Why is nationalism allowed online?

by Ryu

Simple question. The system could shut down every single nationalist site on the internet at it’s pleasure. There would be no noticeable outcry as they control both the internet and the mainstream media. If they don’t report, it does not exist in the popular mind.

So why are we still here?

Because blogging is……ineffective. At least for it’s stated purpose, which is supposedly for changing minds.

The vast majority of wn sites are news report outlets. Story-outrage-comment. That has been the pattern now for the last decade.

“Raising awareness” has been useless, because there is no accomponying change in behavior. Knowing is not enough! And worse, those who do, like Breivik, are damned by nearly all, even our own.

Blogging is a pressure release valve; masturbation for the wn soul. It curtails the need to act. It is a hamster running on its wheel, a flurry of activity creating nothing. The establishment knows this.

There should be 10,000 varieties of wn. Instead there are very few. Nature generates diversity so that some survive when most die. There is little diversity in wn ideas which is why we have not found one that works yet.

If you want to go to the club and knock up white girls – try it.

If you want to knock up mino women and spread your genes – try it.

Whatever you think will work, go for it. The wn of 2050 will not be the wn of 2014. If you want different results, you must use a different method.

26 Comments to “Why is nationalism allowed online?”

  1. How do you know it’s ineffective? Because you didn’t see it being effective on television?

    The nature of WN is that it cannot be televised. To be televised is to be attacked, and often destroyed.

    There is plenty of good stuff going on among YT’s that isn’t televised and isn’t openly called WN, but is WN. That makes it even more dangerous. It’s not on any hate map, but it can be found just about everywhere. The cops catch people with huge arsenals, including military grade stuff — rockets, grenades, mortars, one guy in Maine had nuclear material. This means that they are catching maybe 1% of the people who actually ahve this stuff.

    Nature is on our side. Reverend Malthus smiles down on us all. Your problem is that you don’t recognize effective when it’s right in front of you. You need to see it on TV, or it’s not real progress.

    • Many wns write a little disclaimer on their comments. It says “I’m not a threat. Please don’t arrest me.”

      They don’t want to be effective. When you are effective, you’re a threat. Begging for mercy, before anything has happened, is disturbing.

      • “I’m not a threat. Please don’t arrest me.”

        If people really have this disclaimer on their site it saddens me. It’s precisely because they are no threat that their incarceration is assured.

        What people really need to understand is that it does not matter what kind of disclaimers you use. The very fact that you are not a liberal means you are a target. Any day now you can lose your employment, liberty, or life.

      • They don’t pose it that way, Doomie, but that is the substance. Here are some examples, from our own commenters:

        “Dear FBI I’m part of no op”
        “Anyone who has ever posted here should post a disclaimer as I did”

        Damn! That’s a good article. I’m going to look into that. You’re a strong wn. It’s for people that you that I write.

  2. WN creates despair, its much loved by Big Momma and the propaganda writers when some broken WN “acts.”

    99.999% of people on this rock crave authority, don’t waste your time denying it, then there is me. I don’t necessarily flaunt authority hell I rarely speed, but I basically don’t fall for the scripts or the people who produce, sell and enforce them on the masses.

    We are in yet another Ragnarok, if not enjoying it then accept it, because it was going to happen. Its natural in human beings to want to escape humanity and live freely (paging thordude) and here we are today. As I say the WWII Greatest Generation (yeah right) basically wanted to go to Vegas and see boobies and they did and here we are.

    TDO, “News” and Jewzilla tales do nothing to usurp the authority of Big Momma and her propaganda writers, they are like a cry for milk and cookies.

    • Why don’t you stop worshipping the BUG people and come write for us, RRS? If you’re around the SP, you’re far beyond what BUGman can offer.

      • BUGmen top of the heap for deciphering the propaganda rest is essays

      • Good propaganda needs no deciphering.
        Just an equally simple explanation as its message
        To expose its lie and transform it from a weapon used on you

        To one turned back on the indoctrinator

      • Tell me when the WN scam artists decipher the word racist then talk to me. Basically Big Momma paddles WN bad boy butt and they write essays

  3. Get out and walk your precinct.

    Circulate petitions. People should know who you are.

