“Oh my god, that’s my daughter.”

by Ryu

Hardcore. This is probably George C Scott’s best movie. He plays a God-fearing man who has to dive into the California’s seedy underground to find his runaway daughter.

At first, he tries going into the streets dressed up as a respectable middle class businessman. Doesn’t go over. He’s too direct and too eager to get answers; everyone mistakes him for a cop.

He changes his dress to that of a Vegas lounge lizard. He also loosens up and starts actually talking with people, rather than interrogating them. He’s got to keep his trap shut and is clearly uncomfortable with…… some things, but he gets what he wants eventually.

America went through cataclysmic changes in the 1960s; I would call it a revolution. There was a time in the USA when stag films were illegal. Playboy was edgy. Times Square used to have peep shops, pimps and whores.

I bring up this movie because alot of wns need to do the same. Loosen up, be cool. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. This is not 1950s white America anymore. The old rules no longer apply.

Many times IRL, I find it easier to work with minos. They understand how to cheat and how to get things done, whereas whites tend to get bogged down in morality and fear, needing alot of handholding. Most minos would actually make better wns than most whites, as they don’t need lengthy essay to justify their feelings. They just go with it.

Street Smart is another great movie. Christopher Reeves stars; no modern actor can match his appearance of goodness. He’s a great representation of what we were, and what we have to change. He begins with alot of illusions. By the end, he understands and has the best of both worlds.

Youtube has the move in its entirety. Highly recommended. I found the stabbing scene at 82 minutes to very interesting; there was great contrast there.

19 Comments to ““Oh my god, that’s my daughter.””

  1. I’ll check these out… Today’s movies are either all CGI, extremely buffoonish, outright libprop or so frenetic as to be totally unwatchable.

    And yeah… Christopher Reeves leaves a great impression of white Supremacy. Crazy how he went down.

    • Michael Landon and Christopher Reeves are two men who remind me of white Supremacy. Looking at them, I can believe the concept.

      It’s quite a thing. One can see it right away. But they would not do well today, as they were. They’d have to add some additional skills.

  2. Good post. Whites do need to loosen up, mentally and physically. I actually incorporated high rep hula hooping in both directions in my exercise regime, as well as ghetto boxing. The way we exercise is very linear and intention of exercise; what is needed is to exercise without the intention of exercising, but moving just because we want to move, like negroes do. We need to move more from our hips, and hula hooping (1000 reps in each direction) is a fast way to get that going. Strengthens the core and the ankles too. I can jog farther and punch harder now, and improved at yoga and pilates.

    The Asians cheat a lot too. And of course Jews. Which is why I advocate befriending them as a spy for the White race, to learn their secrets and techniques and scams.

    • You should try shadowboxing to some music with a groove to it. Bruce Lee did this a lot to develop timing and rhythm. I have always been a “mover” and I can imitate movements very quickly. My training is almost entirely movement based and I don’t do much muscle isolation. I also like to go into the gym without much of a plan and train primarily through my intuition. I train to be more athletic rather than to be a bodybuilder. A lot of these meat heads are so obsessed with “looking good” that they forget that being able to move well is important. Most of them don’t have any finesse.

      • Well… It should be both… Bruce Lee overtime began to see the value in strength training and he could kick like a horse because he incorporated movement and speed training with strength training. I only use weights 2-3 times per two weeks and I pretty much only do incline dumbbell pressess and stiff legged deadlifts. I’ve been able to maintain a 190 lb frame at about 8-10% body fat for the last 20 years.

      • Very true. I think many forms of training have value. Synthesizing all of them can be challenging. It’s just important to know what your goals are and plan accordingly.

      • By the way, what position did you play in football?

  3. cough cough

    to stream the full mentioned items…

  4. I would say the whites in the video within the post I link to are “loose.” Not completely granola crunchers though, notice the tat of antlers on the main dude’s right shoulder.

    Now I know that 20 year old Jordies are on the hate list around here for not reading the correct essays or something but I would bet a good many of the ones who actually went outside the wire are dropping out of Big Momma’s acceptable society ran for Minos and Little Missies, and if they learn to hate the anti-whites I think they would be good teammates to have.

    Just saying

  5. I watched Hardcore years ago; excellent excellent film.
    I’ll have to try and watch the Christopher Reeves film; you are right that he gives off a palpable air of uprightness.

    It is amazing how modern actors don’t give off anything really.
    Clint – hard no nonsense, middle class
    Bronson – hard no nonsense, lower class tough guy
    Van Cleef – older, smarter, wiser, world weary

    And now, there isn’t anything to the actors…they just act.
    I suppose this makes them better chameleons for their roles; all the better to disappear into the part you are playing.

    Ryu, remember my recommendations: The Act of Killing and A Year in the Taiga.
    Curious to hear your thoughts.

    • I have watched both now, Marlon. I have a post on Art of Killing waiting. That one is quite good. They are very unapologetic.

      I’d seen Tiaga before. It goes well with some Alaska survivalist movies. I envy those men. Maybe one day I’ll do something similar, after all the fight is out of me.

  6. Street smarts of minos vs. liberal white values is an interesting topic. Whites still think that minos are playing by all the rules that they play by. Liberal whites are delusional, as long as they’re moving towards their dream of a diversity utopia they will apologize for any mino behavior that doesn’t match their cute little values. They are enablers and the minos use their weakness to their advantage. It’s time to flip the script. Be the predator instead of the prey.

    One of my mentors grew up in a ghetto of 90% minos. Most whites don’t know what that is like. You get good at fighting real fast or else your life is going to be a living hell. He told me that he observed countless times of whites getting their asses kicked by minos because they were white! However, he survived the meat-grinder and came out stronger because of it. I derive the majority of my street smarts from him. He has lived and breathed violence his whole life.

  7. For FP-this is what I meant by reporting….they beat all the big guys. Locals can do that. I’m not being adversarial. I think this is one of the things we should be doing. Getting the real story.


    [local news is the blindest of all for they supply the grandest TDO. they ignore local problems. local viewer/stupes play ostrich and whistle past the graveyard. LA wants Detroit Murder stories and Detroit wants LA car chases]

  8. Another entry in the 60s dawn of decay is a movie called Joe

    It is from the era’s fear factory and sense of impending doom threatening white America’s daughters – “The Family Heir-Making Womb Machine now loves MINOs and dirtbags.”

    • Wow, FP. That’s a keeper. I think my eyes popped out. I’m getting that.

      • It is weird in spots, as the 50-ish old fart Hollywood bigshots of their 60s era themselves started smoking the pot like their kid actors – and even taking acid.

        How ironic the “barbarian’s” words came prophetically true.

        Showed this to a dippy~chick and she got mad. I then asked her: “What did he say that didn’t prove true? Don’t ya like truth?” I made a convert.

      • It’s like we’re in suspended animation or some kind of diabolical ground hog’s day. Or maybe, we were being coached right to the very place we are at?

      • Everything’s as it should be. Victories must be taken, not given. If whites won’t fight, they deserve to die.

      • Ryu…

        Yes indeed…

        The Christian idea that God has you “here” for a reason is a powerful motivator if wholeheartedly embraced.

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