Women I Admire

by Ryu

Joy Harmon. You might not know the name but you know the face. She was the carwash girl in Cool Hand Luke.

Her career was typical for a while. Graduated high school, bright light big city, went to Hollywood. She got a few b-parts for her looks and became famous after her Cool Hand Luke scene. Then she did something atypical – she dropped out. She left the movies to raise her family.

Hollywood absolutely ruins women. It offers unlimited male attention and unlimited appeals to the ego. She could have ridden the carousel for a time with alpha males. The media would have encouraged scandal and egged on degrading antics.

Women who are “too attractive” do not seem to be promoted to …

…serious, A-movie roles. Too much jealousy from ordinary females. A good example is Jolie and Aniston, who are not the most attractive women, but they seem to get alot of primo jobs. The media can make or break a star simply by the coverage they provide. Manufactured celebrity was the case with both Kim Kardashin and Paris Hilton.

Joy started a family and eventually a small bakery, which is open today. She’s still alive today at an old age and that’s the how the story ends. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kliy32YWFcU

Few things are as unnatural and defeminizing as the American workplace. She has to compete against men so becomes a man herself. The only place where a woman can be truly safe is in the home. She is special and unique in a family, whereas in the workplace she is infinitely replaceable, as everyone in the current system is.

I cannot think of a more cruel fate than to force women to become men. Joy escaped that and I admire the decision she made. Her contribution to her family will be more lasting than anything she did onscreen.

Some wonder how to bring white men and women back together. Once again, PUA shows us the way. It is the men who must initiate and take all the risk. Logic and reason will not work. Emotions and social sanctions work best.

32 Comments to “Women I Admire”

  1. Feminism mainly another fraud perped by losers in evolution, IMO a temporary detour into judeo dumbassery. It quickly collapses in an interrogation if one can stand the wails of womyn. (not blaming all feminist dipshittery on jews but basically the later version is from dumpy jew chicks jealous of Aryan goddess Hollywood Hebrew inventions)

    My grandsons will be banging chicks who look like the hotties in the video for “We Slavs” (warning polish rap stuff), its called genetic engineering folks.

  2. I’d pile on rrs’s niggerspickikery, but it’s so…forceful and it’d be gilding the lily.

    Regarding the actual topic:
    PUA was revelatory to a certain enlightened segment of the audience. We saw it as the way.

    If we could take off courtship blinders installed by centuries of Propaganda Media and its indoctrinated lies of White Knighting, Qualification & Dancing Monkey then maybe – just maybe – we could awaken others to the brainslug foolishness of AutoMINO Worship & AUTOJordyism.

    • Damn crakka puttin me down an shit, but you’re right

    • I don’t think the task is as hard as it appears. We don’t have to convert everyone.

      Just a few young white men. Their success will produce envy in lower white men, who will imitate them. Then the women will do what they have to get their male attention. Envy works, this is Murka after all.

      I still think PU is the way. Just cut it off at 2006. They started lying to themselves. You never “leave a woman better than you found her.” Each additional partner makes her less desireable.

      Do you know who Arthur Jones is, FP? You remind me of him. He started Nautilus. He said that an animal will always make the right choice by instinct. Give it intelligence and it would make more mistakes.

  3. I’ll say one thing about what little PUA I have read is that CH at least starts out by an attack on the propaganda of the libfemnazi whatevers. None of that nice guy intellectual, “let me write an essay to an objection to one of your points I disagree with slightly” Nor do they care for smart badges.

    I still like the phrase “controlled aggression” because it seems the PUA is a circle jerk after a bit. Stop talking more doing.

  4. I’m sorry, but PUA was the first large scale internet campaign designed to recruit young males into the de facto homo lifestyle. It specifically taught young males HOW NOT TO BOND WITH FEMALE. It purposely played right into the hands of the dyke movement (the erroneously named “feminist” movement). And the results are clear as day. “Males”GTOW and excessively jerking off to porn and self-annihilating into nonexistence.

