Flaccid Fienditry

by doomdigit

A disturbing sign of the economic times I have noticed is advertising for used tires at auto repair shops.  Just last year I was able to collect tires from these businesses for money–now they will not even give them away.  It costs somewhere around five Fnordulant Reserve Notes for these businesses to legally get rid of each used tire, and now they are in the position to sell them back to poor customers.

People may not be able to repair or replace tires in a timely manner, and will probably turn to cheap tire inflators.  Fortunately for you, I have experience in this matter.  The kind of inflator you want screws on to the tire valve.  If you use the kind of inflator that snaps on to the valve you run the risk of bending the valve stem and making problems worse.

The tire inflator is a good tool to have regardless of whether you can afford new tires in a timely manner, because it gives you flexibility.  With a tire inflator you can choose whether or not you want to call someone for help.  In some instances you may not be able to remove a flat tire and replace it with a spare.  Last winter, for example, my brother and I finished a remodeling job and our boss dropped us off at a carpool parking lot.  One of our tires was completely flat.  It was late, we were tired, and it was nearly zero degrees Fahrenheit–without factoring in wind chill.  We tried to use our inflator, but the tire was frozen to the ground.  We had to jack up the vehicle before we could inflate the tire.  We tried to remove the tire and replace it with a spare, but we simply could not do it.  For some reason the wheel was stuck fast.  The clock was ticking and Old Fag Winter was on the prowl so we just inflated the tire and went on our merry way.

You should always have the following in your vehicle: fix a flat, WD 40, tire inflator, styrofoam insulation to lay on, and a no-hands flashlight.

8 Comments to “Flaccid Fienditry”

  1. For flashlights I like the Dewalt battery ones with twist around head to hit any angle you want.

  2. This is the kind I like, but it isn’t practical for every situation.

  3. Earlier this year someone’s truck broke down right outside my house. He called to have the truck towed, but not having insurance it would cost him $160. He couldn’t afford it, and because he was wearing an infowars hat, I let him park it in my driveway. It sat there for months. This was a harsh winter and he decided to leave the state so I actually ended up buying it from him because he never repaired it. He didn’t have a way to tow the vehicle himself, which meant he could not get as much money for simply scrapping it either. Supposedly he had friends who could help him out, but they never did…

    I suspect a lot of people are that close to a shitty situation. Getting a $25 tire inflator at the very least seems like a good investment, but I know a lot of people who don’t have one.

    • Most middle and working class people are living right on the edge. One medium sized problem and they go over.

      It’s exactly what we need. There could never be revolution in Murka so long as there was $$$ to be made. But now the system has less to offer. Ten more years and it’ll be a different ball game.

      Are you still farming Doomie, or did you move on?

      • I’m raising 52 McMutants right now, they’ll be done soon. Still have a bunch of various chickens and ducks.

        Working on the garden as well. Expanding and automating. Everything is late this year though.

        “One medium sized problem and they go over.”

        Just imagine what happens when people get pissed and ruin their enemies’ vehicles. Things will get ugly quick.

  4. White people are getting propped up by credit and help from Mommy and Daddy. I’m afraid a lot of them will just consume a lot ot that…rather than using it to produce wealth. It is what it is. The faster it falls, the sooner we can rebuild.

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