let’s step back… This IS NOT about status-mongering. This is about rejecting Liberalism and its inevitable ideological consequence of total self-annihilation. The white man of the West is at the last stage of Liberalism and precariously close to Final Liberation. His spiritual and intellectual selves are dead. All that remains is the physical specimen. This is where “we” are at and where a minority of white men must change the paradigm for the “white” liberal self-annihilator is the “dominant” and “status worthy” “exemplar” of the white collective. Those white men who absolutely reject Final Liberation are simply understood to be white Supremacists, i.e., white men who believe in objective Supremacy and thus wholeheartedly reject self-annihilation. In constrast, ALL liberationists whether Jewish, jihadist, homosexual/dyke, black or migger REJECT objective Supremacy. Meaning, the radical liberationist is an anti-Supremacist. Euphemistically, we call these individuals egalitarians, i.e., one who believes in “equality.” In practical terms, one who believes in “equality” ACTUALLY REJECTS genuine white Supremacy and is an anti-white Supremacist. The radical liberationist IS TELLING YOU what you should be just by telling YOU what not to be.

      So what is objective Supremacy and why should the white man believe in “it” and why are the WNs and NSs dead WRONG in rejecting genuine white Supremacy? Well, it’s an intellectual argument that renders one either willing and able to fight the good fight or renders one equivalent to an invalid. Simply put, the Christian God exists as Perfect God and Jesus Christ exists as Perfect Man or they do not. If one rejects the existence of The Perfect God and the Perfect Man then one is a radical liberationist destined for total annihilation. Why you ask? Because in this rejection one declares two fundamental beliefs. First, one declares a belief in the inability to do all right. And second, one declares the inability to love the right thing. Taken together and one has the recipe for spiritual, intellectual and physical self-annihilation that is grounded in a total lack of free will. And of course, that is the real battle. White man’s increasing lack of free will and his propensity to simply drop any desire to take it back. It’s a vicious and self-consuming cycle that starts with the rejection of Perfection, i.e., objective Supremacy.

      • In what ways can white men reclaim their spirituality? How can we avoid our intellectual decline?

      • Political animal…

        I got “here” from the radical liberationist mindset. Freedom to act with no apparent consequence is relentlessly enticing. Of course, it’s a deadly illusion, but the experience of God-ordained free will is not. At some point, one starts paying the price for past deeds and then one has to confront notions of cause and effect, redemption and forgiveness, self-hate and self-love. You start banging these ideas in your head off other people and then measure reactions, analyze the critiques and perhaps refine your own ways of thinking. To me, “liberalism” is an incredibly coherent system in that “it” rejects internalized hypocrisy and thus suffers absolutely no guilt in perpetuating “itself.” What I came to see though was that most are nominal liberals constantly invoking “unprincipled exceptions” (h/t the last Lawrence Auster) to stave off permanent acts of self-annihilation. The spiritual deadness was a feature and not a bug. The spiritual self was an imposition on the physical self with the intellectual self representing ad hoc justification for spiritual self-annihilation. If one is spiritually dead then one is in fact near physical death. The faithful WILL ALWAYS triumph over the faithless. It CANNOT BE any other way UNLESS we truly inhabit a chaotic and disorderly universe. In that case, we are simply left with our own radical autonomy and the continuous dance with death is our only lot in life.

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