    If PUA was legit then we would have seen a proliferation of white babies and some sign of a reversal in our existential crisis. Instead, we have more faggotry now THAN WE EVER HAD BEFORE.

    • I disagree.
      PUA, in it’s original conception, was Mystery Method Meets Machiavelli and all about nailing all the ass that’s not nailed down. Now there’s something most males can agree on.

      But wait…squishy romantic-type males brought up and indoctrinated on notions of Courtly Love, Alan Alda & Phil Donahue still didn’t see the Leykisian Light. They sought to Play Nice and protect the little ladies barsluts from themselves, despite evidence they long adherents of Helen Reddy-Gloria Steinempowered Woman Roarers ready for independence.

      Most of these males were not looking for the risk of multiple females but sought The One. The Wife. They chafed at the idea of extracting the future Mrs. from this body-fluid encrusted cesspool of modern courtship and recoiled in horror at wiping all that jizz off her to cleanse her for matrimony.

      Your error starts with presuming all males desire to pair-bond solely with only one female then continues presuming today’s females are still worthy of that honor – like Dear Olde Mom.

      MGTOW were jerking off to porn and self-annihilating into nonexistence long before PUA. That they continue is not the result of PUA.

      MGTOW have less to do with the morality of PUA than the sad outcasts of failure and Sour Grapes.

      You mistakenly divert PUA’s legitimacy down a straw man path coupled to evidence of offspring, yet do not add modern birth control into your equation or The Little Ladies’ massive free will to avoid pregnancy – unless it’s a trap to marry that Doctor NBA Actor they’ve targeted.

      Females’ will to avoid pregnancies over the past 45 years increases mightily every mating season and were fully equipped long ago with effective tools they freely use at will.

      That BrandonFAGGOTS! exist is not dependent on PUA, but rather the Liberal Social Morality installed decades ago by Propaganda Media and the LN/MMM. Thank Alan Alda – and gullible BoyMan cohorts…

      • Thank you for that smack-down, Jesus, Thor-daddy has been going on and on about “Homo-sexuals” and really ripped it up after Eliot Rodgers. I don’t even know the dude and I think I speak for the Manosphere/WNs who do, Thor-daddy, your hypothesis is crap, sit.the.ef.down!

      • On the contrary…

        The results ARE IN…

        More faggots and de facto homos than ever…

        And LESS white babies…

        What? Did you think PUA (Paint Us Azzholes) was going to come right out of the closet and tell YOU exactly what its true intentions were?

        “Males” going their own way… Because there are no good (white) women…

        If that’s not the call of the homosexual, what is it?

        And lastly… Riddle me this…

        Do you believe that you have the “right” to “love, f$&k, screw” whomever you please?

        After you say “yes,” along with every other Westerner…

        Tell me what YOU think that means and tell me what “nature” are YOU abiding by?

        Hint: radical sexual autonomy.

        And I didn’t read anything from Firepower that disputed my main contention which was that PUA teaches one HOW NOT TO bond with female.

        Forget about any suggestions of “finding the one.” It sure and the heck doesn’t do that by any stretch of the imagination. Such a notion would be relentlessly mocked and ridiculed by all who have been PUAed.

        As for Elliot… He was a sexual deviant and we have both his actions and writings to prove it.

      • Let me ask the “questioning fellow” one more question since I left the morass of the “man”-o-sphere a while back…

        What makes a white man a white man?

        White skin, testicles and over eighteen is what most in the “man”-o-sphere would claim…

        What’s your take?

        Now go around and read some “man”-o-sphere essays and see how many claimed Elliot Rodger to be a “man.”

        It’s a sick joke… On those that desire to be real men.

  5. RYU’s dream of the pure fanatics. Message to lurkers, decades have been spent proseltyzing one or two converts at a time, do you see where we are at?

    No one hates whites more than a WN, no one.

    Instead get on a simple message, stay consistent with it, don’t be tailgating trying to sound shrewd and smart and most importantly begin to destroy the authority the anti-white libtard tyranny types wield.