    Family Services in every states get a bounty from the Fed Gov for every blonde/blue eyed child they take from their natural parents and adopt out. They don’t take little black or mexican kids from their homes. They specifically looking for good looking white kids.

    People are seething about this, but they can’t do anything about it. Until now. This is a way to reach them.

    Just bought an old house in the middle of my small town, which I plan to use as a store/meeting place/ hq. It will become the de-facto City Hall in a few years.

    • Yowsa. It takes balls to go public. You’ve got to be bulletproof and have wings to do it. Watch your 6, bro.

      I disagree. Men know what to do. The bully in a suit in DC is handled the same as the bully on the playground. When the Americans get pissed at Saddam or Qaddafi, they send in the Marines. They do not blog about it.

      I know about DPS taking white kids and selling them. HAC wrote alot about it. You remember that case in Tex where they tried to do it to 400 kids? They don’t do that to migger kids.

      • I’m not proclaiming a Southwest Front or anything.

        People don’t know what to do about their situation. If they fight they get swarmed by cops. They have no legal recourse, no political representation, no way to get at the bureaucrats in CPS. Who take lots of precautions and have lots of protections, I can assure you.

        So what I’m offering is political representation. Not in the sense of parties or what we know as politics, but simply using our organization to get people working together. And after this there will be another project and another.

        The racial angle is obvious because everyone knows they’re not going after HIspanic or Laotian kids despite their 4th world living conditions.

      • A challenge. Someone who takes PUA all the way, with no fear or reservations, can train himself to a level above the average cop, to about the same as a CIA non-official cover op.

        Those precautions and “protections” can be used against them. Jew-sitsu. Use the enemy strength and power against him, like Judokas do.


  4. I paid $1500 for this house. It’s easy to rent or buy old buildings.Don’t put anything valuable in them. It’s just like buying advertising.

    • Good for you J. Very encouraging.

      Ryu, by neccessity our best stuff has got to be kept secret. A handful of old friends can accomplish a lot.

    • DAMN I spent more than that to have a lawyer file paperwork for four hours.

      • Outsider, I did the paperwork myself using Legal Business Contracts and Froms Pro 2014

      • Comes in handy. You must have inherited that from the SCs. It feels like stepping into a bog entering the Murkan legal system. I could barely understand the SC UCC interpretation.

    • That’s a strategy motorcycle gangs use for building a clubhouse.

      They are quite successful at fighting all forms of USG.
      Hell, they even turn a profit.

  5. Destroy the wicked propaganda word “racist” its a new world, chase after slut walkers while reading essays to the internet warriors end up in a looney bin.

  6. Same reason porntube is allowed, after you jerk off you lose the urge to do anything real in real life

  7. Public intellectuals willing to endorse the natural right of genetic populations to support their own group might be helpful. They would not call it a hate movement but a form of love, like how family members support each other. They would also support the right of Africans to resist population replacement efforts in Africa.
    As such they would justify immigration bans, or at least a ban on unbalanced immigration like in the USA.
    In the present climate even Ann Coulter would be torn to shreds for taking such a position.

  8. If that is true then organizing protest demonstrations, assuming it was possible to find a group of nationalist sympathizers willing to expose their beliefs in public, could be counterproductive by merely letting off steam.

    The Tea Party sure would not support such a protest, even though they are 99% caucasian.

  9. Maybe that whole NWO, Carol Quigley, stuff fizzled out just like the White Supremacy, eugenics, stuff fizzled out for the Wasps. A prime minister of England was a true believing multiculti, PC, useful idiot. That probably means they all are. The Bush family has a mestizo in the family. A Rothschild girl is dating a nigger who’s niggery even for a nigger. Boener’s daughter too if memory serves. It certainly *looks* like the useful idiots took over and that there’s no over-arching conspiracy in play.

    • The Fist of Liberalism has won – because its enemies let them win. Sadly, that is still victory.

      There is no need for the FFOL to continue with large, costly campaigns to achieve victory when they already control everything: Education, Media, Medicine, all government and the military etc.

      They conduct mop-up operations and don’t need to war anymore. They’re poolside.

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