Leadership For Nationalistic Organization

by Firepower

It is a generality and so, correct: The best agents know how and when to break the rules.

More importantly, the best leaders know how and when to break the rules – based on educated assessment and analysis regarding their agents’ conduct in previously breaking those rules.

It is known as necessity.

This educated judgment is based on the agent’s contributions, accomplishment and attitude – combined with the executive’s experience and character.

For example: I’ve suggested a certain author contribute more in responding to commenters; he has not.
Because I’ve read his work a few years and…

… respect him, I will wait and watch. [ed note UPDATE: The author was eventually dismissed for absence]

Leadership is more than action – it is decisions based on combinations of education coupled with experience to varying degrees dependent upon each specific situation. Got it?

Recent, real-life examples will illustrate:

Former writers were provided varying degrees of patience based on their varying levels of maturity and skill. The objective is to contribute to The Group Effort relative to one’s skill level. They failed and are absent. Yet, none are banned and thus prohibited from continuing to express helpful views : That they do not do even this is proof for the validity of their removal.

I liked Murray Rotten but hated his stupid name; it is self-degrading like Uncle Elmer from Spoorhead. They are silly and needlessly self-deprecating to the point of clownish self-humiliation.  Beware the fool who does this.

R’s writing was unique and strange, but I found it interesting. I once dated a hot chick with a Swimmer’s Bod who was borderline retarded. Purpose drives potential action for the wise.

I wanted to clearly hear R’s writer voice, so I dragged him out of the distracting racket of roisshyville’s magnitude of stupid commenters and ideological anchors. He is no longer here, but is still found burying his thoughts in that Daily Dumptruck & Landfill.
Jay in DC took pride on rebelliousness and does the same; that’s an odd one.  It is making grandiloquent speeches to the Wind.  Better to piss in the wind.

One Is Today’s Predicament. The Other Is VRW. Guess Which!

My relationship to Matt Forney aka Ferdinand Bardamu was convincing him to be more nationalistic; to simply see those glaring differences between Wyoming and LA or Detroit and… explain them. I deliberately avoided cursing – so the issue became his response to this challenge, instead of blaming my language as a facile simple excuse for censorship. He went off on Typical AntiFas Rant #25-C9 as the excuse for suppressing my speech, thus proving the hypocrisy of which I accused him.

That’s why it’s funny to see him now (and lil pigi) suddenly, abruptly, begin to “see the light” on race – and finally use it – but only as more grist for their wrecycled writing mill as they stand on their ever-growing Ladder O’ Letters hoping to reach the top of Fame Mountain!™

The Great Frustration we feel today is the disconnect between tactics and action. Strategy leads to tactics and they lead to action. Once we start to mass-initiate action you will see this whole sordid house of cards fall – swiftly. That doesn’t mean they will sit by as you take their treasure, for the greediest of pigs often kick the hardest before their slaughter.

fwiw, I can stil post at Teh rooshi’s heh – I just don’t find it interesting to jump on a bandwagon I predicted 6 years ago…

Besides, I’m now six years ahead of where they are at – today.

19 Comments to “Leadership For Nationalistic Organization”

  1. The audience has work to do too. It’s not just the writer putting stuff out.

    It’s like an American classroom. Students can control what the teacher teaches. Or they can let him meander and teach only the easy stuff. It’s a two way street. Readers should be begging for more, to push further. Eager to learn.

    Look at Piggy. His audience never asked for more than NAJ. So that’s where he’s stayed, for the last 5 years.

    I would say, and it sounds strange, the audience is failing their leaders. They aren’t helping things move forward.

    • Yes.
      The problem is not scarcity of ideas even though 98% of all writers should* be ignored for their stupidity, grecycling, NAJ & TDO or sheer lunacy.

      The 2% of original proponents cannot bear all the load of audience idleness; theirs is the evidence of dormancy.

      *MURMz: note proper use of the word “should”

      • I’m now convinced that wn has to be about personal change. Mass awakening is a fruitless hope. I’ll do my thing and help those who want to learn. The rest can sit back and watch.

        That 2% is the movement. The leaders are the only one who do anything, as was explained in leader as entertainer.

      • It is neither nor
        But…a combination of both
        As is all life
        No One Explanation suffices

        Explaining a leader as an entertainer
        Only helps that leader understand his audience more
        And does little for anyone else

  2. Behold the first ever wn line of protein powder.


    Ryu, I know you have said that you’ve expressed interest in getting in contact with Slavic Union. Why don’t you use Russia’s social networking site vk.com? All of those guys from the Slavic Union video that you posted are on there and they can openly express their beliefs without interference.

    • I will do just that, PA. It will be difficult. There are great differences.

      Making supps is not hard. You can buy the raw materials from china and get some beans to put them in caps. We could make “Ryu Protein Powder”. It’ll make your dick bigger.

      Ola! How many guys you need?

      • I talked to one of the owners of White Rex yesterday. He was criticizing Euro-Americans here in the states because we are so “detached” from what’s going on in Europe. He would like to see us represented at their Pan-European tournaments. It sounds like those events are about to blow-up into 3 day long festivals of mma, powerlifting, and celebration of European heritage. It could be exciting to see where that area of the movement will lead. He also mentioned that when he started White Rex, it was never about Russia, but an “all-white crusade regardless of Nationality”. I think this could be the start of something big.

        I used to be a supplement whore, now I hardly take anything. Bigger, Faster, Stronger is also a great documentary.

      • It’s a different world in Europe. Their police state is much weaker than ours. It’s hard to make wn truly international because so few of us can afford to travel the Atlantic.

        I like what DN is going with White Rex. It blows my mind what the Russians are doing. I support international racism, but it may take a different wn than I to promote it. MW would be the ideal candidate.

  3. Honestly it’s hard to get good street-soldiers. I’m just now starting assemble a team after 6 years of activism.

    • Nice to see. You’re trying stuff.

    • J, let me ask you something. Do you subject your recruits to some kind of ops test?

      There are alot of good training videos online. You might develop a ciriculum. You can train your men up to the level of any feeb, if you want. The information and training materials are all online. I highly recomment FLETC, or the federal law enforcement training center.

      30 years old, but the process and the basics remain unchanged.

      • My core group is either:

        1. People I’ve known all my life.

        2. People who I have been through militia times and two RP campaigns with.

        We are not a combat group. If you want combat training or to observe your people in combat training, start a Sheriff’s Auxiliary group in your county and get it from the pros while building a rapport with local law enforcement.

        A good friend of mine has spearheaded this effort.


        Or if you have a small group that wants to train, get them into Airsoft, and train as a team. These airsoft people take it pretty seriously. It’s like real-war for them…regulation weight weapons and packs, and they even spar with wooden knives.

        If you want to get young people and have the time and money to get into that, I recommend it. A lot of people join specifically to get training to resist the government.

      • Good for you; you know about airsoft and milsim. You must be a strong, experienced WN. Don’t neglect opsec and interrogation/interview training. I find that negative control is more important than “progress.” The number one concern of anyone joining is what’ll happen if things go bad.

  4. It’s kind of like PUA. Hit the street with your choice of literature or issues, and knock on fifty doors. Make fifty-political approaches.

    Get that done. Now you’re on message and have experience. Yes there’s more to leadership, but that’s a good beginning.

  5. Nothing is more important than blogging.

    [except maybe, commenting]

  6. own yourself, own your family, own your block, own your town

    then wait

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