    • Wooo! Good call, RRS. I do hate most white people. I’ve got an article saying just that.

      My WN is quite different than Whittaker’s. In my entire career, I hope to truly reach about 20 people. My way is not for everyone. We’re the navy seals of wn.

      Have you ever been to a hardcore powerlifting gym, RRS? Should they turn it down to appeal to the masses? Bring in some faggots and women perhaps? Appealing to the masses will not make the fanatics stronger or better. Reading amren or BUGs is a step down from Eradica.

      • Super Soldiers practiced being behind Soviet lines after an invasion tough steady dudes never needed ,many weakling whites just hopped on fucking wall Cold War over

      • With all due respect Ryu, a while back you were concerned about possible converts whose (supposed) only objection to WN was that they could no longer mate with brown bi-peds. Are your 20 converts from these ranks or have you narrowed down your mission now to those that are willing to sacrifice sex with non-Whites?

        Cuz honestly, I was excited to hear all about the new converts and what they were up to. No not really. I’m being a little disrespectful now.

        I guess I’m hoping for a recantation of your White Men Will Be Allowed to Mix mantra.

        I do like your article though. Hive mind at work again as just a couple of days ago I was thinking about the celebrities who somehow managed to get in and get out of Hollywood, seemingly unscathed. There are probably more of them than we realize. There are probably a number of people who saw the insanity and just faded away purposely.

      • I know what I am, Erin, and what I can do; I’m not George Washington or Christopher Reeves. I can teach wns what it takes to win.

        The first step is teaching white men to desire, then chase. There should be no shame about it. Confidence can be taught. A rule IRL: it’s better to lose confidently than win with doubt.

      • Erin…

        What’s sexually right for white women is not equal to imperial-minded white men operating at the fringes of the sexual war zone.

      • Thor, I have spoken with men who agree with me on this. You sacrifice the brown poon so you don’t bring anymore enemies and crazy Elliots into the world. If one can’t even do that little thing, it’s highly unlikely they will do anything else.

        Most of the people that read here have never even met another WN IRL! How about imperial men start with THAT?

      • Erin…

        But the REAL first step is ridding yourself of all notions of “equality” between white men and white woman. I’ve already stated before that there should be NO promotion of miscegenation amongst WN…


        The true psychology of the matter is that “if white men can miscegenate SO CAN I…” That’s a more dangerous and false idea.

        At the end of the day, there is a small fringe of imperial-minded white men who ARE BATTLING in the sexual war zone (think white men at war in foreign lands). And it is a simple genetic fact that over several generations that brown –> less brown –> little white –> more white if generational thinking is at hand.

        Now, I certainly understand your concern, but at the same time not all miscegenators are “equal.” Some have imperial intent and some like Elliot’s father seem to desire assimilation. So again, first rid one’s self of all notions of “equality” between individuals.

        Miscegenation is a dangerous undertaking. It is flirting with self-annihilation and only white men with long-term visions should dare dabble in it while at the same time these white men should not automatically be shunned and then equated to those like Elliot’s father.

        The fact is that WN DOES NOT actually have a procreation policy.

        Interestingly, I just researched some the leading names in WN and you would not believe how many are either completely childless or only have one, maybe two children and those are more often than not females. Only William Pierce, David Duke and Don Black had children and only Don Black had a single son. Unbelievable actually.

      • Your research is faulty. Kevin MacDonald has two sons.

      • Battling in the sexual warzone? How’d that work out in Mexico?

      • Well… I didn’t find anything on Kevin MacDonald… No marriage and no children according to his Wiki entry…

        But again…

        First… WN has no procreation policy and “racial purity” is a false belief.

        So what is YOUR stance on white men who miscegenate and their inclusion into or rejection from WN?

        Secondly, what white man does sexually CANNOT BE equated to what white woman does sexually.

        Third, I already agreed that miscegenation should not be promoted. But it also CANNOT BE an automatic litmus test.

        Fourth, the issue is really a side issue with white females who are offended that there is not “equality” between the white man and white woman in matters sexual.

      • I see Thomas Metzger has one son and one daughter… Still below replacement level which seems odd when we are talking existential crisis amongst the white man.

      • Thordaddy, I agree that it’s unbelievable that many WNs only have 1 or 2 children. I think most of the time it is because they couldn’t afford to or because they thought they couldn’t. Even those of us who consider ourselves AWAKE still have areas where we are still in the frame of our oppressors. You do what you can. I think it was Ryu that said it is better that warriors don’t have a family to worry about so they can focus on the war.

      • Erin,

        I certainly agree with Ryu to a certain extent, but even he has acknowledged that being a warrior for “white man” requires some high degree of motivational personal impetus. In other words, one looks around at his fellow “white man” and shutters at the idea of fighting and dying for such decadent creatures. At the same time, wife and children can make the “white man” soft and unwilling to stick his neck out for the greater good. But if “white man” is truly in an existential crisis and facing “genocide” then the logic of wife and MANY children is just plain obvious. On the other hand, I’m not one to claim a program of “genocide.” History indicates to me that call of “genocide” is the DUPLICITOUS call of the radical liberationists, i.e., the Jews and blacks most prominently. I see our predicament as more of a self-annihilation starting with the false belief in “racial purity” which is nothing more than the subtle attempt of radical “white” liberationists to smash the God-ordained free will of the genuine white Supremacist. Further, it is in the “man”-o-sphere and the PUA where one would constantly encounter the PUBLIC excoriating of family life consisting of wife and children. Ergo, these movements are radical male liberationist movements pushing de facto homo lifestyles and their “rivalry” with the “feminist” movement aka dyke movement, is wholly contrived. Both sides actually work seamlessly at pushing each other towards greater radical autonomy and individual self-annihilation.

  6. I have no idea what RSS is attempting to convey anymore. On one hand he ridicules blogging then he claims whites have to be awakened somehow. He bemoans essays but shrieks at the suggestion of anything else. He also erroneously believes in super Aryan warriors emerging after being “awakened” which is so five years ago. Hint to RSS everybody knew Stalin was a mass murderer but that didn’t change anything. The USSR simply ran out of cash to keep the machine gun wielding goon squads happy which is why they didn’t crush their opposition as in previous eras.

    • RRS is an American with some SP and WN training. He has not passed through James Mason or Metzger, who would have gotten rid of the Slav-phobia. That’s why you smell some inconsistancy, like putting a roof on before the walls. Give him 2 years.

      Develop some indicators, PKS. It’ll help you determine someone’s level quickly.

  7. I like RSS but he’s probably over 55.

  8. “So what is YOUR stance on white men who miscegenate and their inclusion into or rejection from WN?”

    If it was done before they were awake to the ongoing genocide…it’s forgiven but they definitely have to prove themselves. I know (have spoken to him on the phone numerous times) such a man and he is proving himself.

    “Secondly, what white man does sexually CANNOT BE equated to what white woman does sexually.”

    I NEVER said it did. In fact, I think most would agree that female racemixing is worse mainly because a woman can have only a limited number of children while a man can have an almost unlimited number. There are many other reasons it should not be permitted but too much to get into here.

    Third, I already agreed that miscegenation should not be promoted. But it also CANNOT BE an automatic litmus test.

    Alright. We agree.

    “Fourth, the issue is really a side issue with white females who are offended that there is not “equality” between the white man and white woman in matters sexual.”

    That has NEVER been my issue. A true female White Nationalist should never speak of equality at all. We all know equality is a farce. What female has even come here talking about this? I don’t recall it any female coming here and arguing for equality between the genders. I think you are setting up a false premise here. Fowl!

    • I should be clear…the man that is proving himself has a non-white child. Men or women who miscegenated in the past and didn’t make children? Meh! What do I care? What’s done is done.

  9. Great information. Lucky me I came across your website by chance (stumbleupon).
    I have bookmarked it for later!

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